Rat Lesson Inc

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It’s time your loved one knew the consequences of their mess and with Rat Lesson Inc they’ll have a lesson they’ll surely never forget. For you bring the mess and we’ll bring our trained rat who will make sure that your loved one’s learns it’s time to clean up for good.  Rat Lesson Inc. will also conveniently pick up our Mickey after your loved one has graduated whether it be that same day or later on in the day or even the week Mickey’s pick up crew will appear as standard exterminators but don’t worry Mickey will live another day to teach others about the importance of being clean.

FOOTNOTE – Other creatures might also be available for this service

Sukkot Part II

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For those that see me at work today it isn’t because I left my calender at home I just don’t take off the 2nd day for this holiday. It’s not that I don’t respect those that do I just believe G-D is giving me and others like me a bit of leeway on this issue. The fact is the two days for this holiday was instituted because in the old days they didn’t know when the day started or ended in Israel time but now we have a bit more precise watches that can solve this problem from the 12th century or so.   I’m sure there are other good reasons why the 2 days for this holiday continue to be celebrated it’s my schedule doesn’t give me enough time to study them. Work is another one of my obligations and I hope this balances out in the scheme of things to come.   G-D willing I’m still on the good side of the ledger even if my ledger is a bit different then those of my traditional brothers.


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hiding in locker-room


We should have an open mind to all people but that doesn’t mean I want to show my birthday suit to someone not invited to the party.  I should never be invited into a women’s locker room because I’m not a doctor and even though I can control what goes on outside inside is a whole different story. So why should a person who is attracted to those of the same sex watch a strip tease show that those who were performing never knew they were in?  It’s an uncomfortable situation for all those involved and all though we can’t make checks at the door maybe a bit more public discretion is needed even in our locker rooms. Let’s just say a bit more towels and a whole lot less birthday suits should be seen for you never know who might think they should blow out the candles.


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Kavanaugh Leprichon

Whether you are “Pro Life” or “Pro Choice” we all must admit that abortion kills an unborn life but now we can confirm that those who lead it don’t mind killing a born life as well. For destroying a person’s reputation is a kin to eliminating them as a whole and no matter what else they’ve done in their life and/or belief in if it doesn’t pass their litmus test on Abortion the knife’s will come out.  Groundless accusations to stop those who might  even have the slighest ability to move it in the life side will be utilized for their destruction and no guilt will be attached to the crime.  Abortion kills a beating heart whether it be the unborn or those who’s reputations are destroyed because they challenge the “norm“.


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Breaking News 7 Kavanaugh Leprichon

9-24-18- 8:40 PM – Breaking News-  It has just been discovered that Brett Kavanaugh is a Leprechaun!  We can see from the shiny form above his head that this is the case plus this photo of his youth  (below) has just surfaced.By the way look what he’s done to that poor dog. Baby Leprechaun  Of course nobody can verify the date, location or even if this is Judge Kavanaugh but he is Irish and that is more evidence then in any other previous allegation. Since Leprechaun’s are technically not human we expect his name to be withdrawn from the Supreme Court Nomination process.

FOOTNOTE-  This is as true as the recent allegations against Judge Kavanaugh that have surfaced today.

Sukkot for Today

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sukkot sukkot-2

As another year of Sukkot enters many a Jewish household again this year we realize the relevance of this holiday in our times. For as we progress with new devices and technology that split us into separate worlds the Sukkot brings us back to a time of simple pleasures and happiness.  We also realize that although we may protect our life’s and reputation with many barriers of truth even an accusation over many decades ago without definitive facts can see the walls begin to crumble. We must continue to pursue our dreams and have faith even if things appear to be cracking, for  G-D who is the true strength can make even the flimsiest walls rock solid even when we can’t .

Hysterical Laughter

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There are times when I completely lost it and I apology if in advance some don’t find them funny but at the moment they were hysterical and  put my laugh bone in charge. Here are just a few that stand out.

(1) DENTURES- Yes, it’s mean but this gentleman’s dentures fell out while he was putting on his tennis outfit. As a teen this was funny but as a man with years under my belt let’s just say I’m brushing a bit more.

(2) FACES- Usually faces can be a little funny but when made in the silence of a crowded elevator I dare you to stop laughing.

(3) WRONG WORD- I can’t tell you the number of times I experienced hysterical laughter when the wrong words came out of WHO?

(4) DRINKING COKE- Yes, probably a youthful face was made inbetween which cleaned out my nostrils for days. Coke never felt so wrong.

(5) MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS- I know I might sound a bit like Mrs. Ford for I can’t remember the time, date and even the names in between but I do remember being taken out of class as my laughter was uncontrollable.  This one actually occurred but nobody will be held responsible accept me.


Metoo Seesaw

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#MeToo Seesaw 2

Mrs. Ford might just be the weight that swings the #METOO movement in the opposite direction.  Where more prove that is necessary will be needed before the general public accepts an accusation of abuse. Just as any movement, extremes cause it to bounce in the opposite direction instead of staying balanced in the middle it appears the #METOO movement is heading in that direction. It’s a shame because those that truly have been hurt with a clear factual record of this occurring may just have to wait on the side till the balance of abuse continues to rise again.

Bud Rebel Charitable Legacy- Part 1

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homelesshomeless 2

One of the legacies I would love to leave if G-D willing I’m able is one based on saving life’s.  Especially those that are least among us because I don’t believe G-D makes mistakes only people do. The first charitable cause would do with those that are homeless and would be a complete lifestyle change. Here’s a few key points in this change.

(1) – Volunteers would approach the homeless individuals and tell them that they are better then this and invite them to find out how.

(2) If a homeless individual agrees they would be taken to a location where they would have an immediate shower, new clothes  and legally sign to be part of the program. They would also receive a debit type card which they would earn points for.  Please note the place would be complete with security camera’s to verify that everything is up to performance.

(3) The initial housing they would receive would be bare minimum but every act they perform including the initial acts would give them points to redeem at the store for other merchandise with their debit card.

(4) Acts would include being drug tested, going to group and individual therapy, basic civics, job training, religious services, working at location etc.

(5) The individual would graduate to different levels as they participate in the program.

(6) Funding would initial come through my charitable foundation but other private sector companies would be sought as well including ones that would finally help with employment and housing needs when they graduate.

(7) Graduates would volunteer back with this program as a debt for the good works it has done in their life’s.


Democrat 2018 Campaign Platform

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Nancy Pelosi

Here (below) is what I’ve determined to be the Democratic Platform for 2018 should they gain power in 2018. I would add G-D forbid but I’m trying to be a bit impartial. Maybe I’m seeing it wrong so feel free to add your own thoughts.

(1) INVESTIGATE– They will pursue investigation on the Trump Presidency from his 1st day running to the dog in his life. By the way he is one of the 1st sitting President who doesn’t have a dog in the White House and this needs to be investigated as well.

(2) IMPEACHMENT- This is the meat the base seeks but not just the President but anyone else they can write up including of course Supreme Court Justice (G-D willing) Brett Kavanaugh and his dog.

(3) SOCIALIZE MEDICINE-  They claim medical care should be free for all even as a result you can’t find a band-aid at the hospital. Yes this would be extended to your dog. 

(4) AMERICA MIDDLE-  They will seek foreign policies that bring America into the “world community” even if that community takes pieces of our pie.  Fighting for trade deals is just too much of a fight.  Yes hide your dog.

(5) FREE- The Democrats will try to give away the store even it results in us just eating dog biscuits. Sorry dog.

(6) UNBORN BABY KILLING 24/7- Unborn baby killing must be legal in all 50 states with no ways to allow local or state governments to intervene and slow these killings down.  I’m not sure if dogs have to worry on this one for these individuals appear to care more about the 4 legged types then those with the same two legs.

(7) GET WEALTHY- Taxes need to be increasaed on those that are wealthy substantially. The biggest problem is that line of who is wealthy and who is poor appears to change as the government King needs more $$$’s. 

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