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idea creative

SCRATCH will be a T.V. reality show that takes an idea from one’s head and watches it develop to reality. Whether it be the concept of a film, restaurant or new website the viewer will explore the steps up and the slides down until the door finally opens and G-D willing doesn’t shut.  This show will explore not only the creative genius behind the concept but all those important parts and people that turn it into reality. Scratch for an idea is just the beginning of the light.

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Medical Travels . Com

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medical research private plane

Life can be extended and/or the pain can truly go away but not where you are standing that’s where  This website will link the sickness that you are suffering from with the newest medical technology around the globe to treat it and provide you all the resources you need to get the help you desire. will help provide the basics (airline tickets, accomodations, hospital stay etc) as well as more detailed analysis (current success rates for procedure/medicine, facts on medical staff etc) so you won’t book this trip without the information you require. because you deserve a chance for a better live wherever that chance might be.

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Interview ME!!!

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Opray Winfrey Show  jimmy falon

Let’s face it you have a story that should be told but don’t have the contacts to make it happen until “Interview ME“.  This service will match your story with those who either have an interest in it or those who could be persuaded ($$) to pursue this angle. “Interview ME” will work within your budget and/or goals to insure that your story is told to a wider audience and who knows what opportunity that could lead to.  

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Youtube- WINNER

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youtube 2 will score the home-runs in the end. While Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu will hit a few singles here and there in the long run YouTube has the long ball. Here are a few reasons that even with the best pitches Youtube still wins.

(1) YOU– This is the only major platform where an individual can share their video’s on the world stage while watch shows already on the big stage.

(2) ADVERTISING- There still isn’t a way for you to skip the ads from this marketplace.

(3) EASE- This is the simplest format to find exactly the content you want to see.

(4) DIVERSITY- No channel has more diverse content on it.  

(5) IMAGE-  It’s been there from the beginning of basic internet and has followers from all different ages and philosophies.

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THEIR SHOES- Video game- Career Enhancer

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Video Game 1 Video Game 2

Most games are just for fun but what if a game really put you in someone else’s shoes and gave you the opportunity to actually wear them for real?  THEIR SHOES would test your skills in a position you’ve only dreamed of  ( film producer, dancer, singer, television reporter , archaeologist, professor etc) and if you scored high enough see that position turn into a real life opportunity. For those in the “know” would be informed of your talents in the virtual world as they look for those who can perform today.  THEIR SHOES might just become the game that helps you walk the steps to success and have fun in the journey.


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Rent a Bitch/Bastard

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screaming 5 Screaming 2

There are times you want to lose your temper but are worried about the consequences then it’s time to “Rent A Bitch/Bastard“.  These individuals are trained in knowing how to get right up to the line without walking the “Perp”. They will be able to get your point across in a way that know one will soon forget.  Once you fill out the information online about the situation which has occurred your Bitch/Bastard will be ready to act on your behalf.  You even get to choose the type of “individual” you want ( body builder, screamer etc).   It’s time to leave the worrying and complaining to someone else who can get things done for you without losing your voice or freedom it’s time to “Rent a Bitch/Bastard” .

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Computer Coffee Holder

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coffee for computers hyped on coffee

Let’s face you work all hours and you need your coffee unfortunately your computer doesn’t think this is so with spills killing it’s productivity. That is why it’s time for a “Computer Coffee/beverage holder. This clip on device would keep your coffee and computer steady while you still can get the caffeine jitters.  It would attach to one of the computer peripheral sources and fold easily back when it’s not in use. The “Computer Coffee Holder” in the future coffee and computers will actually work side by side.

Computer Coffee Holder    NOT PERFECT BUT A START.

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Business Growth through Flexibility

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budrebel bags 3 budrebel stainless steel cleaners

Business growth occurs when one is flexible to the market condition against their own ego. For example I wanted my bag in a certain color and smell but a niche in the market opened up a better opportunity that I’ve decided to follow. The bag will be produced this time with a little less pizzaz but with quicker return on it’s investment. In business one might have to suffer loss in ego to gain in profits.   Just as the Stainless Steel and All Purpose Cleaner grabbed market share I expect this bag to wrap up some of my competitors as well.

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Advertise on Products

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salt Salt 2 Post Cereal

In today’s world where advertisers are trying to get their message across to the consumer why not go where the consumer looks everyday the products?  If an ad is placed on the consumers favorite breakfast cereal, juice or even a spice dispenser your sure to be noticed and on a daily bases.  You can even target those ads based on the demographics of who buys certain products so your $’s are spent wisely.  If you want to be even more brilliant maybe you can make a deal that you’ll advertise their product with your service/product for nothing if they’ll do the same.  Advertising on products might just be the way to get your product or service noticed in today and tomorrow’s world.

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Product or Movie?

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Package filmmaker

Pieces are falling in line for the Budrebel Bag so that garbage can be a whole lot more fun ( well at least the bag) which begs the question film or product? I have the basic ingredients to make another film including talent, great scripts and some start up capital but what are the odds it will have any return in this marketplace?  In the first case making a new product from scratch appears to be a lower capital venture and it’s return has greater possibilities but let’s face it doesn’t have the pizzazz of film-making.  If done correctly it might be possible to do it all. For if the final ingredients for Budrebel Bag are produced then the product can come off the factory line and any extra revenue can be used for the pizzazz of film making.  Time will tell but it’s fun to be in the game instead of watching from the outside.

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