Private Film

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Private 1Secret 1

It’s a film not made for the masses but only for those who “belong”.  At a secret lcation this film will only be premired to exclusive members to enjoy who then will vote whether it should be just kept in their hands or released to the general public. Private Film will allow the finest art to be produced without the concern of commercial success as well  as allow experimental pieces to be shown that might be too shocking for the general public to view.  Private Film for those who want to truly play a role in art and can afford to do so.

FOOTNOTE- This might be too “snobbish” of a project for me to pursue but might be a ticket to the arts and success for others.


Actor = Great Liar

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fame-1 fame-4

The camera’s might not be flashing your way and the only star you see is the one in the sky well that’s because you’re an honest person not a LIAR. That’s right actors are liars  trying to make you believe that you are someone that they truly are not.  Used car sales people are more honest then these individuals who at least sell you a car while they pretend they’ll sell you a starship made of used plastic. Liar, Liar pants on fire doesn’t appear to be true as they get loads of cash for their art instead of lumps of hot coal. They even lie to you about products and services that “their character” absolutetly loves which in reality they hate.  Yes they are more talented in lying then you are and that is something you might not get an award for but at least you’re parents are proud of you for … unless they’re watching those liars on T.V instead.

FOOTNOTE- Yes I’m lying about my emotional feeling about actors maybe I can be in their next project.

Nationalist? !

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Patriot american Patriot

I’m a Nationalist if one uses connotation that I’ve been brought up. For I am truly proud to be an American citizen which makes up a composite of people(s) from all different lands who made it here and formed the greatest country in the world.  Where freedom still reigns through many a cloud and storm.  A land where many defended this right with their own blood, tears, sweat and even  life’s to insure that it stood for all those in this great land. Yes, I’m a nationalis,t for my nation might have many a fault but it’s still the greatest nation in G-D’s green pasture.

Love S**T

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Film Director Filming 2

A great film-maker can make you love S**T even as you hated it moments before the viewing.  They will find a sympathetic angle that will make you “feel” for such a character so when they lie, steal or murder you’ll feel a whole different way about them then if just the read the facts.  Making such an individual as more charismatic, charming or even caring then they truly were in the end. They can  manipulate your emotions so that they can not only change your perspective on such a character but also the cultural as a hole. Whether that means downplaying a different perspective, putting that perspective only in black and white or just not including it in their storyline they will do there job on your mind.  That is why if you still want to see S***T as it truly is read all the facts first then you will see the art of manipuation in a whole different angle.

Take You Away

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Great Art takes you away into their world.  Where all your thoughts are glued to the image, sound or feel the artist(s) have put in front of you to absorb.  When “it” is truly great all your problems “seem so far away” because you’ve escaped to a place where it’s either mucher lighter or darker then the one you’re breathing in right now.  Here (below) is a place I’ve been taken two one or two hours at a time and though I know I would leave if this was the oxygen I was breathing the art has taken over for at least the remaining episodes.

*** The Haunting Of Hill House- Another incredible piece of Art that I got to view which glues your mind, body and dare I say spirit to the this world.


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California Bar Shooting 2 empathy-2

Many will be there when the problem/tragedy arises but who will stay after?  When everyone has gone back into their own world who will still be able to see in yours. For pain can appear weeks, months and even years after the intial tears and will any help you stand then?  How many will move on while you’re still trying to take some new steps?  You don’t want to burden others that have been their for you in the past but the pain still burns. HUDL.COM APP will be there for you no matter what and where your individual steps will take you and give you the support/comfront you need to move forward every inch of the way.

Education For A Lifetime & Beyond

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group therapy Group Therapy 2

There  are so many things to learn about that one can’t even fully master one subject yet there is one subject we all should study for our lifetime and beyond. It is the subject of ethics/values or in the Jewish tradition Mussar.  For what we keep not just in our minds but heart and soul is something that effects us in ways we might not even consider and sends us on a different path then the journey we were on.  That is why I have become a prime sponsor of a Mussar Class to be held on  Monday 11/12/18 – 7 PM- Congregation Shaarey Israel- 18 Montebello Road, Montebello, NY –  Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice that gives concrete instructions on how to live a meaningful and ethical life that everyone can learn from and add their own content to as well. The discussions are free but the insight we will gain will be priceless.

Bud Rebel Charity Trust- Saving Life’s – 1A

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unborn baby

I’ve formulating a Charitable Trust to insure that the monies I contribute to a good cause actually perform good works.  One of the areas that I would love to be able to make a dent in is to help a woman who is having a difficult pregnancy make the right choice for her unborn baby as well as herself. I would like to support a charity that is willing to take the following steps (below) to make sure this is the case and would financially support such an effort. For every innocent life is precious and I believe G-D should be the ultimate judge of time.

(1) FRIENDLY STAND-  Outside Abortion clinic would be stand which would offer free drinks and snacks as well as information and a new life option (listed below).

(2) WOMEN STRENGTH FACILITY-  This would be a housing unit were those deciding to keep their child would receive job training, maternity training, group therapy,  education and of course help with birth. Strict rules would be placed on those that live there to make sure unwanted guests can’t “pop in”

(3) LIFE TIME HELP – The facility would continue to help the individual woman and their newborn as they move to make  better choices for both and help the facility grow with volunteer help in return. 


Does G-D Change?

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faith therapy 2

Does G-D change depending on the times?  Does the clock period we’re in decide whether we can move up the ladder more then what is written in the past?  I believe G-D might just give us a bit more let’s say “wiggle room” depending on which room we are living in and how new is the paint.  Therefore what was a guilty verdict in the past might get leniency in the future and vice versa can apply as well. Noah was good in his time so why can’t we be considered great in ours?  In the end all we can do is try to climb our own ladder and hope/pray that a step won’t be missing or loose as we pull our way to our destiny. Yet reading from the good book might just give us direction to an elevator that only a few take up.

Election Finality

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Just as in all sports and movies there needs to be a finality to our election decisions.  Whether the decision is made to allow all votes to be tallied in two days or  three we need a conclusion date.  Today we have computers that count faster then people so I’m really not sure what is causing the  delay in Florida, Arizona and…. altogether. By continuing to delay the outcome all that occurs is deligitimizing the entire process and opening a cans of conspiracy theories.   Sometimes endings aren’t satisfactory but unlike other parts of life there are do-overs in only a few years (relatively).   Let’s work to make sure every vote is counted but just once in a way that has a conclusive beginning and even ending.

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