Mexico Build The Wall

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For the good of the United States & Mexican People Mexico build the wall! Here (below) why this is the brick.

(1) MEXICO EMPLOYMENT- Building a wall will create thousands of jobs for those living in a Mexico including those who are in the caravan.

(2) LESS EXPENSIVE- Let’s face it the salaries for labors in Mexico is a lot less expensive then in the United States. 1.5 billion

(3) MEXICAN/US PRIDE- By working together instead of against each other it can be a joint venture with the creativity of both nations instead of imposed by another. Securing both countries for their national soverignty.

(4) MEXICO/GUATEMALA- Once this wall is complete we can help Mexico to build a wall/border security with Guatemala so the migrant crisis won’t be repeated.

Of course wall construction would have to be suprevised with American Inspection and since we are funding this project that shouldn’t be a problem.


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A conversation is one’s head.

CONVERSATION 1-  Can she just shut up already! Great her kids in that college well if I had her daddy’s money so would my kid be there. Oh great now it’s about her new position well it’s a bit easier when you’re from that group. No I really don’t want to know about your brand new Mercedes while I’m still driving a used Toyota Corolla. I’m just going to sneak away and grab a coffee.

CONVERSATION2 – How rude in the middle of the best part she walked away! I thought she was my friend and would be happy for me I can’t believe her atttitude. Well the next time she says something I’ll grab a coffee as well.

Call from the FUTURE??

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PHONE 1-  Let me hear this again how you called me with my own cell phone #. You telemarketers are getting really brilliant. Well I’m smarter then you.

PHONE 2-  Are you going to hang up on me again?…  Hello, Hello

PHONE 2-   I knew you would do that because that’s what I would do and I’m you from the future! I also know you’re about to drive a Blue Ford Escape because.

PHONE 1-  That’s where you’re wrong for I’m already driving.

PHONE 2-  Please stop before it’s too late and don’t go down Elm Street. I beg you don’t

PHONE 1-  How did you…. Holy shit! Help!!!!

AMBULANCE DRIVER 1 –  I don’t know if this guys going to make it.

EMS WORKER –  His cell phone was in his hand. They should realize these calls could be deadly.

AMBULANCE DRIVER 1- Especially when it came from the same number.

Mob Rule… the Show

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“Mob Rule” will be the show where your unfiltered vote will decide the outcome of family disputes, hot button political issues, real battle of bands/comedians, serious issues and even  completely silly ones. Here is a pitch (below) of how it would run.

(1) Loud crowd storms into the arena.

(2) Two opponents stand in a steel cage with a ref in the middle.

(3) Viewers will also get to vote on the action and who the winner is in the end.

(4) They will argue their points as vociferously as possible without any violence and with a ref insuring they don’t speak over each other … at least most of the time.

(5) The crowd will ooh and ahh and the camera angles will potray the emotions of the momentt.

(6) The opponent who is viewed as the loser can admit to their loss and walk the path of shame or be carried to their extreme crazy but safe punishment.

(7) Those who have lost the debate will receive automatic free counseling so that they can let go of any “dangerious” lingering feelings to themselves or others.

FOOTNOTE- Those who enter the steel cage of “The Mob Rules” will be vetted to make sure they can handle the outcomes.

Ectionist not Perfectionis…

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I’m a proud Ectionist even if it’s not perfect. For to me it’s best if the work is done even if it might need some extra exertion later.  Or in other words life is too short to spend hours tying that shoe when the other is falling off.  I know others might frown on my mistakes but at least they’re based on actual work done not in one’s head.  Ectionist might not have that painting hanging just right but in the end at least it’s still on the wall.

Into My S***

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You’ve stepped into the same disgusted feeling I have felt for weigh to long.  It’s a feeling that suddenly hits you in the middle of your path that appeared clear only moments ago. So you try to clean up the mess but it still lingers even as it is hidden further and further away. People don’t appreciate what you’ve done and it feels like sh** well I’m sorry to say get used to it for this path is never fully clean.

They’re Awesome!

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When a cracker inspires you into thinking I’m glad I lived today then you know it’s special.  Kii Baies De Goji Et Pistaches adds that inspiration to one’s life with crunchy flavor in every bite. Yes it’s naturally and healthy but most importantly it’s absolutely delicious with this uniquely inspiring taste.  Just think if I was alive in a different time or place this taste would be missing from my palate. G-D willing I’ll be around for many other moments like this but at least I’m glad this cracker became part of my life’s story.

President Trumps-Suburban Push

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President Trump Chris Wallace

For President Trump to prevail in his 2020 re-election campaign he has to have a game plan to reach the suburban (especially woman) voters.  The President won’t change his tune but he might pick up a few songs that will hit those notes. Here are some songs  he might consider singing (below).

(1) LOVE ME TENDER- The President should do more one on one interviews with various networks that aren’t openly continuosly hostile (less the 90% bad coverage)

(2) TELL HER ABOUT IT- Yes, the President should be interviewed and attend woman based shows.

(3) SHARE A MOMENT- The President isn’t known to shed a tear but should select a story from his personal life and/or one from 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue that has the viewers reach for their Kleenex.

(4) I’M SORRY SO SORRY- It’s not such a bad after all and if said in the right context might help build support in unlikely spots.

(5) GET UP AND GO- The President should visit the areas where very few Republican’s have gone by (inner cities, artsy areas etc) and listen to their concerns while he bites his lip. Lessons can be provided by former President Bill Clinton who has a bit more time on his hand then he needs.

Happily After- WARNING TRUTH

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Fairy Tale

WARNING-  Not meant for those who live in La La Land

There is no happily ever after but happily… after. For once someone finds that Prince or Princess they don’t just stare in each others and magically happiness continuously occurs. If that was the case they would never need to socialize with another person, go on a vacation or even eat that anniversary cake.  Yes you’re okay with the other person but to be truly happy you need many afters. It’s the shared fun/exciting experiences that build on such happiness so it can be a fair tale ending of truly ever after.


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hot air balloons 2

In life you must decide whether you rise above your crowd or float down to the ground.  Of course there are one’s who basically stay in the middle as well.  As one floats above their crowd they often don’t notice others in their way but could feel the pressure of trying to keep the heat up so they won’t fall below.  Sometimes those on top are so busy trying to get there and stay at this place that they don’t even enjoy the view. While those near the bottom might feel what’s the point of trying any harder since the rise is so steep. Maybe everyone should look at their sights a bit differently by appreciating that they are still floating while others no longer do and try to encourage others to join them in their own rise.

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