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GMO's fake hair Scientific Experiment

At ARTIFICIAL.COM we celebrate woman and man’s accomplishments in using their G-D given skills to make this world better if not different.   This website will sell the latest new innovations from candies, medical treatments,  GMO’s that allow the world to eat, to even the latest creation in your hair color.  Of course ARTIFICIAL.COM is not for everyone but those who seek to find human’s innovation to the world we live in.

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Alexa Dance Partner

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Alexa 1dancing 2

The problem with Alexa is she needs a dancing partner someone who understands the rthym of her music enough to put on those dance shoes.  ALEXA DANCE PARTNER would work on the same characteristics of the following dancers (below)

dancing air balloon but in a home addition or anothers words a whole lot smaller.  He or she (can you really tell the difference) would be dancing to the beat better then most of us can and with wind energy they would never be tired. So let’s get Alexa on the floor with ALEXA DANCE PARTNER and the rest of the audience can join in on the fun.

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Toilet Seat

Do you know people who love this seat (above) too much? They feel like it’s truly their throne which they can’t be taken off. Well for those individuals it’s time for GETUP a special toilet seat that you program with a preset time  so  know one will be able to ignore

when their time has expired. ThisAlarmalarm with have all the bells and whistle attached. That’s right your toilet seat will tell those extended sitters all the things you wanted to say to them but didn’t want to get this close.  A matter of fact if they decide to ignore the first alarm well maybe a bit of buzz will shake them up to realize there’s no escape except outside the bathroom door. GETUP for toilet’s are  for sharing not hogging.

FOOTNOTE- Water hose may be an added attachment.  I want also thank P.A for helping me formulate this brilliant and cruel idea.

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Stained Right Clothes

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An Artist 2spilled coffee

Stained Right Clothes will have everyone looking!  For these are clothes that are designed with a custom stain to just fit in as an artistic touch only those who are in the know will know.  So go ahead and add your own talent to this look for now having a stain will soon be the fashion.

FOOTNOTE- Dry Cleaners are disgusted with this concept.

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Stars Star

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Karen Gillianhidden gem Tye Sheridan 2

They may walk the streets of fame but did you or they know they were also a grant farmer, plumber or painter? Stars  Star will be the show that will explore hidden talents of some of the famous celebrities in the business and then send them on apprenticeship of a lifetime. This show will be fun, enlightening and even more personal then one normal see’s in their profile.   Let’s face it fame doesn’t last for a lifetime and sometimes it might even get a bit “tiresome” so when that break occurs naturally or by desire Stars Star will at least point our star  in the right direction.

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hidden gem gem 3

Hidden beneath your layers of ordinary is a gem that you and the world have never known exists and with will soon be dug up. This website will allow you to find that secret talent which you can use to start a new career, hobby or just some extra fun in your life.  Once you complete a detailed survey will help you dig for the right mentor, teacher or apprentice that can make this skill shine through. for your hidden talents need not be hidden from you or the world anymore. 

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Working out with dog 1 Working out with dog 2

It’s time that you’re 4 legged friend joins in the workout routine for she/he is a spotter you can trust.  DOGERCIZE will be a video that will teach you the best way this can be accomplished one paw and foot at a time.  The video’s will be geared for different types of dogs, weather conditions and even which part of the body you are gearing up for. DOGERCISE  for if dogs really are our best friend shouldn’t they also be our best workout partner.

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Bud Rebel Doors

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door-of-opportunity Key to Opportunty 1

It’s an exciting time in my life as new doors of opportunity have opened and I’ve decided to take a look a bit deeper before taking that step inside. Here are the keys that have opened such doors.

(1) BUD REBEL SHOW- The show is in the can and G-D willing in a few months the edited will be completed only to be shopped at a television network in your room.

(2) FINISHING FUNDS- An extremely talented film-maker has produced a show that appears to have the impetus to be a success but is in need of capital infusion.  I  would only help if my family and creativity were a major part of the deal. Plus a good rate of return.

(3) BUD REBEL WEBSITE CONCEPTS- It appears that I have found the key crew to put together website(s) that G-D willing could impact millions of lives.

(4) BUDREBEL PRODUCTS- New products of excellence and rebellion are being formulated to add to our current inventory.

(5) WHITE HOUSE- Some of my best political ideas for changes to make America Great again have been submitted to a good friend of the Vice President.

(6) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING- Godaddy will help to make sure the messages on this blog are past along to key people (YOU) so we can truly make a difference.

(7) RESTAURANT- I’ve decided to approach a current restaurateur who previously expressed an interest to work with me.

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Bud Rebel Matzoh

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While my tribe gets to enjoy Matzoh for 7 straight days (3 would be enough) the rest of the tribes of the world are left out of the package until …. BUD REBEL MATZOH.  This Matzoh would have all the natural ingredients which are hand made this way for hundreds of years  that are found in Shmurah type but with added flavors that would make them tasty for all year long.   Matzoh would be open to all the world to enjoy maybe not for 7 days straight but for the days after and before the holiday with dill, garlic, thyme, poppy seeds added to the mixture.  They may not be kosher for Pesach but they will kosher for your taste buds for the rest of the year. BUD REBEL MATZOH for the great taste of Matzoh should be enjoyed by all …. not 7 days straight … if you insist add some cream cheese.

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Opportunity Banged and …..

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door-of-opportunity  Opportunity Knocking 2

Yesterday there wasn’t a knock at the door but banging at several.  Where opportunities I had never seen before starting revealing their keys. Of course some of these doors might lead me into a fall but others might be shining bright. So which doors (below) should I choose or could there be another brighter door just to be opened?

(1) An extremely talented Film-maker approached me to help locate finish funds for a project that appeared to be at the seller’s door and was open to terms that could be a bonanza to my creative side as well as loved ones.

(2) Discussions were had with an individual who is friends with V.P. and how I might have my ideas step into the White House as well. I might actually put a shoe in or at least a lace.

(3) A wonderful manufacture appeared to be interested in creating new, high quality and unique Bud Rebel Products for the world to enjoy!!

(4) I met an individual who appeared to be well qualified to boost my social media presence to a whole new level and discussions are occurring.

(5) There appeared to be a new lawyer in my life that would actually negotiate with my pocketbook in mine.


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