Democrats Conversion

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Nanci Pelosi Senator Schumer Crying

The Democrats have converted me for I used to be much more liberal when it came to immigration legal and illegal but their EXTREME position has moved me closer to an American 1st policy.  Of course I believe that those who truly are seeking sanctuary from abusive regimes should be allowed to find home in our country but they should be vetted to find out if this true and must come through the legal channels we have set up.  We welcome new legal immigrants but not based on some lottery system instead the merit they can add to our country.   Immediate family members of our new immigrants should be able to stay yet that doesn’t mean 2nd and third cousins. Thank you Democrats for opening my eye’s to the moderate position the President approves of and the extreme open door policy that you have adopted.

Asylum Island

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Private Island 2immigration Island

Asylum Island would be the one place all who seek escape from brutality would come to for processing.  Once the individual and/or family have been throughly vetted to insure that they have no terrorist and/or crimminal links as well as the skills of said individuals then the administrators of the island would seek host countries who could give them permanent asylum .  The island would funded by a democratic alliance of countries who would also share in it’s administration.  Asylum Island because although we offer an open hand to those who are oppressed we don’t want any fingers blown off in the process.

Politics & Relationship

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relationship addiction

For many it’s harder to divorce from their  political party then any relationship.  They have committed so much time and energy into this belief system that even if it’s a bad relationship at least it’s their’s. So they ignore all the fault lines believing that their party deep down inside still loves them even as the knife wounds seem obvious to everyone else.  Political parties for some are the heartbeat that keeps them going even if it’s beating in a different heart.


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Secret DealTop Secret

You probably don’t know but you’re involved in a top secret mission. A mission so quiet you don’t even know the impact of what you are saying or doing. For unknown to you the words and acts you have completed are are about to start can change history.  Those words can get someone thinking about a solution or a problem that they never saw or heard of before and as they pass this information up the tunnel you never know in what house it ends up at maybe one a bit more white then others.   Yes, you’re a top secret agent on a mission that continues everyday of your life without any knowledge of what you’ve accomplished or where it is going.

Bob Mueller – President Trump Deposition- CAN’T RECALL

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Bob Mueller President Trump 101

President Trump should sit down and answer questions from Special Investigator Mueller but that doesn’t mean he has to remember the answers.  A matter of fact I’ve never heard anyone being tried for forgetfulness.  President Trump’s Lawyers should advise him if he feels  Mr. Mueller’s question are leading in one direction that not being sure of the answer might help lead better to his side. It might be difficult for the President who is so strong minded to take such a stance but when a dog goes on the attack it’s best not to give them something to bark about.

Rod Rosenstein- Cat

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Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein has supposedly told President Trump that he is not the target in the Robert Mueller’s or Michael Cohen investigations but remember Mr. Rosenstein is a cat.  For as a cat lure’s it’s prey to the trap rest assured Mr. President he would love to have you walk right in only to see it snap on you.  Here’s some of the lures (below) he has set for you.

(1) DON’T WORRY- This way you’ll be more willing to grant Robert Mueller an interview which instead will be an effort to have you committ “prejury”.

(2) MICHAEL COHEN- If you believe he’s the target then maybe you won’t have to worry about pardoning him or Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates who  Mr. Mueller and Rosenstein will try to hang in order to get anything against YOU!

(3) NOT TARGET- What does that actually mean? Are you still under “serious investigation” and is this put forward so you can feel you are off the hook as you slip in too much of a comfort zone?

To conclude Rod Rosenstein and Rober Mueller want you out of their deep state and won’t stop until they have turned up every leaf even ones that have dried up years and years ago.

Storm hits the Media

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Stormy Daniels 5 Scary storm 1

The storm clouds have finally hit the media and I’m not sure they’ll be clearing anytime soon. For even the toughest critics of the President felt the hyped of interview with Stormy Daniels was a bit rough on the Presidency as a whole with salacious spanking details we really didn’t have to know.  They have created a new sympathy for the President and his family including young Baron who was exposed to this raw details which many felt was done just to hurt Donald J. Trump’s reputation.  In return if a Fox every does come the public will not open the door because how many storms must you hype up before they actually get bit themselves.

Killing the Opium Epidemic

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Dispenser for Medicine 1 Dispenser for Medicine 2

Technology would be the death throw of the Opium Epidemic. As a doctor would input the amount of Opoid’s/Narcotics that their patient could have daily within a regimented time  schedule into a dispenser. This dispenser would only release those tablets to the individual who had a certain “fingerprint” or other identifying trait.  This dispenser would make the medicine unusable if it was tampered with in anyway other then the way it was designed. No prescription would be given without such a dispenser.  Of course technology would have to continue to have to improve to be up with the criminal element.

FOOTNOTE- There would be a direct tax on these dispensers which would go to fund drug rehabilitation centers that specialize in Opium addiction across the county


Veto Omnibus Bill

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Veto omnibus bill

President Trump please veto this Omnibus or U.S bust bill.  Not only does it rip apart any budget goals but it also continues funding of Planned Parenthood (Deathhood) who rips apart unborn babies with tax payer $$’s. This bill also insidiously puts restrictions on the border wall our country needs. I understand we don’t have the 60 votes in the Senate to get exactly what we want but we can do better. Please carefully consider these provisions (below) that you should demand be enacted or bring out your veto pen.

(1) Demand real choice and if they fund Planned Deathhood let them fund equal amounts of expenditures to  Crisis Pregnancy Centers which help those who have chosen life such as Cradle of Hope

(2) Get rid of all provisions that restrict the President from defending our border by whatever constitutional means possible.

(3) Fund Governmental Responsibility board to determine whether the governmental agencies are spending their monies to solve problems or continue to fund the deep state instead.


President Trump Ploy

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President Trump and Democrats Yelling Venue 4

This was a picture that got my stomach to turn but if it moves legislation through for us all then maybe it’s better then the yelling version for now.  President Trump’s ploy to work with the Democrats on a short spending bill might give House Leader Paul Ryan and Senate Leader McConnell a bit more space to do the same with important legislation such replacing Obamacare, Tax Reform and Infrastructure. No longer will these leaders feel compelled to get the entire Republican team aboard if they can pull some Democratic legislators along as well.  Maybe then people can start to vote with their conscious not just their party lines and we will get legislation accomplished even if it’s not perfect.  Fellow Democrats might feel less compelled to toe the line now that the line has moved.  The Democrats may also have fell into a trap by agreeing to their win for they are negotiating with a deal maker that might be willing to lose this battle and suck them in to win his war for the American people.