RW Jewelry

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RW Jewelry Kit will bend in the direction you feel like being in the moment.  For this jewelry will not be made of Gold or Silver but RW.  It will bend with your times and with your own kit you’ll have the flexibility to make almost anything.  These kits will come in various colors and basic shapes so the work you produce will be more flexible then you can imagine. RW Jewelry Kit’s may not be the fashionable look but now you know what you can do with extra Reynolds Wrap after all.

What do you think about this dating service with a twist?

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Yelp Dating Service

He looked perfect, but after reading his reviews, I turned away in a flash. She appeared to have it all, but upon reading further, I really didn’t want that all. What am I talking about? Online dating, but with an added twist. What if there was an online dating service that would provide you with verified information about an individual, based on other’s reviews from previous encounters with the said individual?

This new dating service would require an individual to fill out an extensive survey and have their questions certified (with their approval.) Also, they will have certified reviews from previous encounters as well as a photo of them that is scannable for facial recognition. Once you meet said individual or look up their name, this complete list of information will appear with the reviews in dated order. You will know their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes before a potential life partner opens their mouth!

But wait, there’s more! I envision this service is not just exclusive to online dating but is used for business as well. What if business people had profiles with verified information and reviews from others who have done business with them? Can you imagine? It would ensure every meeting you have is productive for you and the person you are speaking to because you’d already know their in’s and out’s and what they’re like before encountering them at a business meeting.

You might be wondering why anyone would allow such information about themselves to be revealed to the world, and the answer is simple. If you have nothing to hide, then why hide it behind an outdated image? Obviously this information would not be forced out there, it’s completely voluntary. But I’m sure there are lots of honest people out there who would love to participate. Wouldn’t it make life easier?

Life is too short not to know who you are actually speaking with. Shouldn’t we want every encounter to work to our advantage?

Coffee PRESS

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If you want that ***EXTRA** bit of coffee flavor then it’s time for a COFFEE PRESS. This device will squeeze a bit more of the beans into the morning, afternoon or evening java. Where other coffee machines just cook that coffee bean into your cup the COFFEE PRESS will squeeze the flavor out into your cup. This device will make sure every cup is as good and strong as it should be for if you are pressed for time shouldn’t your coffee be pressed  for flavor as well?

Right Liberator

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Are you sick of the left’s propaganda campaign while you try to enjoy some hard earned entertainment with you and your loved ones? Well then the “RIGHT LIBERATOR”  will give you the freedom you and your family deserve. This device will filter all the segments that you would find gratuitous, exploitative, or just full of propaganda B.S. so you can enjoin the entertainment that you and your family deserve. Just decide what you want to filter out and the degree which it should occur and you will finally be free to watch what you want without annoyances.  Now you don’t have to watch another show trying to promote a lifestyle that is not your style or a position that is way out of your bases and still see great “art”.  The “RIGHT LIBERATOR” entertainment will finally entertain all audiences again.

CHamELeon Hat

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G-D willing in 20 days or so the birth of the Chameleon Hat will occur (see below). A hat that will keep you looking good with whatever fashion you decide to wear today, tomorrow or the next day!!! STAY TUNED……


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If you’re trying to get a good night sleep so you don’t end up like this then SLEEP DRINK  might just have your natural formula. This drink will combine all the natural ingredients on earth to give you the right mix of Z,Z,Z’s that you need and want. Ingredients will include Banana’s, Milk a dash of Chamomile , Decaffeinated Green Tea and Cinnamon.     SLEEP DRINK will  also come in a diabetic formula to help manage the carbs so you and your partner will sleep through the night.  SLEEP DRINK a drink that will give you what you’re body needs to put your mind at rest.

FOONOTE- The carton will also feature helpful mindful exercises to help those eyelids stay heavy through the night.

Insect D.O.D

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Finally there will be a defense for your family against the ravages  of insects wherever you might travel for with  D.O.D DROID they’ll be dead on arrival. The D.O.D DROID will hunt down insects that decide to invade your territory before they come close  to you or loved one. Just let the circumference  be known to the droid and it will protect your area as if it you had the whole Department of Defense on your side by knocking down insects that get too close.  The D.O,D DROID it’s time we put the insects on the defensive.

SHINY & NEW – Well at least not Green or Black

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The newest product is being launched to the Bud Rebel family and like it’s brothers and sisters it does the job with a bit of ReBellion in it’s formula.  For this Mildew Cleaner works inside and out so Mildew, Mold and Algae have no place to hide from your trigger.  Please see more of  our products on


COMING SOON- G-D willing a hat that will change everything!!!!


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The pictures look great but what is inside is truly what matters and that is why DNA DATING will be the site you’ll have to go to. For not only will we look at algorithm to find that perfect person for you but also the strands that make us truly who we are.  Questions will be asked that will help us determine which DNA Profile you are looking for and we can expand our search (for an additional fee)  and collaborate with to see if their history has the right profile as well. DNA DATING for those who really want to make sure their match is right outside and in.

Retire Style Fund

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G-D willing we are all going to get there so why not retire in style instead?  Yet with the cost of the best facilities going up they appear only for the rich and connected.  Yet with Retire Style Fund you’ll be able to set aside on such an investment for you or your loved ones future which you will actually want to go to. The facilities will have so many amenities that your loved ones and the ones that like you somewhat will actually want to come and see you.  Here’s a basic formula (below) how it would work.

(1) Luxury Senior Residence around the country and world would be included in this investment pool with sub sections based  on 5.

(2) Every month or so a small portion of your income would be invested in this fund.

(3) When you get to the desired age (G-D willing) you would have a choice of  the residents in the pool you’ve chosen.

(4) You can pass on benefits to a loved one if you G-D forbid don’t get to this age or eventually don’t desire such residence.

(5) Cost of the fund will depend on your health, starting age, deductible and type of residence you might want to stay in

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