Favorite Songs IJ

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Sorry I couldn’t choose between my 2 favorite songs in this movie. A matter of fact you might as well put the hole album for this category. The songs in this movie keep playing in my heart and soul years after I’ve heard them with power and love.



Bizarre View

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I’ve worked in the inner city for many a year so I’ve seen it all or at least thought so until what I witnessed yesterday. For at that time a rambunctious child of 5 showed me what that word meant in a negative connotation.  At first I thought he was friendly when we he walked in with his mom, saying hello to everyone but then the fist came out and we knew that was far from the case. This young man kept hitting his mom as if he was Mike Tyson and even went after one of my employees as well but she was quick enough to duck out his punches.  The crazy part is the mother didn’t even appear the least bit mad as the punches and slaps were flying.  This child is bound to be a boxer, a gangster  or G-D willing have his punches become figuratively instead and run for office.

Insane Fame

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Those who walk off the carpet get the most lights pointed at them. For the ordinary does not stop one from thinking about something else while those who act off the farm will keep one thinking way after they leave the room. This doesn’t mean it will be thoughts that one wants to have about themselves but you can’t deny they won’t be easily forgotten.  Insanity has it’s Prozac but it also has one’s attention as well.

FOOTNOTE-   It’s best to be insane with a reason then insane with a medical cause and those with the later should seek professional treatment.

Hate Trump?

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So you say hate President Trump but is it possible you hate something else. Could it be that you hate the way he speaks so directly because you feel trapped from doing the same?  Isn’t it also true that  you’re bothered  that the President always has to be put his name on everything but could you really be bothered that you feel your name is too often forgotten.  Finally it is said that you hate the way people “blindly follow the President” yet didn’t you say that you wish others would respect you more.  I’m wondering whether you really hate the President or are displacing the anger to something closer to the mirror.

Finger Decathlon

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It’s the Summer Olympics 2034 and all the world’s attention will be on the fingers as the first Finger Decathlon is held. These fingers are ready after decades of texting have brought them unforeseen power that their ancestors couldn’t even imagine. They’ll will be wrestling, swimming and even some power lifting combined to make this the sport to watch because now a days that is truly the only strength we have left.


Workout Waste

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I prove workouts don’t matter for my bark is truly scarier then my bite but don’t tell that to the Labrador down the street.  For although he might have the muscle and size on me I have the attitude that has him running when I walk down the street.  So go to your gym and get all tone I’ll still put fear in your heart with my little growl that will show once and for all size really doesn’t matter.

Fire & Alabama

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There’s a fire but instead of putting it out where it started the firefighters are looking at saving the life’s at those at the top of the building. By trying to save those life’s 1st  they are putting the rest of the life’s in jeopardy as the building itself might crumble before they get there.  Step by step they should approach saving life’s moving to those we all can see are clearly at risk and need an immediate rescue.  As we rescue those victims maybe people will see the flames that continue to spread upwards. Yet as painful as it is we can’t let the majority die to save one life who actually has better chance of survival if we don’t rescue them 1st.


Worst.Com App

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Everyone knows it’s hard to be the best but sometimes it’s equally hard to be the worst. That’s why worstwebsite.com/app will keep track of those who didn’t come 7th out of 8th but dead last. From the movie that lost the most amount of $$’s to the restaurant which closest the fastest. What really serves the worst Pizza in NY? Who is really the worst barber shop in your neighborhood? Not only will you know who wins (well actually loses) but the criteria behind the “title”.  Yes, we can celebrate the winners but sometimes those that lose deserve to be known as well.

FOOTNOTE- Who will be the worst Democratic Presidential Candidate of 2020 currently Mayor Bill De Blasio but with 24 candidates this race is far from over.

GOT Water Bottle

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It’s the water bottle used by kings and now it can be yours. The GOT = Game Of Thrones Water Bottle is the one bottle which has stood the test of time. Who knew Poland Spring was around in those times… unless there really was an alien invasion or time travel? Yet that doesn’t matter because now with GOT water bottle you can remember the last episode for years to come. For we can see the cup half empty or full but at least now we can see it over and over again.

FOOTNOTE- This item is not for sale but don’t tell me some marketing genius won’t be coming out with soon.

Neck Theory

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I tried the coffee, slaps in the face and cold water now comes the neck theory. For I believe one of the reasons I’m a bit tired in the morning and my head appears to slump is because the blood needs to flow at a better pace to my brain once it’s awake or something like that. This is totally unscientific but my latest experiment on myself came out with a caffeine type boost. Today though is another Monday so we’ll see if this experiment can be repeated or I’ll just have to put some ice in the water instead.

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