2020 Democratic Presidential- My Hopeful

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I finally donated $$’s to a Democratic candidate running for President. Please don’t worry I haven’t turned into an Ass and still have the big ears but don’t eat Peanuts. Though Ami Horowitz has convinced me to contribute to the other side. For although we differ on issues such as life at least he’s generally in the mold of a JFK Democrat and that is something the other side should have on the table.  I’m still looking to keep America Great but just in case my fellow citizens decide to think differently at least this candidate will keep America good. He also will be a delight to have on the Democratic Debate stage so please consider giving even a dollar or two (below) so issues such as socialism,  support of Israel, late term abortion and open borders won’t be ignored by the media.


FOOTNOTE–  He just needs a $1 from 65,000 Americans and/or 1 % or more in the polls to make it to the Democratic Debate stage.  At least until they change the rules when G-D willing he gets it.

Border Wall/Border Protection- Compromise

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There is no doubt the President lost the fight on the border wall but that doesn’t mean he has to lose the war. With a compromise that allows everyone to save face the President will come out ahead even his base feels a bit left behind for now. We have to realize whether we want to or not that the President has so many moves on the chess board until at least 2020 and something is better then nothing.   Here’s the 2 ingredients of said compromise (below) that could just protect us all.

(1) ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS– Get 5 billion dollars for border protection  and allow the Army Corp of Engineers decide which barrier would be most effective in performing this work.

(2) INFRASTRUCTURE- Tie border protection funding into a infrastructure bill that provides for also said border protection.


Lower the Volume on Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

It is despicable that an American citizen in Turkey appears to have been killed in a Saudi Arabian embassy yet sometimes it pays to look with only one eye.  For Saudi Arabia does much of the dirty work for us whether it is confronting our enemies directly such as ISIS and Iran or being a new buffer for our ally Israel.  They also are a great trading partner with us which helps thousands of our citizens. It’s also worth noting  Saudi Arabia has given us some stability in a part of the world that is full of chaos. Yes, Saudi Arabia should receive some type of punishment if what they are accused actually occured but let us give them a bit more leeway in their version of the “facts” because  it’s often best to deal with the devil we know then one that we don’t.

Kanye 2024

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Kanye 2024

Kanye 2024 let’s keep politics for the people not the politicians.  Mr. West has the business experience and unique political solutions that have even caught the eye of the current occupant of 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue and a history that touches many American’s hearts. He is willing to stand alone to try and create results that matter not resistance that helps only the few.  Kanye 2024 because we need a leader that is willing to lead instead of just follow.


Can the Underdog Win?

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Molarino for Governor

Just as David beat Goliath can Marc Molinaro bring down King Cuomo? Let’s face it Marc Molarino doesn’t have the cash flow of the Governor and he doesn’t have the scandals as well.  Mr. Molarino doesn’t have the name recognition of the Governor partially because he doesn’t say assinine remarks such as “America Was Never Great” and “Certain People Don’t belong in NY”.  Governor Cuomo may have the quick line but Marc Molinaro has actual serious thoughtful policy solutions that can truly make all New Yorkers believe again.  Can this underdog who goes to the people actually defeat one who believes they are above them? I guess it all depends on whether New Yorkers truly believe in themselves above corrupt goverance and  vote as such on November 6th. Molarino VS Cuomo it’s time we bring David’s story back to life in our time.

NY Ultimate Guide .com

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NY Ultimate Guide .Com will be the one place any person who is looking for products and services can go to get an honest view.  For this website will be formulated by the state  government and have a simple drop down feature to find the products and or services you need within walking or close driving distance. This guide will always generate revenue’s for the state as it will charge different fee’s for said businesses depending on the details they want to provide potential customers.  Potential customers will rest assured knowing that the basic information on said website has been verified by the state powers to be.  NY Ultimate Guide .Com finally a government service that we need.

Trade Policy Win Win

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Tariff 2

There is a way for various sides to win in the battle of trade.  The United States can’t compete with those who pay their workers slave wages and those countries can’t continue these practices without a revolt for too long. Therefore these countries will force their employers that want to export goods to the United States to increase the wages they pay their employees. The employees will be delighted with an increase in pay and the United States will feel that the playing field has become more level.  This will also increase the tax revenue’s going to the government to help lift up those in need and solve the trade dilemna.  A win, win for everyone involved in this great trade deal.

Killing Rights

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killer 2

I support the right to kill when it to plants, germs and animals even though I personally don’t engage in the last category.  Yet when it comes to other humans it is only those who are tried and convicted of capital murder or violent rapes that deserve the ultimate penalty and that should be administrated as painlessly as possible.  In war of course there is also collatorial damage which always should be reduced as much possible without restricting the importance of “said operation”. With that in mind I don’t support the right to kill the innocent unborn who have done nothing wrong except have a beating heart at the “wrong time”.  What is bewildering to me is that in a civil society we can even consider such a brutal way to take these innocent lives that we wouldn’t use on a murderer. While many support this “right to kill” the unborn they refuse to say it as such and change it to the “right to choice” which is meant to confuse the issue.  If I’m willing to state the obvious shouldn’t they?

unborn baby

2018 Election- Stand for Death or Living!

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voting 2 voting

2018 Election appears to be drawn on 2 different parallel lines death and living. For the Democrats will paint a picture where Roe Vs Wade will be overturned as a new Supreme Court Justice is picked and you will actually have to drive to another state (NY, NJ, California, Maine …..) to have your unborn child murdered. The truth is that if Roe VS Wade is overturned you probably could get a discount flight paid for by Planned Parenthood in return for the blood.   The Republican’s on the other hand will paint a picture of living with more of your income (tax cuts) with safety (build the wall) and happiness (peace with North Korea).   Death or Living you decide at the ballot box in 2018.

Democrats Conversion

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Nanci Pelosi Senator Schumer Crying

The Democrats have converted me for I used to be much more liberal when it came to immigration legal and illegal but their EXTREME position has moved me closer to an American 1st policy.  Of course I believe that those who truly are seeking sanctuary from abusive regimes should be allowed to find home in our country but they should be vetted to find out if this true and must come through the legal channels we have set up.  We welcome new legal immigrants but not based on some lottery system instead the merit they can add to our country.   Immediate family members of our new immigrants should be able to stay yet that doesn’t mean 2nd and third cousins. Thank you Democrats for opening my eye’s to the moderate position the President approves of and the extreme open door policy that you have adopted.

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