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American Flag Bandana Mask


  • 100% Polyester
  • Elastic closure
  • Material:100% Polyester Microfiber,strechable,comfortable and breathable.It’s great to keep hair out of the face,wick away sweat wicking and dry quickly to keep your heathy in your daily life and adventure or protect yourself from the sun in hot days,in the early morning sun.Cool in summer, warm in winter,comfortable in all seasons.


More than 12 ways of wearing
It is definitely valuable to buy a magic head wear with many styles of wearing, it can be used as headband, hear cover, beanie, pirate, neck warmer, face mask, balaclava, as many styles as you can image. One magic head wear replace all, got it all in one!

Soft and Comfortable Material
The multi-use magic head wear is 100% made of Polyester microfiber with soft and comfortable feature,very good in absorbing the sweat and wick moisture away quickly.Cool in summer, Warm in winter, it takes care of you very well in all seasons.

Warming tips
This head wear should be washed with water under 30 Celsius degrees and hang it dry in cooler place as much as possible.Do not tear the head wear heavily with your hand.