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In a world where sensitivity rules loyality is more important then ever.  That is why we love our pets who appear to listen only to the treats we give them while others can pick apart the bones left behind.  Loyality gives us a foundation that allows us to be ourselves for better, worse or even just plain ugly. Yet when all around us we feel betrayed and the dog treats have run out we can find a higher loyality to the one who will be us till our dying day and beyond.  G-D has that extra hand which will reach out to you and hold you when others have walked away even in our darkest hour. So turn on the light and see loyality shining through.

FOOTNOTE- Sometimes it appears that hand might be drifting away but that is only because we are looking at the fingers.


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running off cliff alone-2

One of the most difficult concepts to incorporate in one’s life no matter how faithful their appearance might be is that G-D is always their.  G-D doesn’t take a bathroom break or time off to catch up with the latest Netflix show but constantly has you in the view instead. It’s so difficult to ponder this thought as we go through our daily grind “to make it” without falling of the cliff.  Yet putting this prospective in our life free’s us of the worry and fear that keep us from achieving our goals or just maintaining a healthy balance. True faith doesn’t necessarily  come from the clothes we wear or the food we eat but putting this concept in our 24/7 day we live.

Bud Rebel Charity Trust- Saving Life’s – 1A

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unborn baby

I’ve formulating a Charitable Trust to insure that the monies I contribute to a good cause actually perform good works.  One of the areas that I would love to be able to make a dent in is to help a woman who is having a difficult pregnancy make the right choice for her unborn baby as well as herself. I would like to support a charity that is willing to take the following steps (below) to make sure this is the case and would financially support such an effort. For every innocent life is precious and I believe G-D should be the ultimate judge of time.

(1) FRIENDLY STAND-  Outside Abortion clinic would be stand which would offer free drinks and snacks as well as information and a new life option (listed below).

(2) WOMEN STRENGTH FACILITY-  This would be a housing unit were those deciding to keep their child would receive job training, maternity training, group therapy,  education and of course help with birth. Strict rules would be placed on those that live there to make sure unwanted guests can’t “pop in”

(3) LIFE TIME HELP – The facility would continue to help the individual woman and their newborn as they move to make  better choices for both and help the facility grow with volunteer help in return. 


Does G-D Change?

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faith therapy 2

Does G-D change depending on the times?  Does the clock period we’re in decide whether we can move up the ladder more then what is written in the past?  I believe G-D might just give us a bit more let’s say “wiggle room” depending on which room we are living in and how new is the paint.  Therefore what was a guilty verdict in the past might get leniency in the future and vice versa can apply as well. Noah was good in his time so why can’t we be considered great in ours?  In the end all we can do is try to climb our own ladder and hope/pray that a step won’t be missing or loose as we pull our way to our destiny. Yet reading from the good book might just give us direction to an elevator that only a few take up.


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Paying respect for the dearly departed is hard enough that one shouldn’t have to worry about the 10th man/woman (depending on your observation) showing up. With SHIVACALL.COM &  MINYACALL.COM /APP that worry will be swept away. For individuals looking to perform a Mitzvah will easily find a household that needs their company/prayers all based on a zipcode.  SHIVACALL.COM doesn’t stop there but help provide all the other needs during this difficult time including security to make sure their is no more grief then necessary, catering needs. griefing counselors,, and even cleaning service for afterwards.  SHIVACALL.COM when sad times occur will allow those who are griefing the time to heal in peace instead the added burden of worrying.

FOOTNOTE– Shiva is a service performed in the Jewish religion when a loved one passes and 10 individuals are needed for this to occur usually men.

Less Time?

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Clock Moving

I was about to write about how I must speed up my clock because I’m walking a bit slower but then an ancient story changed the narrative.  For initially I was noticing my body was demanding a bit more sleep time in the schedule and my tendency to forget was getting a bit more forgetful. Yet Abraham gave birth to a nation at 99 and that gives me hope that I’ll have a bit more time to pull a few births of my own in my time. The clock might be ticking but their is only one who will decide when it actually crashes to the floor. May G-D bless us all with Abraham’s clock on our wall.


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alone 1 alone in crowd 2

While at a crowded sporting event I sudddenly felt so trapped that I had to jump from the  bleachers and still know one appeared to notice. I actually glided my self down by a long cloth held by the ceiling but in a dream sequence it can get a bit confusing. Last night two dreams began and ended the same way feeling alone in a crowd. Until the final sequence when I decided it didn’t matter and walked away from a popular activity only to do what I actually wanted to instead. Feeling invisible is extremely painful and can lead someone to take dangerous actions just to feel visible.  Yet when one acknowledges that there is one always in your room no matter how lonely it can feel a certain peace and calmness replaces that loneliness and gives you strength to be yourself. This doesn’t mean those with faith don’t have these strong feelings at time it just gives them a stronger hope to hold onto.  Faith might appear to be out of fashion today but that is only for those that truly don’t believe.

Just Saying

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rabbi priest imam

I’m sure that your words are having an incredible impact but can you truly say our actions are as well? For while you pray to make a better world on a more consistent basis then thou our base is instead on action. Action that could be developing a new product/service which helps expand opportunities and happiness to all those involved in it and just like you we are looking to expand that market everyday.  We never know exactly the impact that these bring as you don’t exactly know the benefit of each word but we’re both doing it our way.  Maybe in the end even if we go in different paths it doesn’t matter as much as trying to get there.


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rainbow 1 rainbow 2

Whether one is a fundamentalist with the story of Noah or not there is still some higher spiritual cue one receives when seeing  a rainbow. You can’t deny seeing all these beautiful colors come alive after a storm takes you away from the darkness and thunder.  It is if you see a new path to a brighter day then you would have seen before. Thank G-D for every rainbow in our life and maybe our paths will be full of a bit more sunshine and happiness along our trails.

Eden & Sabbath

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Garden of Eden

You won’t be running around in your birthday suit but there is feeling of Eden in those that observe the Sabbath. For while during the week you worry about the mundane of paying the bills as you try to make a living, on the Sabbath you leave it all in G-D’s hands instead. This is a time where whatever naturally is in your life in the moment is supposed to be enjoyed then.   Your Eden is with your good friends/ family as you enjoy this location of peace and  happiness. So enjoy your little taste of Eden while you can for tomorrow the Apple will be falling  in a totally different location.

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