Sleep Curse

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I was given the “sleep curse” by someone who didn’t know they were handing this curse on a platter. For the person said to me ” With all that goes on in your mind how can you go to sleep?”.  That night I guess my unconscious mind pondered that question over and over again as it wouldn’t give a moment of shut eye. Thank G-D the curse only lasted a day as I fell asleep the next day as if Michael Jackson’s doctor paid me a home visit.  It is true many thoughts come into my head but when the eye’s are about to shut then they all seem to fall away as if the sheep were a counting …. at least I hope so.

Pray For Results

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It is important to pray that our leaders have the wisdom to make the right decisions but also that those decisions are effective. Here are a  few things that we all could have prayed for (below) and our prayers I believe would have been answered.

(1) I pray that economic opportunities occur in all different sectors of our society?

(2) Let it be so that Veterans receive better opportunities to receive the treatment they need not be stuck in one government bureaucracy.

(3) May G-D help  see that legislation where people who have minor offensives are given a 2nd chances.

(4) Let it be so that those who are near dear receive the right to try medicines and treatments that were denied to them because of governmental bureaucracy.

(5) May it be thy will that the constant of fear Radical Islam be wiped off the map.

(6) Let it be so that our strongest ally in the middle east, Israel see’s a new alliance between our two countries with peace and prosperity.

(7) May it be thy will G-D that the Administration does more to prevent countries that are the prime sponsor of terror the ability to bring nuclear destruction to the world.


Your Rude

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You two have absolutely no respect as well as  the millions of others of your kind. For you barge into my room without knocking and look around like you owned the place. Don’t worry that sock on the floor was meant for your mouth…not exactly.  You even barge into my dinner conversation because you need all the attention… or is it the scraps. Either way you’re rude and I’m going to put up with because you’re adorable as well as have a tail. In the end it’s not if someone is rude that counts but who is rude and if they can lick your face after.

FOOTNOTE– Warning those with two legs the licking of the face won’t work.

Favorite Songs 1F

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I’m fairly confident this won’t be any other lists but I’m a ReBel so I had to put it on mine. Is it the greatest composed song of all times probably not but it’s a song that you have to admit is catchy and one that will stay in your head a lot longer then those that are more “brilliant’.

Took Our Land

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You took our land and we love it!! For without your footprints we wouldn’t have what you left behind and trust us it’s a lot more fun then nuts and berries. It also comes in handy when those cold months come along especially when one of you loses your scarf or gloves.  We can’t deny that many of our friends have not made it through your invasion and many still walk on the wrong road but for us survivors we’re glad you came and just hope you continue to leave a bit more trash on the side of the road…. actually the sidewalk is safer.

Dedicated To Him

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He said to me we should have done more together and that is why it is now not tomorrow? For although he may not directly work with me to see it produced his words were enough to open this door. His talents and friendship are surely missed but I won’t let those last words to me, die as well.  I miss his kindness and although we had quite different ways to see the world we always had a polite way to discuss those difference which pained him to see how the world wouldn’t listen just shout.  I will work tirelessly to  G-D willing produce the Bud Rebel show in  a way that makes him proud even if he is watching from a higher level and hope in someway that brings new life to the memory of my good friend.

Favorite Songs 1G

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This song is added to my favorite list because I think in someway it haunts me. It has a chorus that one sings as they realize that if not then tomorrow might just pass you by as well. As I embark on a new journey this is the song that will makes sure that I don’t get off until I reach all those ports along the way.


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I wanted to end it all as I lay in my shell. For it felt as I was here but know one saw me anyway so why should this heartbeat keeping beating.  What would the world miss if I just left it and then suddenly he came along.  He literally picked me up when I was waiting for death to just run me over and gave me a chance to breathe again. That moment of unbelievable kindness showed me how walking in a different path could lead to a life worth living. A life where I walk away from the pain and though there will be times I still hide in my shell I know I can get through it.


Real Royalty

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Royalty is not found by the crown you wear but the role you’ve been given. It might be passed down by blood but earned in a way everyday. True royalty is not based on a person’s designation or a battle you’ve won against another but by a higher authority who has designated you for this role even as it may separate you from the one’s you loved. This royalty prohibits you from being with loved ones during their most dreadful times (funerals) in most cases and then makes you stand in front of them to say a prayer. It requires you at all times to consider the role you’ve been given and act accordingly in kindness, warmth, love and strength.  In times to come G-D willing soon this royalty will show it’s true power as a time of peace, prosperity, rising of the dead and togetherness throughout the world. It is not by act of boldness or swagger but modest that I state that I’m part of this Royal class of Kohen’s and only pray that I’m worthy of such a title.

Phone Snob

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I am a phone snob for I won’t answer just any call.  If I see that your calling me from a country that I can barely pronounce I won’t be answering your ring. Maybe it’s unfair to you but time is a $$ and I’m sick of wasting it on a tele-marketer who says their John but don’t even a person that exists with that name. So sorry Congo, Slovenia  and everywhere else in between if I don’t know who you are all you’ll be hearing is a dial tone.

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