Homeless to Homebound

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homeless 2 homeless

Homeless to Homebound will be a reality show that really changes people’s life’s and the viewer will also play a key role. In this show homeless bound people will be given the opportunity to work on a farm and start their life over again with all the amenities they will need to get back to a “normal life” (mental health  treatment, drug treatment, art & music therapy, family intervention, faith healing etc) as they earn their way success. Paid viewers will be able to watch this show 24/7 with camera’s station around the facility and help keep these doors open to those who’ve fallen through the cracks. Homeless to Homebound finally a reality show that really makes a difference.

LaVar Ball- Is scared

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LaVar Ball 3

LaVar Ball is scared to mention that Bud Rebel taught him this trick of getting publicity from celebrity names that started with Steph Curry to the President just the other day. I had known Lavar when his sneakers were not on the field as he looked with envy at MJ’s brand and over a Corona or 2 I told him the secret with the promise that he would reveal my name when he got the President to tweet. Now LaVar is scared that the publicity I would receive from such knowledge would lesson his footprint. LaVar if you won’t give me the publicity at least let me have a pair of your sneakers.



FOOTNOTE- This could be true even if the events didn’t occur exactly as written. For I had a Corona or two and thought of this marketing technique well before it came in LaVar’s head …I think.

You’re INVITED-12/23/17-10AM

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You're invited You're invited 2

Sunday 12/23/17- 18 Montebello Road-Montebello NY- YOU are invited to my D’var Torah on Joseph.  If you ask what is a D’var Torah you probably won’t want to attend but just in case it is a discussion of the Torah portion with one’s own reflection followed by a kiddish or free Jewish food.  Every year I try to find new insight on this story that holds a special place in my heart and soul which I hope will inspire others. I can’t guarantee this will occur but I can guarantee a better spread then normal.

Drunk Driver-WHO’S AT FAULT

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justice Justice


PROSECUTING ATTORNEY- Is it not true on the night of 9/12/19 that you drove your car while under the influence?

DEFENDANT– It is not technically untrue.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY– Well we can conclude you were intoxicated and in the car correct?

DEFENDANT– That is correct but I wasn’t supposed to be driving it was a self driving car.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY– You weren’t supposed to be driving but you did drive?

DEFENDANT– Only after the self driving mechanism suddenly stopped working in the middle of the drive. If I knew it wasn’t going to work I wouldn’t have been behind the wheel.   HOW CAN YOU JUDGE ME GUILTY THEN? HOW CAN YOU

Medical Travels . Com

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medical research private plane

Life can be extended and/or the pain can truly go away but not where you are standing that’s where medicaltravels.com.  This website will link the sickness that you are suffering from with the newest medical technology around the globe to treat it and provide you all the resources you need to get the help you desire.  Medicaltravels.com will help provide the basics (airline tickets, accomodations, hospital stay etc) as well as more detailed analysis (current success rates for procedure/medicine, facts on medical staff etc) so you won’t book this trip without the information you require. Medicaltravels.com because you deserve a chance for a better live wherever that chance might be.

Please watch

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Kevin Probably Saves The World Kevin Probably Saves The World.jpg 2

Please watch the first episode of “Kevin Probably Saves the World”.  This show will be the best 43 minutes you spend watching a heart felt comedy on the boob tube in years. It will also help you take your own path toward faith and funny.  Yet be warned a few tissues are required before the 43 minutes are up for it really knows how to pull at those beating strings.  I haven’t watched the other episodes but if they’re 1/2 as good as this one it might just take me to a whole different version of laughter and meaning that I’ve never watched before.

**** Kevin Probably Saves The World.

LIVE FOREVER- In 20 Years c.

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head transplant clones

In 20 years or so with modern technology going in this direction we might have the opportunity to LIVE FOREVER.  As China today has performed a head transplant successfully on a non-living person it is only months for this to be attempted on other people who are terminally ill. Transforming their head from a sick body to a healthy one is only the beginning.  For once we clone our bodies without brains we will then be able to replace parts that go wrong easily without rejection or even move into a newer model. This might appear to be science fiction but try and stay around for around 20 years when it might just become science.

G-D Spoke…. How?

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Faith FAITH 2

As a person of faith I remember many a time where G-D spoke to me not in actual words but in actions that gave me direction and changed a path. Yet if someone actually said G-D spoke to them one on one I would like to know how? For with today’s technology it could be through a text or email message as easily as if it was verbally and probably have more of an impact.  Imagine if G-D became the 5001 Facebook friend (should probably be 1) you probably would have a lot more followers. Further note  if G-D was to use those means what font would he use would their be a new color or just black/white and how large would the letters be? Would such a message have a reply box to it as well and who would be able to respond? Could you share this message with others or would you be the only one to see the true meaning?  In truth maybe those messages have been coming our way in all different formats already but we have not been reading between the lines?

Sexual Relations CONTRACT- Please share before…..

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Private 1contract 1

Before you enter such a relationship maybe you should sign such an agreement (below). For although this looks like fun hot & Heavy there are points one must take into consideration before such action is taken. Here’s a example of such a contract but please have your legal team draft their own and have it as prepared as other protection you might carry in case such events occur.

I _______ (state your name) under no undue influence (have their alcohol and drug results as negative) agree to such relationship with ___________ on _____  at ____________.   These relationships include___________ but not_________ and agree to this occurring between __________ and ______ hours  .  I further state that we both are clear of the following sexual transmitted diseases_______________ and that we agree to not move ahead on any decision if something/someone else results from said action without a further signed contract.  Further note I concur that I am legal mental and age requirements in ______ state to make such agreement (copies of drivers licenses might be helpful) in good faith. 

_____________                                           _____________________

Signature                                                               Notary Signature 


FOOTNOTE- Maybe it’s best to wait till you are married.

It’s MINE!!!

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dog sock in mouth 1dog with sock 2

Now you know where the missing sock(s) have gone but it doesn’t mean you can get them back. For I found them and they smell delicious just like you.  You can say it’s my ransom to make sure you return to play after a hard days work. Nothing is better then a sock and you human’s only put them on your feet when they belong in the mouth.  Okay I will return it in return for a belly rub but in the future when one is lost you know where it will be found.

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