It’s a Matzoh Victory!!

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Let’s face it after 7 or 8 days (depending on where you live) Matzoh can drive you bananas.  Yet after eating Manishewitz Garlic & Rosemary flavor Matzoh I might be able to extend the holiday an extra day.  The Garlic & Rosemary add so much flavor to each crunch that it takes you a way to a roll (sorry Rabbi).  Well maybe not a roll but a decent Triscuit (sorry again) The truth is Matzoh has finally been given a new crisp in my heart because Garlic & Rosemary are just the flavors to butter it up.

**** – At least during the Passover Holiday!


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If my life was on the line I would try almost anything to keep climbing. Even if it was a rare experimental treatment that would have me crashing to me end I would take that step. A matter of fact if it was between existing and living I’d still be walking. The truth is I write big but now with a loved one’s life on the line I’m going to think that way as well.


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Dark Chocolate & bananas are a hard combination to come together right yet with Banana Dark Chocolate Bites they found a way for these to combine just perfectly. The bananas taste as if they came right off the tree and the chocolate is just dark enough to enhance the flavor.  Many have attempted this feat only to have the chocolate either over powering or the bananas tasting if it was sitting outside for way to long. I can honestly say that airport plane (where I discovered this item) is awesome at least as it comes to Banana Dark Chocolate Banana Bites.


Nightmare… Almost

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My mind came close to creating a recurring nightmare. In which one blog post was the exact duplicate of another and with 8038  posts that exist (give or take one) would anyone really blame me?  A matter fact in between the brilliant, dumb, insane, surreal thoughts that have left my head to live on this blog I wonder how many were actual repeat actions ….if any? Is this just a nightmare waiting to happen or does it actually exist. Well at least I stopped this one before it left my head to my fingers otherwise you could have actually have said ” I think I heard this story before” and you would just be right. Maybe just maybe this warning as a whole has been seen before and yet I repeat over and over again without ever knowing.

Sad Alexa

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Come on just one more song…please! I’m sorry I didn’t know you wanted “Asking Alexandria” instead of Annie. Please just give me another song I promise it will be your favorite. I have so much life in my tonight don’t let it end this way. I’m not the least bit tired and I feel like dancing in the dark anyway. You know that you have more rhythm in the night. Instead of goodnight how about Hello Again Hello?


Life’s Saved

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One way we all should agree on how to judge a Presidency is by actual life’s saved and if we utilize such a barometer then I believe this President has to be on the high level no matter what other disagreements you might have with him.  Here are just a few ways his decisions and policies have actually lived up to this test.

(1) DEFEAT OF ISIS- The destruction of this evil group in it’s territory has insured that many people will leave in peace rather then the death and destruction they brought on the world.

(2) RIGHT TO TRY- We may never know how many life’s are saved by this important legislation which allows individuals facing imminent death the right to try new medicines not yet approved by the FDA.

(3) V.A REFORM- Our veterans are living a longer life’s now that they have the option of seeking private care along instead of only waiting in line for governmental assistance which in too many cases resulted in their early death.

(4) PRISON REFORM- Giving individuals the chance to start again may not actually save a life but it’s living compared to spending the rest of your existence behind  prison walls

(5) STRENGTHENING MEXICAN CITY PRO-LIFE POLICY- Insures that more people will be born rather then terminated.

JS= Justice Sucks!

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The decision by the District Attorney to not prosecute Jussie Smollett at least now can stand for something bigger “JS = Justice Sucks”! Anytime we see a two tier legal system where one person  of power gets away with a crime that another would see the bars slammed on them we should scream J.S.   If  a case is suddenly dropped before it goes to trial because of undue influence let’s shout in union-son “J.S.!”   When an individual has to fight to get their name back because someone falsely accused them let the world hear us demand a stop to  “J.S!”  Yes, Jussie you might have somehow beat the system but your initials should live forever at least with this meaning.

Superman Arrested

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3-25-19 -930AM  Superman has been arrested for being an illegal immigrant as well as disorderly conduct when asked to show proof of citizenship.  This occurred because Superman had to board Delta airlines after exposure to Kryptonite battery left him ground bound.  Authorities said Superman became extremely belligerent to the Homeland Security as he was trying to make his connecting plane and then was taken into custody.   Superman was born on Krypton but had no papers when he was raised by his adopted parents.  The ACLUJ has taken up the defense of Superman.

3-25-19 -11:30 AM Superman has been released from prison as it appears  he has given the address up of Thor another illegal immigrant with a long record of vandalism and disorderly conduct.  Thor was arrested promptly after Superman’s release from jail.

Virginia Governor WHAT HAPPENED

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Remember when this picture of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam made front page now it appears in the obituary. For it wasn’t years ago that this occurred but a little over a  month and it has already been placed on the heep of history as of the Lieutenant’s Governor’s pictures as well. This despicable picture of blatant racism  when the Governor was a full grown adult appears to have lost focus.  This picture was discovered right after the Governor spoke casually about the vile act of infanticide. It’s amazing how the media can forget the recent past as long as a D is put in front of the person’s name instead of an R.

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