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forgot 1forgot pants

If you’re like me you need that extra reminder maybe not to put on your pants but to reset your alarm, turn your phone off from mute or make sure you charge before….  REMINDME.COM/APP will insure that all your basic phone features are up and running after an escape that lasts way past the film screening or a vacation that should have ended on Monday.  This app will send text messages and emails to you so that you will remember before it’s too late.  REMINDME.COM/APP because sometimes we all need another reminder.

Democrats Conversion

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Nanci Pelosi Senator Schumer Crying

The Democrats have converted me for I used to be much more liberal when it came to immigration legal and illegal but their EXTREME position has moved me closer to an American 1st policy.  Of course I believe that those who truly are seeking sanctuary from abusive regimes should be allowed to find home in our country but they should be vetted to find out if this true and must come through the legal channels we have set up.  We welcome new legal immigrants but not based on some lottery system instead the merit they can add to our country.   Immediate family members of our new immigrants should be able to stay yet that doesn’t mean 2nd and third cousins. Thank you Democrats for opening my eye’s to the moderate position the President approves of and the extreme open door policy that you have adopted.

Liberal Tears

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crying 2 Senator Schumer Crying

At least 10 million died under communist control yet not a tear was shed only if those deaths might have occurred in the Gaza Bank while Israel tries to protect it’s own does the water flow.  Tears fly for the children of supposed parents (many are not) who have been warned they will be temporarily  separated from their loved one’s if they enter this country illegally. Yet not a tear is shed for parents who are permanent separated from their loved ones as their child is murdered by an illegal immigrant with a crimminal history. These are truly crocodile tears meant to snap out an agenda they don’t agree with


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You believe I should get help but would it really be such or just another way to control me even have me killed? Yes, I don’t trust you but you aren’t alone I don’t trust anyone at this point for I have been betrayed by everyone even my own mind.  It probably was triggered by that contract that was going to make me a star and only stole my monies away yet this revealed to me how everyone else was out to get me.  Even this room is probably boogie trapped with devices so I must walk very carefully just to go the bathroom.  I’m just so tired of hiding and living this way if only there was someone I could trust again.

FOOTNOTE- Although these feelings might be over the top if they are threads in your life or someone you love help them find that professional who can help them see a new healthy reality in their life.

BUT ….

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Let’s face it I’m not the most finicky eater but there is one I draw my paw against.  Of course all meats are a chew as are all cheese’s but would you have guessed I’m a vegetarian as well.  That’s right I devour those green, orange and red items as well.  In case you think that pear is going to waste my belly would enjoy a bite as well. Don’t forget to keep those crawling creatures away from me that is unless you want them to go away fast.  Yet I draw my paw against your favorite as I refuse to even take a bite. Bananas are in my no chew land and there is no way I will eat them “NO WAY” …. well maybe if you fry them up I could take a nibble.

Keep the Children …..

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illegal alien children 2 Nanci Pelosi

Mr. President it’s time you allow all the children who illegally cross our border to stay as long as those leaders who support this move deport to their country instead. A matter of fact I will personally support 10 illegal immigrant children if Nancy Pelosi decides to self deport to Mexico.   Won’t other brave liberals give up their seat to help those in need I’m sure the President and his supporters will happily agree to this change.  What’s the difference anyway they hate the President and the proud deplorables anyway so isn’t it time for a real change?  So put your feet where your mouth is and make a differerence that will truly make America Great Again.

News should be “NEW”

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Boring Breaking News 7

News should be **NEW** not a propaganda for some party that continues day after day.  For 3 days straight the news is covering  only “one story” as if nothing else is happening in the world.   Yet there was a mass shooting in New Jersey, Director Michael Horowitz was interogated by the Senate after his earth shattering report and the Congress is on the verge of passing an all encompassing immigration bill that would even solve “this news cycle” but all we hear is this one story.  Of course as they continue their propaganda “news cycle” it will help generate growing support to the point of News become Olds and many listening to some  new comedy instead.


How Many

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An Artist 2 Writers Block

How many talented artists have thrown down the brush?  How many great books have not been written for the writer has lost the pen in her heart? How many great songs have we not heard because the individual only speaks?   Our world is a bit less colorful because these wonderfully talented people didn’t have the person (s) to help uplift it out of them. If only that one person had noticed we all might be looking at the next Picasso or listening to the next Beethoven. So for the good of all of us if you spot talent in another inspire them to continue to create with your words of support, inspiration and love.  This world might just become a bit more artistic and you will be the pen, brush and/or music that got it all started.

Asylum Island

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Private Island 2immigration Island

Asylum Island would be the one place all who seek escape from brutality would come to for processing.  Once the individual and/or family have been throughly vetted to insure that they have no terrorist and/or crimminal links as well as the skills of said individuals then the administrators of the island would seek host countries who could give them permanent asylum .  The island would funded by a democratic alliance of countries who would also share in it’s administration.  Asylum Island because although we offer an open hand to those who are oppressed we don’t want any fingers blown off in the process.

Deadpool 2- Barely Breathing

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Deadpool 2 has it’s moments but it won’t keep your heart beating throughout.  Just like a joke that has been told too many times it feels as if these film has too many Deja Vu moments where you feel you’ve been there before even know it’s your first time..   It could be that I have no real connection to the character or script that weaves in and out without really touching any home. Deadpool 2 worth a moment or two but not a whole film

**  Add a 1/2 star if you stay past the ending credits