Avengers Endgame Didn’t start

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Avengers Endgame hasn’t even begun in my life. I know that I’m missing much but it’s just something I’ll probably have to regret.  For I started watching Avengers Infinity War just to get a taste and let’s say it didn’t last past the appetizer as the main course was on a different channel.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy Super Hero movies I just like them one at a time Spiderman, Dark Knight etc where characters can be fully devoured not clumped together as a left over soup. I even enjoy the silly one’s such as Guardians of The Galaxy but when everything is thrown together it feels like a Smorgasbord without any one item pulling you in too deeply. I’m going to try and understand the feelings a bit better as I go further back in this series but for now Avengers Endgames will not begin on my schedule as I go to an entirely different restaurant.

30 Years The….

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If I went back in time the personalities would have stayed the same. For yesterday I had small version of a college reunion and even though many had more wrinkles and grey hair you wouldn’t know once they opened their mouth or kept it closed. The personalities fit the aging pictures to a T and I wondered whether I looked the same from inside as well. In the end I guess what makes us ourselves stays with us throughout our life the only difference is the way we accept that same inside in others.

Bud Rebel Show = Aged Just Right

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If I started any earlier it would not have been as sharp and pungent. The years might have aged me but also shaped the vision I live in today. Here are a few bits of the accent you will G-D willing find in the Bud Rebel show coming soon.

(1) EXPERIENCE–  I might have been through one wringer before but now it’s the whole wash many times over so I understand the cycles.

(2) WISDOM-  I don’t claim to be an Yoday but I’ve accumulated a great deal of knowledge just from existing this long. Don’t worry I might forget but this blog won’t

(3) UNDERSTANDING- Various relationships have opened me up to unique thoughts and how they are formulated.

(4) MODESTY-  I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses and understood who is needed for each task.

(5) RESOURCES- The basic needs of me and my loved ones appear to have been met now and in the near future.  Therefore  I’m free to express the true Bud Rebel to the world or at least those who will watch.

The End … A New Beginning

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The End 1

Usually when you finish a book you move onto another but when it comes to the Bible/Torah you just begin  again. For their are hidden clues by the greatest author that we have definetly over looked. Examples that help  us lead to a higher plane so that us we can keep turning way past our expected ending.  For the stories set by G-D are based on a truth that we should use today.  Most books come to an end but the Bible/Torah is one we have to open as if we never read it before.

Mission Impossible Fallout- Fell

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Mission Impossible Fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout is a very good film but not 1/2 as great as the previous missions. While the other Mission (movies) started out with a blast this would started with a whimper.  If it wasn’t for the incredible actions scenes one could easily slip into the poor acting performances led by Alec Baldwin who appeared as real in his role as a plastic doll.  Even the beloved Tom Cruise appeared to be acting as if it was a theater performance not one made for the big screens. Rebecca Ferguson and Vaness Kirby helped the audience not leave this mission which from the opening scene seemed to be impossible. Once these actresses played their roles we entered the mission with the excitement needed to see them complete. Mission Impossible Fallout maybe the next mission we in the audience should think twice about accepting.

***   Mission Impossible Fallout- A good summer flick acting only 1/2 way included.


Can’t Say

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Shut Up

Today a “straight man” has his mouth bound from yesteryear unless he wants to take a new curve.  These are phrases that were heard loud and clear in the past but today only make such a man more interesting …. to other men. Here (below) are just a few.

(1) WE’LL HAVE A GAY OLD TIME-  Yes there was a time when gay was happy and I’m not saying people who are homeosexual aren’t happy but this was a happy we all shared not just this group.

(2) HE’S MY TYPE OF GUY-  There was a time not so long ago when this was used by tough guys who used to describe others guys that they would like to work with and do other activities with that didn’t include anything and I mean anything sexual with.

(3) I WANT A FAG-  Please don’t get offended but sometimes people had a craving for a Marlboro (not the man) or Camel.  Yes, a fag was a cigarrette not a person. 

July 29th ????

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Filming 2 filmmaker

July 29th is being set up to film a part of a script that I’ve loved for many, many years. It was a script that only recently came back to life and with the title “Killers” you might be worried that it should still be in the grave but don’t worry titles can be deceiving as this one is.  Who knows if all the pieces will come together for this date as it is out of my hands but if it launches I guarantee that you’ll love it and it will make this sport great again.


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alive-3 alive-1

6 MONTHS will be the show that allows people to go for “everything” as if there is only 6 months left to do it.  In some cases this might be a doctor’s verdict in others it will be based on the shot of a dream. 6 MONTHS a show about living each day as if there might not be a tomorrow for who really knows what tomorrow will bring.

ICE -the Show

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Illegal Immigration 1 ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

Who are the brave men and woman that stand between our border and those who try to enter illegally?  What are the difficulties and dangers they face trying to secure our border while dealing with a human side of the equation?  ICE the show will explore the good, bad and ugly side of these individuals trying to perform their work in an extremely difficult and dangerous environment. How do the ICS agents deal with the drug dealer who wants to keep the supply going, to the young child trying to get sanctuary from an oppressive regime, as well as the MS13 gangbuster, or just a person trying to make monies for the family and how about an ISIS cell trying to come to America.  ICE the show for the story needs to be told between this broken fence.

Kanye West- Bud Rebel Brother as well

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kanye-west-donald-trump kanye-west

Kanye West is my brother as well as he has rebelled against the culture elite by stating he supports President Trump without knocking anyone else down. While the haters will attack him from the left Kanye still smiles and speaks the truth as he sees it. A Bud Rebel   is not about being a jerk to others but being honest with yourself.  Become a Bud Rebel as well if not in politics then in any other area of your life by being an individual that is not afraid to be themselves even if they stand alone but still loves those who feel or act differently.

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