Wet Effect

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It is the touch that fills my day! As the water shouts from the shower head to get me rising and shining. To the wet substance I feel when I walked into the dogs new bathroom facility that should have been closed in advance.  There are times it will make me feel sick as the cold air pushes the white stuff in the air and other times lower my body temperature as I actually jump in the lake. Quenching that dry throat and making sure that meat is still juicy.   I can’t imagine a day without and as Valentine Day arrives it sure to be on top of many a list.


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I  don’t know whether you will like this song for I’m not even sure I do but you must respect that it is BIzarRE#.  It not only has a unique sound but the accompany video is disturbing as well in a good way… I think.  So if you truly want to escape then I suggest you watch.  WARNING- I’m not sure how you’ll come back after though.


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So much time is spent on describing an altar in the bible which we of the Jewish faith don’t use today that one wonders why it’s so significant? The idea in those days to take your most precious item and put it up for sacrifice to G-D is also very alien.  For in today’s me movement it is all about what we deserve and what we can get instead of give.  Maybe the altar in one sense should be restored where we learn to give up what is precious to us for a higher purpose.  Whether it be time praying for others that are less fortunate or sacrificing our own precious possessions for a cause bigger then ourselves. The altar might appear ancient but it’s ideas should become relevant to us today.

Deliciously Wrong

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Whichever pack you choose Synder’s Pieces are deliciously wrong for they taste too good.  They lead you down a path where the bag is emptied in one’s stomach before they know it. With a punch of flavor that is so invigorating you can’t stop crunching. Just writing this makes me want to grab for another bag luckily this dark path will soon be closed for the bag is almost empty.  Yet temptations awaits as a trip to the supermarket will lead me down to Synder’s again.

What If?

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What if this story (below) is true and this Israeli company actually releases a cure for Cancer within a year how will the world react. Will the Cancer industry collapse as the horse and buggy industry did when modern cars came on the road will billions and billions of dollars on the line could they just yell surrender or will they fight back “for their shareholders”profits by slowing the FDA process in the United States? Imagine the boost in medical travel to Israel if this becomes the case where even past enemies of the state will have to find a way to make peace so they can individual survive.  Within a year G-D willing this will be the case and the holy land will bring new health and hope to many a life.



Protest Sneakers

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Whether you are from the right or left one thing you can agree on is protesting takes a toll on your feet.  That’s where PROTEST SNEAKERS fit right or left in (depending on your perspective) . These sneakers will give you extra protection to walk the distance through rain, snow, grass or gravel.  PROTEST SNEAKERS will also give you extra cushion force so you can concentrate your screaming for the protest and not the pain in the feet.  In today’s times when you never know if you’ll be called to protest shouldn’t you have a sneaker that will stand up even when you are really tired.

From Overhead

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Televised sporting events look a whole different now that the overhead camera’s have given us a new perspective. Drones additions to the NFL has made the action more compelling then ever as we look at the game with an eagles eye.  These are angles one would never catch by watching an event “live” and one wonders whether this eventually will hurt attendance. Now the only angle we don’t get is from one’s shoes and trust me in a few years with Nike and Adidas battling we’ll find  plenty of dirt on our screen.


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I not only wanted the perfect spouse but the one who could carry our “perfect child” so I used 46 & ME MATCHMAKING/BABY MAKING SERVICES.  This service took my DNA and matched it with those I believed were just right and produced a simulated hologram of what we could produce. Of course the DNA was matched with the personality test we took as well and our current pictures. 46 & Me MATCHMAKING/BABY MAKING SERVICES allowed me to see not only what was best for me today but what I would leave for the world after.  46 & ME MATCHMAKING/BABY MAKING SERVICES dating just became more predictable.

FOOTNOTE- This service doesn’t exist but I was inspired with this by an episode on Dust which I can’t currently match.