Sabbath Dichotomy

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They say that opposites attract maybe that’s why the Sabbath and me go perfectly together. For let’s say I created the word ADD and I’m hyper on caffeine where sitting is hardly an option (mostly figuratively) except on Shabbos. For during the week I’m running as if my last day has already arrived and on Shabbos in a sense it has. This is the time I give myself to slow down the engine so it can crank it up in 24 hours or so again.  My mind and body go in the opposite direction they do during the other 144 hours of the week and if it didn’t I don’t know if I’d be running again. A time of reflection and calmness that are so foreign to the rest of the week come alive during Shabbos.  Opposites do attract at least in this lifestyle.

More Roads

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The Hasidic Jewish Brother, Christian Sister and Sunni Islamic Child are all right and maybe a bit wrong. For they are all on different paths to the same goal of being closer to the one G-D. Their paths might have different obstacles and potholes along the way but as long as it’s focused on the basic truths they will all end up together in some  way. G-D had a stringent play book when the book was being written and played out but I believe G-D has allowed other pages to be added or modified after it was written.  That is until the time the when the one truth will be revealed and the playbook will be set for all of us to read together.

Impossible Possibilities

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“Logically” it’s an impossible mountain to climb but you keep on walking. All the formula’s don’t add up but you keep multiplying. For in the end you know that with your efforts and faith in G-D’s glory will have you will see the light as others just see clouds even if it suddenly comes in a different direction that you’ve never seen before.

Shavuot- Just A Different Road

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I will never tell those individuals who observe the traditional two day observance of holidays such as Shavuot that they are incorrect I just believe that two or three paths are also correct. Whether my 1 ish day of observance puts me on a path that is a bit more bumpy only G-D knows (literally) I just believe that if they observe 1 day sorta in Israel  for this holiday then that’s fine with me. For G-D knows what I can do in the 2nd day and since my days here on earth are short shouldn’t I keep the clock running instead of putting it on stop watch mode? Furthermore by taking a 2nd day off  I would be making it more difficult for loved one’s and liked one’s so I’m sure G-D will put that in my equation.  My traditional brothers  and sisters are correct because they are doing what they believe G-D wants of them and I’m correct as well because I believe the same plus add the human element just in case I need  the extra credit.


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You are more religious then I if you believe that somehow these creatures were haphazardly put together without some intelligent and funny design. If you believe  there is no G-D in their equations then I believe you’re in a creative writing class then one based on science and logic. Just looking at these bizarre creatures has to make you think twice and realize that not only G-D exists but has a bit of a sense of humor as well.



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There is a role for the formal,spontaneous and even incorrect. The formal means that you are taking the time and effort to try and pray to G-D in a way that separates you from the mundane and contribute to a community.  The spontaneous on the other hand is acknowledging G-D’s presence  in the ordinary and the most serious moments in one’s life.  Yet what occurs to those who make a mistake during a prayer, for example by asking for G-D’s help for someone who is sick but put in the wrong name and/or time? These individuals have their prayers listened to as well because of the effort to connect to the divine and G-D knows what’s past the brain and what is in one’s heart and soul.  The point is all prayers count even as some might be more direct then others as long as they are done for the right motivation and with a modest heartfelt voice.


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There is something about water that unites all of faith.  Whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam water truly cleanses the soul. Rituals from the first days to the last involve some form of H20 with these faiths and more. G-D’s simple formula means so much to so many people. We could say it is because this liquid is plentiful and needed for one’s survival but in today’s times as everything else appears to change I’m sure another liquid could have been substituted.  Yet maybe the truth lies in  water simple purity in a world where dirt is only a step away. Water leaves us feeling that we can start a new and continue to go grow strong even as we wave the dirt of the past away.


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We no longer have the temple (may it come in our days) to sacrifice to G-D for our misdeeds but we can make other sacrifices that I believe cleanse our bodies, minds and souls.  Whether it be refraining from eating your favorite cookies because of harsh words you committed to a loved one or sacrificing one’s time to a charity because we’ve been less then charitable these are the sacrifices we can offer today.  By making such a sacrifice we reteach  ourselves who is really in charge as we become closer to G-D and let’s face it make the lambs a lot happier as well.



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Last night I saw man’s best friend and another’s best friend fallen within a 5 minute drive. For there was a dog lying in the middle of a NYC street with many people trying to help and a person who was lying on a sidewalk in a similar situation. Great Samaritan’s were there to help out those in the need. I also watched a sneak premiere of a movie describing a person who had fallen so deep that found a way to climb back to redemption. Maybe it was all a sign that we should not judge a person’s mistake as long as they are truly trying to climb up. For G-D lifted those up after the making of the golden calf then surely we should be there to lift each other up as well no matter how close we are to the edge.



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This one doesn’t add up no matter how many formula’s I try.  For if this is true almost everyone I love or whom I like will be in deep trouble. It’s a passage that I feel if taken directly hurts more then it can help and it comes from the greatest source. I will continue to seek guidance from those wiser then me and read it more thoroughly before I accept this hypothesis which is truly quite troubling.  G-D WILLING TO BE CONTINUED….

PASSAGE- Exodus  31-12  G-D said to Moses saying” You shall speak to the Children of Israel saying However you must observe My Sabbaths for it is a sign between me and you for your generations, to that I am G-D, who makes you holy. You shall observe the Sabbath, for it is holy to you: its desecrators shall be put to death, for whomever does work on it that soul shall be cut off from among it’s people.

PROBLEM- Most people I know and love would be put to death and I’m not sure whether the rocks would be thrown at me as well.

9:44 Am – Answer- This passage occurred when it was directly spoken from G-D to Moses and there isn’t much wiggle room at such a time.  The majority actually heard G-D’s voice as a group( according to the book) when the 10 commandments were given. Today we live in a totally different time and as such wiggle room is in most households. Therefore those that observe Shabbos in their own might be just observing right for today.



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