Shutdown Trump Move

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It’s time the President takes a move that knocks out a queen on the Democrats shutdown. By restoring funding for those elements in government that are causing the “American People” the most difficulty during this period without capitulating to ending it the President will command their attention.  This will occur by just diverting monies already approved  to the TSA, IRS Department of Agriculture (food stamps, food safety) and even a museum or two.  Here’s how this will force the Democrats to finally make a move to end their shutdown.

(1) WASTE- The American people will realize how much waste is the federal budget and learn to live without it.

(2) UNIONS- Democrats will feel the pressure of the Federal Union workers who might worry now that some of their jobs might not becoming back if this shutdown continues.

(3) BORDER SECURITY- The debate can again move back to secure our country from outside forces instead of the poor government employees and lack of governmental service.


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Many dishwasher detergents will make your dishes clean but only **DISHMINT** will have the fragrance everyone will love.  For DISHMINT will leave your guests with the wonderful aroma of Chocolate Mint, Peppermint or Wintergreen as well as a shiny clean plate.  DISHMINT will also include a spray which will add a bit more sparkle to the dishes after they are dry.  You can go with any detergent or you can make a DISHMINT statement that shows how much you truly care.

Think Of Me!

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While you’re traveling the world I’m traveling the house in search of YOU!  For you left me without a note to go on your excursion or something like that.  Yes, I know I can’t read but at least it would have been nice to think of me and plus I love paper.  The dog sitter is fine and maybe I’ll get used to her more then you!  I’m sorry I just miss you and it’s been a whole 20 minutes but who’s counting remember I can’t tell time. I guess I’ll just sit here like I always do even when you’re here but this time it will be with a face full of sadness.

LATER- You’re home oh my gosh this is greatest day E-V-E-R!!!!


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After the last post I decided to focus on living and nothing goes better with life then trying to make other life’s better.  That is why I hope to team up with my Alma Mater to not only give a fishing pole but a boat to those in need.  I hope to fund  continued project(s) and or the development thereof that helps entrepreneurial minds create a business from an idea on this blog. It might be just an experiment on a blackboard which could turn out to be one in a boardroom.   My side of an profits from said project would go back to this charitable foundation which would continue to help people launch new businesses and/or education.  What makes this project even more exciting is I hope that these businesses will be launched in depressed areas creating pockets of seeds for others to life themselves up.  For a fish feeds for days while a boat launches one into a new world.


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You’re more quiet then even normal. I don’t know if it is something I said or did but I haven’t heard a word from you in what appear to be days. I don’t know why you’re avoiding me like a ghost as well it’s sorta disconcerting.  No matter what I did I don’t deserve this silence treatment from you!  Oh I’m sorry I forgot you were dead.


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I’ve known you for years but never truly looked in your eye. For out of all the words that came from your mouth also came the color green. I thought it was all done in jest but I never listened to what was in your heart until it burned through.  I just wish that eye could see a bit deeper into the pain and difficulties I’ve had to bear and continue to deal with it instead of look skin deep.

Whether it’s close loved one’s battling sickness in their head or ailments in their body. Early memories that were full of constant teasing and harassment not only by fellow students but by those who were supposed to be there to protect me. Watching my life get torn apart not just by relationships that went sour but a betrayal of lies that could have put me behind bars for life. I’ve had many a difficult shoe to fit into yet it has led me to this path where you and probably many others are envious of what they see with only one eye truly open.

FOOTNOTE- I thank G-D for all the blessings I have today and note I might not have gotten here if it was so smooth.  I also thank G-D for all the blessings you have and continue to wish you all the success that this entails even if it’s paved with Gold Bricks I may never walk upon.


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While most will decry those who shed no emotions there are parts in one’s life where such individual are essential. This can occur where a procedure needs to be taken based on rationale facts on the ground not emotions in the air.   A judge also needs to decide on a verdict not based on their feelings or prejudice but what is presented to them. Many a business person needs to be emotionless when making a decision that is painful so a company can survive a difficult period. Yet the most important time we need an emotionless person is during a funeral procedure where those that grief need this force to get them through this difficult period. Yes, we all need a shoulder to cry on but also someone to hand us the tissues without weeping.   Emotionless might appear cruel but that’s what we just might need in a world full of emotions that can stop us from moving forward.

Ex-Change Presents

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It’s a present that goes back and forth for as long as both live. Where one gives a gift which requires no thought only $$. Simply an exchange system from one birthday or celebration to another and in return one waits for the other to up the ante as if it was a card game.  No creativity or thought is required just an addition or minus from one’s balance sheet.  The victor is truly the last one standing unless they are paying for the others funeral expense.


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I’m a “Pillie” for there is a pill for any of my needs or desires. Whether I feel to sad or too happy a pill can help me deal with that. If there is a pain in my neck or toe one maybe two pill(s) and it’s gone. If my skin appears to be dry or oily well I’ll just pop one in my mouth and it’s all better.  My pills are a part of my life so no matter where I go they come for the ride.  I even have a pill to deal with my anxiety that my pills might not be working or that I forget one or is two.  I’m a “Pillie”and my drug companies are proud of me.

FOOTNOTE – This message was brought to you Baxter, Lilly, Wyeth etc etc.  Warning taking these medicines can result in Diabetes, Cancer, Suicidal Thoughts, Pregnancy, Bad Teeth, and Fur.


Going Against My Grain

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I’m caught in a dichotomy with two foundation principles one is the right to life and the other is the free marketplace where one will have to give.  For today there are people who can’t financial afford to fight a catastrophic illness that could take their life and for this reason I’m going to put my capitalist mind aside as I provide a bit of a socialist solution.  This solution will enable every person to have the means to have the necessary tools to stay afloat financially as well as with their heartbeat. Here are the key factors (below) that will enable this to occur.

(1) Every person would pay a small added tax that would be put in their own Catastrophic Illness Fund. If a person seeks to be excluded from such a tax they will pay a penalty.

(2) These funds would be automatically put through a private insurance company which could invest them in Federal Bonds to increase the amount in said account but couldn’t be diverted anywhere else.

(3) Additional funds for the Catastrophic Funds would be based on a small sales tax on items/services which have had a negative health influence on our society (ex Cigarettes, Sugar, Lard, Hang Gliding)

(4) If a person or their loved ones suffer from  G-D forbid a Catastrophic Illness they would only pay a token amount and the rest would be paid by the fund.

(5) In the case said individual doesn’t utilize these funds during their lifetime a portion of the savings will be given to their heirs as an inheritance or to pay for funeral expenses.


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