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GMO's fake hair Scientific Experiment

At ARTIFICIAL.COM we celebrate woman and man’s accomplishments in using their G-D given skills to make this world better if not different.   This website will sell the latest new innovations from candies, medical treatments,  GMO’s that allow the world to eat, to even the latest creation in your hair color.  Of course ARTIFICIAL.COM is not for everyone but those who seek to find human’s innovation to the world we live in.

Waffle House Killer & “Gun Control” – Holes

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Waffle House Killer 1

It is disgraceful that the Mayor Of Nashville jumped out into the gun control debate right after the death of innocent civilians and before they even caught the perpetrator.  This mayor blamed a gun for what occurred even though the legal right to possess such guns was taken away from this sick individual months before.   Yet instead of confiscating said guns they Secret Service gave them back to his father who then allowed his son illegal access to these tools.  Of course law enforcement officials should have performed their job and watched this individual after the incident at the White House which caused his legal right to be taken away but I guess they were to busy giving out speeding and traffic tickets.  Before we even considering infringing on the rights of millions of law abiding gun owners let’s start utilizing our resources to deal with the few who have serious mental health issues and  others with crimminal histories that shouldn’t be in possesion of such tools. Once that truly occurs then G-D willing we could put a stop to this evil occuring in our society.

Victims of Waffle House Killer 3

FOOTNOTE- I purposesly didn’t show the demented individual who caused such pain and instead focused on the victims. Maybe the media should help and do the same.

Too Many Choices- Not Enough Patience

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This week I watched 6 Seconds, Requiem and Altered Carbon without really looking at any of them.  For with so many choices I didn’t want to miss out on what else I could be missing so when things got a bit slow my finger got a bit fast.  Too many choices makes me less patient with my options and therefore I might miss out on the climax before I even climb the hill.  In the old, old days when the world was flat we only had a handful of choices and even some of those required a Rabbit ear (without fur) to truly watch. The choices were limited so we actually sat through to watch the credits (at least some of them).  It might have been a primitive time but maybe one more enjoyable and definetly more patient then the one we live in today.

Murder in a House- The SHOW

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Broadway Show Rotating Floor

Imagine watching a show where the stage rotates so that every scene takes place in a different part of the house all building up to a murder you never saw coming. “MURDER IN THE HOUSE” would be such a show where scene changes would come at the rotation of the floor as you walk to the next room.  It would allow the viewer to see and experience a show in a whole different way where they also become part of the crime.   “MURDER IN THE HOUSE”, for it’s important to see the world and it’s destruction from all different angles.

Shania Twain’s Apology Offends ME & MILLIONS….

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Shania TwainPresident Trump 101

Shania Twain should apologize for her apology to the millions of American’s who support the President.  Shania you don’t hold any hold any common moral beliefs with the current President how about helping making the Country great again just to start with? Do you want to become another Dixie Chick or would you rather have the legacy of a  Toby Keith? Let’s face it over 40 % of this country voted for the President and with his poll numbers going over 50 % today I think you need to rethink your apology. Another important fact is that most country fans in a America bleed a bit more with Elephant blood then Donkey so you might have a bigger hole to climb from then if you stuck with your original song of praise.  For now I and millions of other country fans will be singing a different tune until the apology for apology comes due.

Just say it!

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Climbing the mountain

You believe it’s stupid to pursue, that there is no way it’s going to work so say it out loud and trust me your words will only have me climb higher.  I understand the fall maybe be painful but as long I can move I’ll continue to start climbing again.  I’m not trying to be a rebel it’s just in my blood and as long as it’s pumping what choice do I have.   You’re words might turn out to be ultimately true but at least I was willing to climb where others just looked and the view going up is enough to continue to try one step and fall at a time.

Difficult Point

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Nazi Rally in Newman Georgia Oppose Nazi Rally

As a proud American of Jewish faith I can’t express my hatred enough for the ideas of the Nazi party but I still want to permit them to openly march in Newnan Georgia or anyplace they legally have a permit to do so.  It is because I want to stop the growth of this vile organization that I believe we must allow this to occur.  For only when they come out of their sheets can the police and community officials identify the leaders of such hate to make sure their vile words never turn to action against the innocent. Maybe also some with a bit more patients then I can come to their communities and try to convince that this is not the path they should be going in.  They also can review their marketing efforts to recruit others and finds ways to counter such an evil message. Keeping them in the closet only allows them to fester and grow without this watchdog effect and that is more likely to result in violence to the innocent.  So as a proud American Jew I say let them march in peace as we peaceful counter their words of hate with love which with G-D’s help will win out in the end.

Fun with Telemarketers

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Telemarketers 1

The next time a telemarketer makes you feel like the person above maybe you should consider a fun tactic instead. Here  (below) are just a few suggestions that might come in handy.  Just remember they could help with developing any hidden acting talents and even make these calls enjoyable to you… not the telemarketer.

(1) HARD OF HEARING- Continue to ask the telemarketer to repeat what they are saying just as they start talking because “you’re hard of hearing.”

(2) EXCITED- Be more excited about the offer then the telemarketer can handle. For how many Awesomes can they deal with.

(3) DIFFERENT LANGUAGE- Just as they finish their pitch it’s time to try speaking in your best  foreign language maybe one from a different planet.

(4) INTERESTED IN THEM- Ask those probing questions of your telemarketer that everyone else was afraid to ask because remember they called you. If you need any help listen to Howard Stern.

(5) TELEMARKET THEM- It’s time for you to see if you have their skills as you create your own telemarketing campaign on the spot who knows you might make a buck off them or at least have them hang up on you.

(6) LAUGHING- Laughing is always good medicine but not to the telemarketer.

(7) CRYING- If all else fails then a few fake tears might help as you tell a story that will cause your telemarketer to cry to another call.


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LOOK ALIKE 3 look alike 4

10000000042 I am but I’d rather be called Peter. I just want to know if there is anyone else that feels the same. For I understand since the great leader has determined that we all must look exactly alike except him of course that we have put an end to any prejudice, racism or discrimination of any kind but where am I.  Of course with this great decision a person is only judged by their character they possess not by any exterior traits. A matter of fact with our forced monthly visits at the fairness center we confirm not a ounce of difference can be seen by anyone.  I know I’m being selfish against the good of society but sometimes I just wish I could be myself and people would know who I was as Peter not 10000000042 who is soon caught in the crowd.

Birds Songs

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fans 5

They perform every morning and as you finally find the artist they usually fly away. With original tracks that no other species can perform. Sometimes it might not be your favorite tune but if you listening for a bit longer another artist will suddenly appear to take their place. A matter of fact one of the greatest challenges is to find the artist who is singing for they truly don’t enjoy the fame or attention. So if you can’t get tickets to Lollapalooze just walk outside and listen these tickets are free and the music truly come from their heart(s)… or is it their beaks?