President Trump Ploy

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President Trump and Democrats Yelling Venue 4

This was a picture that got my stomach to turn but if it moves legislation through for us all then maybe it’s better then the yelling version for now.  President Trump’s ploy to work with the Democrats on a short spending bill might give House Leader Paul Ryan and Senate Leader McConnell a bit more space to do the same with important legislation such replacing Obamacare, Tax Reform and Infrastructure. No longer will these leaders feel compelled to get the entire Republican team aboard if they can pull some Democratic legislators along as well.  Maybe then people can start to vote with their conscious not just their party lines and we will get legislation accomplished even if it’s not perfect.  Fellow Democrats might feel less compelled to toe the line now that the line has moved.  The Democrats may also have fell into a trap by agreeing to their win for they are negotiating with a deal maker that might be willing to lose this battle and suck them in to win his war for the American people.

DACA Solution

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Daca 1 President Trump Signing

Whether you are for what DACA did in allowing the children of illegal immigrants  residence in our country or not the way the former President put this act into law is still under judicial review. Therefore the President should reform such an act as it is stated in the books with the following conditions.

(1) SET DATE- After this period of time any  child of  an illegal immigrant caught is subject for automatic deportation before such date DACA will still apply.  Children convicted of criminal acts though will not be given such leniency.

(2) COURT REVIEW- The administration will simple state the case of the previous administration to the courts if it goes to that level without adding it’s own legal papers.

(3) LEGISLATION- The President will not enforce the new conditions until 3 months from said period allowing the legislators to come up with their own proposal for such actions but he will not agree to sign such legislation unless funding for the wall is included in the final act.

President Bait & Switch-Phoenix Speech

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Phoenix President Trump Bait & Switch

After the President’s brilliant speech on Afghanistan you have to wonder what he was thinking about in Phoenix and it just might be brilliant. For although his position on Afghanistan got rave reviews by most media critics those that have been the President’s biggest supporters especially  Breitbart had less then a flattery tone.  The President needed those individuals to look a different way and his speech in Arizona had them following  a different bouncing ball. The story on Afghanistan policy will drop out of the sight from his biggest supporters papers and minds as the President gave them the red meat they love to eat instead.

Governor Jim Justice + Donald Trump = Trouble for Democrats

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Governor Jim Justice & Donald Trump

The conversion of Jim Justice to the Republican party could be more of a problem for “Democrats” then Russian collusion. A matter of fact they might have to cut this narrative shortly because the President is hitting the heart strings hidden under the media cables.  He is telling the people directly who voted for him and who lean in his direction the story most of the media won’t cover and it is resonating. They understand the President is getting a raw deal and smart politicians such as Jim Justice know which way the tide is swinging.   They can say much about this President but the one they can’t say is he won’t fight and people across America appreciate that value especially those in Trump territory. So before the Democrats shout grand jury from the mountainside maybe they should beware of the cliff below that could have them falling in the 2018 races.

Venezuela it’s in the military’s hand

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venezuela protest 5 Venezuela Uprising 2 venezuela protest 1

Any semblance of democracy is now in the hands of the military who were not sworn in to protect a dictator but a democracy. If one military leader decides enough is enough then the people will win and democracy/freedom will slowly return to this beautiful country. Yet if the military continues to feel it’s getting what it wants no matter how many are hurt and killed in between, the dictatorship will live as the people and their voice will be crushed.  May G-D give those who wear the uniform to protect their country the strength and knowledge to truly do so and let this nightmare in Venezuela soon end.  Free/Democratic Venezuela Today!

FOOTNOTE- G-D please add the people of Iran, North Korea and all other beleaguered people’s  to my prayer list as well.

Jeff Sessions beleaguered

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Jeff Sessions beleagured Jeff Sessions Donald Trump

Many believe that President Trump wants  Attorney General Jeff Sessions to move out but I believe he wants him to move in.  The President is putting external and internal pressure on the Attorney General to act and that means he wants results. Don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks Jeff Sessions announces investigations into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton as a whole. Of course if the President feels that the Attorney General isn’t doing “his job” or “his job” he might find that his resignation letter is just ready to be signed. Yet don’t be fooled there is more then one tweet then the 140 characters seen with the eye.

Trump Putin Meeting – No Election Meddling

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Putin and Donald Trump

Unless some grand bargain can be made no  deep discussion of election meddling should be had at the Friday summit between Russian President Putin & President Trump. For we have to move forward on so many fronts together including Radical Islamic Terrorism and North Korea that bringing up past wrong doing(s) will only cause more of a split.  If however we can let by gones be truly be gone Russia might move with us on our current problems together.  Negotiations are a house of cards and you should never let your opponent see your hand until it’s truly necessary. Bluffing along the way can help lead to a more peaceful and secure future for us all.

Senate Repeal Obamacare Plan Bill-Had to be

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gang of 4 Senator Mitch Mcconnell

For those  viewers  of  “Hell’s Kitchen” the drama we are witnessing in the Senate, as it relates to replacing Obamacare, plays out till the final stew. Senate leader Mitch McConnell (not normally my favorite Senator) may have played this with all the ingredients up front. First he puts together a fairly strong outline in private so it could actually be completed without too many Senator’s stewing the pot. Then he waits for the opposition to boil up. Once he meets with the 4 vocal Senators opposed to the legislation he can decide which ingredients he must add to the mix or delete.  Deleting to many might cause the whole stew to spoil so he probably would add more ingredients if possible. Once those ingredients are added he must make sure it’s not watered down so the other Senators can still vote on it without getting a heartburn. In the end let’s hope it’s a healthy bill/soup and maybe even one that’s a bit tasty.

FBI Director Comey Fired because…?

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James Comey FBI Rosenstein

Whether your a Democrat or a Republican you have to believe that FBI Director should be terminated  because of his poor performance (see attached list) of his duties the question is why it happened today?  Could the President have acted because of political reasons maybe but ask yourself what is the benefit for such an actions for it won’t stop any investigations just move to other individuals?  There is only one reason that seems to pop up a letter from Deputy AG Rosenstein  that makes a strong case for his removal as well as the influence of the current Attorney General.  Who knows maybe there’s something I’m missing or maybe some are trying to start a fire with only a few sparks?

10 Reasons FBI Director Comey could be fired


Trump Carrot & Stick

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Donald Trump Thinking 2 Kim Jung Un

The President is using the political playbook of offering a carrot in one hand while wielding a stick in the other when dealing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  While President Trump talks tough and backs up his words with military preparations he offers an opening with Kim Jong Un even going so far as complimenting him and offering him a seat at a conversation table if he behaves better. This way the North Korean Leader can see some daylight if he backs away from his belligerent words and actions.   Trumps meeting with the President of the Philippines, who isn’t the greatest example of human rights, is another sign to Leader Kim that we might look the other way on his own dictatorial actions if he starts looking in our way.  It’s an opening in a simmering stew that might allow a little steam to come out as we seek to find a peaceful way out of this dangerous dilemma

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