Reversible Socks

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There are times  one might forget an extra pair of socks for their journey which go with an alternate outfit or times when  you feel like a change in the middle of a day. REVERSIBLE SOCKS will allow you to live both lives with the same pair on. Just flip them from the other side and “Shaboom” a new style or look is born.  From an elegant look to a hip look all without a major wardrobe malfunction.  REVERSIBLE SOCKS soon your feet can look marvelous wherever they might take you during your days journey.


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Security is only as secure as the lock you put around your valuables and with MOLDLOCK those shackless days are over. For while it’s not to difficult a lock it’s almost impossible to cut one with thickness around it’s shack.   Yet the problem with such a lock (above) is there is very little room to work with. A MOLDLOCK will answer both problems by giving you the room you need to put your lock around the area you need protection then after pushing the steel mold up to the shackle so nobody will be able to cut through. This 2 step procedure will separate MOLDLOCK from the competitors as convenience and strength work side by side.

Phone Screener

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Phone Screener will be the end of the telemarketer on your phone. This computer’s service will make the caller dial certain numbers just to get through the next prompt and with a special code you give to close friends, business associates and family members you want to speak to they won’t get through to you directly unless you want them to.  Phone Screener will also work with annoying texts as well. Phone Screener will insure you don’t feel like screaming at your phone anymore.

Traffic Friends

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You sit in the same traffic day after day with the same cars surrounding you but do you know the story of those congested buddies.  With TRAFFIC FRIENDS  you’ll learn the basic information of those neighbors in other cars. For TRAFFIC FRIENDS will be able to locate their facial characteristics so you can identify who they really are and even give you a chance to communicate with them as well through their own device. It’s time traffic became a bit more friendly with TRAFFIC FRIENDS who knows what friends traffic will bring.

Join The Dream

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Over the last 5 years or so I’ve written probably over a 1000 blog post from political solution, religion, personal stories, entrepreneurial visions,  movie concepts and just plain bizZare thoughts that capture one’s mind at such moments. They have been unfiltered from a man who has experienced the good, bad, ugly and unique aspects of life as I dove into areas where I should be and other I ran away with barely my life. As a business man, film-maker, Conservative, dreamer, Innovator I’ve seen and touched areas that were far from others eye’s and seen things in a whole different light. It is my goal to share those ideas with a larger audience so that these ideas, thoughts and concepts can make this world a bit better every episode.

We will present this to a wider audience with many laughs, a few tears and thoughtful conversations in a late night format that tilts to the right but brings everyone in. I’m looking for an individual who shares this vision so that this show will reach a strong  loyal audience for as long as possible and become self sustaining on it’s own. Here (below) are a few of the tasks this talent individual will be assigned.

(1) KICKSTARTER INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN-  This is not only to produce revenue to help offset costs of production but build a loyal audience as not only viewers but associate producers who play a role on said production from various levels.

(2) BRANDING- The Bud Rebel name already has products in the marketplace ( why not expand distribution channels as well as take in new products under this name.  We also can develop new website(s) that are based on the Bud Rebel concepts.

(3) BUDREBELSHOW.COM- Today the website is just a name but with your talent it can be so much more.

(4) APPEARANCES-  The stories I’ve written about can be broadcast or told in other formats/audiences that can help build the name as well.

(5) SOCIAL MEDIA– The limits are only created by those in charge of said operation.

Milk with Cookies

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This (above) really works out with a soggy cookie that misses it’s bite until ‘MILK W COOKIES.  This Milk will have all the flavor of your favorite cookie’s without ever having to take a soggy bite. The flavor will literally melt in your mouth with less calories and sugar then if you ate them with every dip. MILK W COOKIES isn’t it time for the two to truly get together with every sip?


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Unlike the standard cards which showcase excellence on what does on the court HERO CARDS will celebrate what individuals do above and behind. Whether they be that firefighter who went in when everyone believed all was lost or that Seal Team members who fought against all odds. These cards will celebrate those who take a brave stance against unbelievable odds such as MLK to those who went where others refused to go to help the sick such as Mother Theresa. They will feature all the basic stats of such individual with a website that contains even more pertinent information.   HERO CARDS may not be the most popular card in one’s deck but the most valuable in one’s heart and soul.

FOOTNOTE– This probably wouldn’t be a great business venture unless we are able to change society to who is really important.


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If you’re like me you sometimes forget to press the send button on many a text or email that is it until TEXTREMINDERAPP is developed. This App will remind the possible sender that text and emails are still in draft mode and need their permission to send to the world or just their friend.  The reminder can be sent to you once an hour once a day or whenever you would like and will also allow you to exclude messages in your draft boxes after your desired time.  TEXTREMINDERAPP will also have small advertisements that will pop up with such a reminder.   With TEXTEMINDERAPP  we can’t guarantee that you won’t forget your keys but at least you’ll have the sent the messages that might open many a door.


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The problem with many singles websites is a picture only is skin deep yet with SPEEDATING.COM/APP you’ll at least have an introduction.  For this website/app will allow the user to hear some actual words of said person and listen or skip to the next if they’ve had enough.  Each profile will be vetted to make sure the content is PG-13 and clients can also be verified to insure that it is true.  SPEEDATING.COM/APP because people’s appearance is more then just looks.

Toasty Sleep

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Whether you’re a kid or just one of heart there are few things that beat cuddling with your blanket. Yet with TOASTY SLEEP we are working to top that with just the amount of warm or coolness you will need to make your cuddling extra special.  This blanket will fit in a small container that will get it warmed up or cooled down in minutes so your cuddle will top anything else in the market place. TOASTY SLEEP it’s time  we took cuddling to a whole new warm/cool level.

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