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This one doesn’t add up no matter how many formula’s I try.  For if this is true almost everyone I love or whom I like will be in deep trouble. It’s a passage that I feel if taken directly hurts more then it can help and it comes from the greatest source. I will continue to seek guidance from those wiser then me and read it more thoroughly before I accept this hypothesis which is truly quite troubling.  G-D WILLING TO BE CONTINUED….

PASSAGE- Exodus  31-12  G-D said to Moses saying” You shall speak to the Children of Israel saying However you must observe My Sabbaths for it is a sign between me and you for your generations, to that I am G-D, who makes you holy. You shall observe the Sabbath, for it is holy to you: its desecrators shall be put to death, for whomever does work on it that soul shall be cut off from among it’s people.

PROBLEM- Most people I know and love would be put to death and I’m not sure whether the rocks would be thrown at me as well.

9:44 Am – Answer- This passage occurred when it was directly spoken from G-D to Moses and there isn’t much wiggle room at such a time.  The majority actually heard G-D’s voice as a group( according to the book) when the 10 commandments were given. Today we live in a totally different time and as such wiggle room is in most households. Therefore those that observe Shabbos in their own might be just observing right for today.



Shabbat EQUAL

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It is the day of the equalizer Shabbat. Where one’s wealth and fame or lack thereof doesn’t get you a better seat. For this is a day where you will be with all the people no matter what their social status to pray to the one who holds the title, G-D.  It is day where everyone eats from the same Kiddush and drinks the same wine.  Where shopping and work achievements or failures are set aside to focus on a bigger picture then just yourself. Shabbos a time when equality is felt in the heart, mind and most importantly the soul.


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So much time is spent on describing an altar in the bible which we of the Jewish faith don’t use today that one wonders why it’s so significant? The idea in those days to take your most precious item and put it up for sacrifice to G-D is also very alien.  For in today’s me movement it is all about what we deserve and what we can get instead of give.  Maybe the altar in one sense should be restored where we learn to give up what is precious to us for a higher purpose.  Whether it be time praying for others that are less fortunate or sacrificing our own precious possessions for a cause bigger then ourselves. The altar might appear ancient but it’s ideas should become relevant to us today.


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In this weeks Parsha we read about many of G-D’s laws and degrees which are easily read and seen but how about those which are hidden. Laws which great rabbi’s of the past dictate to traditional people of the faith today and one’s which are still being ruled on today. Even though G-D might be in the background are the rules as clear as they were in the past? For example should a person who observes the traditional faith hide who he is because of rational or irrational fear? One wonders if faith requires someone to take that risk or live to speak about it another day


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It’s just to much for me to absorb at once! Just shade it a bit and then I’ll be able to take it in. That is what the people who stood at Mt Sinai hearing G-D’s words must have felt. They probably initially were excited about listening but were in shock when they finally heard it straight on.  I wonder today if we as well sometimes deny the truth even though it is brightly in our eyes. For the darkness only needs a bit of light to get through and we only have to see what is reflected.  Is it really too bright or are we just afraid of what we will see and hear?


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Many wonder when the next great revelation will occur if all all?  They ponder if G-D spoke to the world when the Ten Commandments were given why is the G-D silent ever since? I believe this is occurring because we lack a true unity of spirit and faith between each other and our nations. Many times an individual will submit themselves to such a unity with their creator and suddenly their senses are alive with the spirit. Imagine if that was transferred from an individual to a nation or many nations. Where  we all came together in the moment of true love for each other and of our creator.  Then the senses of the world would be opened to receive the true word(s) of  G-D and we would actually be listening.

We Keep it Lit!

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Let’s face it in a world where matchbox are barely seen we people of faith keep this industry lit.  Yes, of course those that go camping might occasionally use a match or two and some still use these to light their fireplaces but nothing compared to those who make it a weekly occurrence .  Those of the Jewish faith make it a traditional Friday’s while faithful Christians keep their flame going on alternate days. While many in the green movement see it as adding to our carbon footprint we of faith believe it adds  a unique beauty to our sacred days and I’m sure those in the matchbox industry pray that this is a tradition that keeps going for many generations to come.


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I woke up this morning and discovered I knew exactly why. All the puzzle pieces of life were coming together in a beautiful landscape full of bright colors and incredible shapes. It wasn’t just that the past made sense but so did the future. I knew before one spoke what they felt and knew how to respond in just the rigtht way. Things that were worrisome in the past disappeared in a fine midst. Items and goals that I strove for as if they were my very existance appeared in their real context.  Wisdom was the one item I never thought to pray for but when I did G-D really answered all my prayers.

FOOTNOTE- This is not a true story but wouldn’t it be great if it was.


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In a world where sensitivity rules loyality is more important then ever.  That is why we love our pets who appear to listen only to the treats we give them while others can pick apart the bones left behind.  Loyality gives us a foundation that allows us to be ourselves for better, worse or even just plain ugly. Yet when all around us we feel betrayed and the dog treats have run out we can find a higher loyality to the one who will be us till our dying day and beyond.  G-D has that extra hand which will reach out to you and hold you when others have walked away even in our darkest hour. So turn on the light and see loyality shining through.

FOOTNOTE- Sometimes it appears that hand might be drifting away but that is only because we are looking at the fingers.


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running off cliff alone-2

One of the most difficult concepts to incorporate in one’s life no matter how faithful their appearance might be is that G-D is always their.  G-D doesn’t take a bathroom break or time off to catch up with the latest Netflix show but constantly has you in the view instead. It’s so difficult to ponder this thought as we go through our daily grind “to make it” without falling of the cliff.  Yet putting this prospective in our life free’s us of the worry and fear that keep us from achieving our goals or just maintaining a healthy balance. True faith doesn’t necessarily  come from the clothes we wear or the food we eat but putting this concept in our 24/7 day we live.