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I have several hard copy full length scripts that I would consider for my next project. The problem is that with the cost of producing a film and the chances of loses in revenue great I’m really not sure where to go if at all. Of course for the “art” I’d love to see them all in a frame but then I wouldn’t have a house to hang them from.  Here are those in consideration comments appreciated.

ASU 2 1/2 TRADING PLACES FOR REAL- A factory worker and employer discover what it is like to live in each others bodies as an Elephant Beetle tranforms their life’s for real.

POSITIVE                                                   NEGATIVE

  1. Predictable but w twist                     1. Predictable story
  2. Building on ASU                                2. Locations difficult and expensive
  3. Heart warming                                   3.  Trapped in one film format


HELL CAN WAIT…PLEASE!!!- Dan has 24 hours to change himself through another person’s body or face eternal damnation

POSITIVE                                           NEGATIVE

  1. Hysterical                              1. Confusing for Audience
  2. Unique                                    2. Challenging locations/acting difficulties

IT’S A WONDERFUL RING- A ring brings magical powers to a young boys life but with that power comes destruction.

POSITIVE                                                                       NEGATIVE

  1. First X-Mas/Chanukah Movie                     1. Type cast as a film-maker
  2. Big Market for such movies                          2. A bit drawn out in parts-lecturing


MINDERELLA-  It’s a punk version of Cinderalla

POSITIVE                                                               NEGATIVE

  1. Audience knows basic story               1. Audience knows basic story
  2. Musical score                                        2. Cost of Musical Score
  3. Dark                                                        3. Shocking could be offensive ending

SEDUCTION- A woman has the power of a drug to intoxicate a simple man into a monster or….

POSITIVE                                                      NEGATIVE

  1. Sex Sells                                              2. Moral dilemna in the home front.

ZOMBIE THE TRUTH- People are told to leave a hurricane zone but it’s not the rain and wind that do the killing.

POSITIVE                                                             NEGATIVE

  1. Controversial-media attention                  1. Controversial – refusal to watch
  2. Horror movies sell                                        2.Difficult CGI/Special Effects
  3. Zombie movie-audience                              3. Zombie movies-competition


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Bud Rebel Restaurant- A Restaurant For ALL

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I’m looking for the perfect location to produce a restaurant that would be for EVERYONE.  Here is the basic concept of how it work and could expand.

(1)Find a distressed restaurant bar/owner location which has some housing units for extra income.

(2) Buy the location and give this individual restaurant owner a nominal monthly fee in return that they modify said restaurant (below) and split the profits 60/40 or so. They would get the 60 %

(3) Expand the bar to offer a variety of unique coffee, smoothies, hot chocolates and unique drinks even various types of water.  Plus Dollar drinks for those who want small but delicious entrees.

(4) Change the restaurant so it’s self serve type breakfast foods (Eggs, Crepes, Cereals, Oatmeals, bagels) basic lunch entrees ( Pizza, Quesadilla) and Cookies. Where the consumer choices all the different type of ingredients to add to their entree in the format of Subway or Chipotle.  Have strictly Kosher, Vegan etc options so everyone can enjoy the food.  Please note this side of the restaurant will have no meat options. Every items served hot

(5) Exclusive Additions- For those who are willing to pay more for unique/status additions to their entrees.

(6)  Taste of Heaven Side- The cookie side would have dollar entrees.

(7)  Vendors- Allow various vendors/artists to rent out space to sell their crafts to the customers

(8) Entertainment- All Different types of entertainment will perform at this location from music, family comedy, religious  & political debates/discourse/discussion etc.

(9) Close for Jewish Holidays or change name including Shabbos.

(10) Private Room- Have one or more private rooms for parties or get togethers.

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Private Film

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Private 1Secret 1

It’s a film not made for the masses but only for those who “belong”.  At a secret lcation this film will only be premired to exclusive members to enjoy who then will vote whether it should be just kept in their hands or released to the general public. Private Film will allow the finest art to be produced without the concern of commercial success as well  as allow experimental pieces to be shown that might be too shocking for the general public to view.  Private Film for those who want to truly play a role in art and can afford to do so.

FOOTNOTE- This might be too “snobbish” of a project for me to pursue but might be a ticket to the arts and success for others.


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California Bar Shooting 2 empathy-2

Many will be there when the problem/tragedy arises but who will stay after?  When everyone has gone back into their own world who will still be able to see in yours. For pain can appear weeks, months and even years after the intial tears and will any help you stand then?  How many will move on while you’re still trying to take some new steps?  You don’t want to burden others that have been their for you in the past but the pain still burns. HUDL.COM APP will be there for you no matter what and where your individual steps will take you and give you the support/comfront you need to move forward every inch of the way.

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Sign Up

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Political Sign

When grassroots needs a bit more help “SIGN UP” will help.  For this service will not only make the signs but make sure they are seen in the most visible locations. Location, location, location is true in real estate and politics as well when you want to get people to notice you.  “SIGN UP” will have the power to make sure that the most eyes are looking your way in locations that count.  Even at night “SIGN UP” will make sure your campaign stands ou (Fluroscent colors, lights etc).  So make an investment that projects Y-O-U “SIGN UP” will insure it does.

FOOTNOTE– Does this business model actual stand in the real world now?

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Pepe Stink

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You stink

As long as you can speak the new “PEPE STINK” will make it smell all better.  For this device will send out a beautiful fragnant smell upon your command “PEPE STINK” saves the atmosphere around you. Designed in several different formats including a carry on a PEPE STINK will spray a fragrance that allows you to breathe easier or with at least less odor.  With several different smells to choice from you will be able to smell the world in a whole different light/nose.  It’s time you’re not only in charge of seeing and hearing things but smelling things as well with PEPE STINK that will be possible.


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Let’s Make YOUR Deal

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Let's Make A Deal Curtain 1 Let's Make A Deal Curtain 2

Let’s make YOUR Deal when it comes to helping you start or build the business empire (thinking big) that you desire.  For behind these curtains on this blog are some great, wierd and maybe even bad ideas but unlike the game show you get to look first which one to pursue.  Once you’ve choosen the “idea” that you want to make into reality I will help put together all the various pieces to get you driving down the road to success. All you have to do is choose that curtain and drive on that straight road no matter what gets in your way. So let’s make YOUR deal and let the winning begin.

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Hospital Detox

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Steam Room


Your either visiting someone at the hospital or are the patient who has had visitors either way you need a HOSPITAL DETOX. This would be an area of the hospital one would go before visiting a patient or after being visited to make sure your loved one’s only pass good messages and not bad germs. This center would give a quick sudden disinfectant so you won’t give or receive any infections/viruses from the stay.  For when the bodies defenses are down (after surgery/procedure) the HOSPITAL DETOX will make sure you’re still on the offensive to recovery.

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360 Cycling

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Extreme Cycling 2  Cycling in the rain

You want the feel of the outdoors without the “extreme danger” that can go along with it then “360 CYCLING” might be the path you take.  This exercise routine will allow you to feel the full climatic and viewing effects as if you’re on the road without the dangers that might pop up along the way. Feel the wind brush against your face, the soothing rain/mist cool you down as you’ve climbed the peak and slide in out of all different “natural elements” that might pop up along the trail with an experience that will feel incredible real and fun. It will be an incredible CGI experience that will leave you breathless and maybe even a few pounds lighter with both legs still on the ground.

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New Technology 1 Newest Technology

You want to have the ** Newest Technology** when it barely enters the marketplace or want it after it’s been tested in the real world then NEWTECH is the place you will go.   NEWTECH will bring the technology to your home,set it up for your 6 month lease period and explain the condition it must be in for there to be no additional fees during the pick up.  NEWTECH then will re-lease this new technology to another individual who wanted to see how others enjoyed in the real world 1st at a reduced cost then the initial leasee. NEWTECH will continue to lease the equipment at a lower cost to additional leases until either it is sold or the lifespan of the product has ended.  NEWTECH soon you can enjoy the ** Newest Technology** without owning it for it’s life.


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