Trump L’s

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If G-D forbid President Trump loses his re-election campaign I believe it will have a greater negative impact on our country and free loving people around the world then what could be projected. Here are just a few of the negative consequences that I fear might occur.

(1) ECONOMIC CRASH-  Businesses who had planned one path will be sent in a tailspin trying to figure out another path that might be much more socialistic then ever before. This will include an uptick in unemployment, closed  businesses and general malaise through many sectors of the economy.

(2) FREEDOM BITE- Protection of basic constitutional rights especially 2nd and 1st amendment rights will be extremely restricted. Those forces who control what is heard and said will have a greater power to silence us while our ability to protect our freedom and family will be restricted as well.

(3)  CHAOS IN THE MIDDLE EAST-  Israel and moderate Arab countries will have to find a way to do it alone as Iran and Islamic extremist will feel emboldened to act in a more brazen and violent fashion.

(4) CHINA EXPANSION– China will build up it’s military actions against others it deems a threat and will control the internet with their own 5G telling us what to do and think.

(5) MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS STYMIED- Drug companies and medical research labs will fear the socialist wave and move their plans down a much slower path if not frozen as a whole. 


Red Flag Law – RED FLAG

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First they came for those who were clinically and we didn’t object, then they came for those who were “too different” as the voices of dissent were scarcely heard then they came for me and those left were scared to say a word in my defense. Red Flag Laws if only used to take away guns for those who appear to be a harm to themselves or others is something we all can stand behind but how is that determined and by whom. Some might use these laws to take away guns from law abiding citizens who are not a threat to society at large but their political power grab.  How do we prevent Red Flag Laws from becoming Red Flags that turn our country upside down? Here are a few suggestions (below). Please share your own thoughts and concerns. For if we get this wrong this fictional story above might become reality before we know it.

(1) IMMEDIATE APPEAL TO COURT W DIFFERENT MAKEUP- A person who has had their gun ownership taken away due to perceived threat to himself or others has the right to an immediate appeal to a court which has judge(s )leaning to their political persuasion.  These courts should be set up in every state that has these Red Flag Laws and have a majority of it’s members being appointed by the minority political party of said state.

(2) TIMELY REVIEW- An individual who has their gun confiscated has the opportunity for a review within 6-12 months to see if she/he is no longer a threat to themselves or society as a whole. If given their rights to gun ownership back they will still can be monitored by peace officers.

(3) PENALTY-  If an individual  has brought false or misleading information to the police or courts that caused the right of another individual to protect themselves and or their loved one taken away (for malicious, political reasons)  that individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

No Deletions …But

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A good friend of mine suggested I delete certain posts and video content but I feel without the good, bad, ugly, grAmatically incorrect and rebeL you wouldn’t get the whole picture of who I am.  It is also essential that my past be noted because it helped make me the person I am today with all the positive, negative and rebeL traits. Yet I understand that if one person takes in just a simple piece of content that they might only see part of the picture which will probably be spelled incorrectly as well. That is why although I won’t delete any posts or video content I might just leave some to those who are truly part of the “tribe”. The type of  individuals who get it and  are willing to take the time and effort to look at the whole picture not just stare at the frame. What actually occurs will be determined over time but rest assured nothing will be deleted at least to those who are closest to me and my vision.

Please Read & Share

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Please help stop these images (above). In our communities there are those individuals who fit “the profile” and need to be helped before they harm themselves or others.   You can not afford to stand in the shadows if you notice such individuals anymore but need to take action immediately. It could be simply reaching out to them with a kind gesture every once in awhile or calling a peace officer in your community to help a bit deeper. Just don’t ignore it for your action can truly save life (s). Here is just one of the links (below) I ask you to review and share with others.




Fox News -Democratic Presidential Debate Take-Over

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Fox  News now can take over the Democratic Presidential Debates and truly get even with those who have excluded them. For after this week the Democratic Party will deny the right to hear voices of candidates that “don’t meet their criteria” which gives an opening to Fox News to host their own debate with said candidates. Candidates who might have great ideas or at least not totally terrible but weren’t able to get their message out within the time frame the Democratic party gave them. Who knows Fox News could allow a campaign to continue well past what those in the party believe should occur and change the political landscape forever.


In Charlie’s Name

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I sang my heart out for “Charlie” as I’m sure he’s  listening from a higher plateau. Charlie took chances that I would never dream of and his passing inspired me to get back on the stage after my cough. Life flew by Charlie way to fast (basically 28 days) but he lived it with such vigor it inspired me to sing this song.  Charlie never flew to far away from me even during our difficult moments ( he was itchy at times) and that is why his remains remain in my pocket today.  Charlie this song is for you.

FOOTNOTE- It’s okay not to cry for Charlie and instead get some bug spray

It’s Mine!!!!

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It’s mine or at least it should be!  For it doesn’t matter whether you have a croissant or a Lexus I want it because  you have it and I don’t.  My green spirit is not based on what others actually possess but the spirit which is in me instead.  Of course flaunting makes me want it more but hiding what you have doesn’t make me less envious of you I just use my imagination to think about the great things you have that I want instead for me.  So be yourself or be someone else I’ll still be jealous.

FOOTNOTE-  I guess in the end we all can be ourselves and others will still think and feel as they do.

Blame it on EXPERIMENT

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I’m cutting my posts a bit short today because of an “EXPERIMENT” .  It probably won’t change the world but who knows.  I guarantee though if the experiment goes as planned it will change the course of me and my loved one’s food habits FOREVER or at least until it breaks.   G-D willing I’ll survive this experiment and provide details of the results COMING VERY SOON.

We Will Be Slow

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I recently witnessed a loved one being mental assaulted because they said he was “too slow”, that individual should release what comes around goes around as well.  For while we often run like a hare eventual the inner tortoise will take over that is unless  we are completely stopped in our track. Whether our pace slows because our joints take a bit more grease or our neuron’s want to enjoy a bit more sun eventually we will slow down. So try and be more patient with your future mirror as you run into others that move at a slower pace because that is the encounter you will probably be running into before you know it.

FOOTNOTE  I hope my current pace doesn’t rush others out of the way.


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This will be the one dating service where individuals are judged by their character as those that are matched don’t even see the person they are going on a date with until the actual date begins.  As you answer the questions on various subjects you’re choice will dwindle to the one’s whom’s character truly fits your’s until only a handful remain. Then you participate in an exercise to make sure what you are truly saying is what you believe and your final choices are determined.  Of course questions of ones’ faith and observance  will be included in trying to determine “whom” is right for dating purpose.  If in the end if you want to take a peak of you’re final selection you’ll have to pay an extra fee as well as agree to go on at least one date with one of the “finalist”.  If character truly counts then the MLK Dating Service will be proof positive.


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