No reaction-WORSE

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Excited Woman 2 boredom

It might be worse to get no reaction then even a negative thought to your “EXCITING plan”. For a negative reaction at least shows there is some interest in your plans while a bored reaction might say it’s completely off their radar.  Maybe it’s so far gone that it’s not worthy of even their comments or suggestions or maybe they just don’t care.  Either way it makes you feel as if you should keep the excitement inward until you meet the person who at least can hop on one foot or act as if they can.


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censored 3 Taboo 1

Last night I was eating dinner with loved one’s when I mentioned that if we replaced Monica Lewinsky with Marilyn Monroe it would be a more understandable act. This seemed like a pretty recognizable fact that a person could understand temptation better when the image was let’s say more tempting. Yet I was accused of sexism and treating woman as an object and that this topic was off limits. I give you the following items of defense (below) before I’m condemned to censorship.

(1)BOTH WAYS-   I understand if a woman felt the same way between Brad Pitt and let’s say Pee Wee Herman. Sorry Pee Wee know one wants to play in your playhouse.

(2) VOICE-   I’d add that if Marilyn Monroe had a Mickey Mouse voice she may not be as tempting.

(3) SCIENCE/FAITH-  I think this is one area where science and faith agree that it is part of the human being’s biological make up and even soul to be attracted to a person you find more attractive physically.

(4) APPLE & UGLY FRUIT-  How many “progressive people” will choose the Ugly Fruit (actually name of a fruit) vs the Apple? I actually have tried an ugly fruit and it’s ugly inside as well.

(5) Marilyn Monroe 1   Monica Lewinsky

Marilyn Monroe 2

Just in case you needed another picture to prove the case.

The Craps FEVER

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Playing craps 2 Playing Craps

Down to the last roll of the dice with the $$’s I put into my gambling pocket the pocket all of sudden became much larger.  The shooter became hotter then hell as the numbers kept coming up and we became suddenly very close friends. Craps is one of the most exciting games out there especially when it suddenly turn up.  It is a game of patients knowing when truly it’s worth to put more $’s on the table and when you have to just play the line. Let’s face it though if that 7 or 11 came when I was down to the final roll there would be nothing to read about today and I wouldn’t feel so brilliant today as I did many more rolls before.

Broken Nail

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broken nail

It was a nail that needed to come off but if it did just then the pain would have been exhausting so I bandaged it up unable to look at the results. For weeks on weeks the bandaged appeared to hold everything together as I assumed the nail would remain but when you don’t look you never know what truly remains.  Then suddenly the band aid was gone as was the nail and I thought where did it all go. I felt no pain and some how regretted it.

FOOTNOTE- This is a metaphor for what, it’s up to you to decide.

Top 20 Evil People of our time

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David Turpin & Louis Turpin

If the story is correct this could be the face (above) of the top 20 most evil couple of our time. While others have committed heinous acts in our lifetime there are several reasons (below)  I would put the Turpin’s on a one way ticket to a burning hell. Of course everyone is innocent till proven guilty but 13 malnourished chained up children appears to be enough evidence that these are evil people.

(1) CHILDREN- We have seen evil acts against one child of one parent but never to a group of 13 that the parents have raised from birth.

(2) TORTURE- Where a murderer intends to kill the innocent it’s usually a quick act this is reported to be methodically torture for years.

(3) CHILDREN- Some evil is committed against others because of some “motive” as twisted as it is but these are innocent children that have to live with this horror for the rest of their life’s.

(4) PARENTS-  Can anyone see or feel any parental love in the constant abuse of one’s own flesh and blood by what appears both parents?


Happy Birthday to ME

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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday 2

Yes it’s my Bday today and I intend to celebrate with anyone who comes my way. From my handy bottle of rum ready for the dispensing to the craps table where I hope to roll out $’s to all those cheering me on.  I hope to have those in my Shul enjoy some delicious bites as well and hand them some words of wisdom or a joke if I can find one on a subject that maybe is a bit too serious for a birthday.  Finally I hope many of my Facebook friends will help contribute to those who have shed blood in defense of freedom with a donation to this worthy cause on my Birthday.  Hopefully you will help me blow out the candles (they’re getting a bit too much for one’s breath) and you’re wishes will come true as well.

Bizarre MURDER

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MURDERCrime Scene

From the outside everything looked all American but they didn’t see the pain that caused me to take the shot. The continual “How was your day?” when she knew it was filled with the same monotony that the day before was filled with. “Did you meet any new friends” when the only friend I had was an empty chair. The pain of life was enough to her stabbing questions continue to prick me day after day.   Yes, she had to die if only to shut off the drips that continued to come from her mouth. The problem was the she was ME and if I had lived I would been her greatest defender.

Mom I’m sorry day

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Mom Sorry Day 2Mom Sorry Day

I’m sorry mom for this was the day you must have  truly been the most angry with me. I know that at times I’m a pain in the neck but during this night I was pain all over you’re body.  It wasn’t fun but at least you got a little happy prize at the end … Me. Thank you for sticking with me for those 9 months and allowing me to realize that the day before one’s birthday is not one to celebrate.

Robert Menendez -Take 2

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Senator Menendez

Senator Robert Menendez is up for retrial after a hung jury occurred in 2017 and that has to make his re-election campaign in need for additional capital. For when the Justice Department wants to take you down no mistrial is going to stop them and now that they know what failed them in take 1. So it might be time for Senator Menendez to start running and it might not be for office but across the border.

Senate & Pharaoh

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government shutdown  pharoahHarvey Weinstein matt-lauer-commander-in-chief-interview-1

It seems so obvious that Pharoah should have listened to G-D’s command and let the Jewish people leave their chains of bondage yet the desire for complete “power” continues today. For some of those in power will ignore all the signs and cries which appear obvious to us. Whether it be someone who was riding high in the entertainment field as they believed know one  or nothing could stop the Lauer or Weinstein name or those we see in political office who believe their power base is those that aren’t even on a base. Today such a shut down appears to be happening as the Senate Democrats appear to want to close down government for individuals who didn’t even give them the power to be there. They will see signs of despair of those that keep them in office, their constituents and I wonder if they’ll stop in time.  For power can be one means to an end but when it’s your only goal it eventually have you crashing into the sea, powerless.

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