Non-Microphone Moments

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Some of the greatest moments are when our microphone’s are turned off.  When the remarks we might say are far from political correct as well as fail the sensitivity test. These are the moments when we are with our “real friends”and just blabber away as if we had not one too many but a bottle instead.  Non-Microphone moments are truly special because they are not made to make such a broad statement just one that comes out without really thinking.

Too Good

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The Torah/Bible writes a great deal more about the tribulations which will occur if one “leaves the faith” then if one stays in the fold because let’s face it many who have it “too good” look to evil instead.  They get “bored” with what they have and desire some other “stimulation” which is down a path they know they shouldn’t travel.  G-D knows that when many have it “too good” that it can be a curse as history continues to prove  so G-D puts out the curses in bright red so everyone is truly warned.

Join A Community

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You can start with faith but also join because it’s a true community.  Organized religion has gotten a bums wrap as the focus has been on the strict rules that are “observed” rather then the community it brings together in good as well as difficult times. This is a community that truly cares for each other not based on what one can get from another but by what they can give to each other instead.  As someone who experienced “this community” during the passing of my mother I fear that others will not have that warm helpful hand when they need it the most.  Organized religion may not appear to be “your thing” for now but trust me you’ll want and need their support someday so join this community for it’s hand’s need to be continued to be felt.

Elizabeth Warren Running Mate

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So who will Elizabeth Warren pick as her running mate now that she has the Democratic nomination for President in 2020? What she hasn’t achieved that title yet well with the media in her tank it will tank a whole lot of Pocahontas arrows to take her down.  Whether they show such arrows is another story as well so let’s assume she makes it to the media coronation here’s who I believe are on the top of her list (below) and why.

(1) Cory Booker- Simple she wants to get the African American vote out for her and with Cory on the ticket then that will give her this edge.

(2)  Julian Castro- On the other hand she might assume that “African Americans” will come back to their party and try to bring out the Hispanic vote with this choice.

(3)  Andrew Yang- Finally she might assume that Mr. Yang’s youth and inexperience might be the “thing” that brings out the millennial in droves to her ticket.

FOOTNOTE–  Elizabeth Warren does have the “emotional appeal” that liberals are calling for as well as a populist message that they believe will hit the President the hardest so this could be their most logical choice as well.


Not Death

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So if I’m hearing you correctly this murderer doesn’t want to kill individuals just put them to the point of where they actually want to die. For those that are near death can never speak isn’t that true? It appears that our Killer..well almost works in the hospital and makes sure his/her victims are kept quiet whether it be through a ventilator that isn’t needed, drugs that induce coma or worse yet a constant unyielding fear that they will strike again. Fear of not dying might just be scarier then actually RIP.

What Are You Looking At!!!!

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What I don’t have the right to go to “your bookstore” because I’m not wearing the garb? Who do you think you are looking at me with that “attitude” you’re no better then me just because you’re dressed in black with your curls while I have a pair of blue jeans on.  I’m going to give you a piece of my mind.

What the car yeah it drives well.  Yes it has great speed and is fun to drive. Well thank you for noticing. You have a good day as well.

FOOTNOTE– Don’t assume one is “giving you the look” until you know what they are looking at. I did and felt really stupid.

Fat Noticing

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It’s not nice to “shame” a person but shouldn’t we “notice” instead especially when not could “kill them”.  The movement against “fat shaming” is truly killing individuals with an obesity epidemic that killed 40,000 people last month while mass shootings killed 53. Shouldn’t we focus a bit more energy on those around us who we can see are putting another bullet in their stomach’s everyday?   We don’t need to shame people just be a friend and ask them to go the gym with you, speak about a new diet or just be a friend which means understanding the weight difficulty without adding to the scale.  Fat noticing is not shaming it’s helping others actually live.

Best Advice-It Sucks

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Sometimes the best advise is “it sucks”.  It might not sound like advise but allows you to let go of your emotions instead of hold them in. This is especially true when a loved one has passed away and “sorry” might help open a tear jerk but “it sucks” allows it to flow out.  Sometimes life really does hold those to words and it feels great afterwards when someone else truly recognizes your pain. “It sucks” for the pain is real and it’s good to know someone knows how it truly feels.

Alex Trebek- Please Help

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G-D I pray along with millions of your children from various backgrounds that you miraculous send a complete speedy cure to Alex Trebek. We understand that their are many on your “sick list” that are seeking similar help but what a great witness to your mercy, strength and love if this public personality was suddenly cured of the “incurable”. We implore you to do said work while you continue to help all those of various spotlights  especially those who are most dim. It’s just that Alex perseverance as well as honesty about his illness is something that hit’s home with so many that have kept their illnesses in the closet and his cure might open their doors as well.  G-D we pray that this is your will and thank you for your continued help along the way.


Worst Joke EVER

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I want to thank the academy (my daughter) for this truly special award. For after the ten’s of thousands of jokes that are heard daily mine was concluded to be the worst joke ever. The truth is it wasn’t easy getting here for some jokes were truly cheesy to the put of Cheddar but this one really took even the cheesecake cake with the strawberries on top.  It wasn’t just a typical father joke but one that will go down in history and that’s something to be proud of.  Years in the making (trust my daughter) this one joke stood out as the one to conquer all and she just might be right.  Out of the blue  I said  “Don’t put the dog in the refrigerator” that was it and you know what after full evaluation I think I might just deserve this award.

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        The Torah/Bible writes a great deal more about the tribulations which will occur if
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