Tough Love Is….

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Tough love is not fun.  For when one has to resort to this tactic they feel much of the 5 letter word and little of the 4 except in ways that I won’t write in this post.  Sometimes being so tough leaves you with another 5 letter word A-L-O-N-E while others want to go back to love at all costs.  Tough love shouldn’t be so tough but if that’s what it takes to make a difference in loved one then I guess the love will have to wait.

Jessie Smollett- THROW THE BOOKS

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If the facts stand out then Jessie Smollett’s should be tried for bringing false accusations and if found guilty let all the books be thrown out him.  Jessie (if true) this isn’t some script you can remake but a sick desire to gain fame through lies that waste valuable police time and destroy the basic trust we need for society to function.  Those who perpetrate such hoaxes should not be given a slap on the wrist for then many wrists will come out for slapping but hard time. I have personally felt the pain and embarrassment that these lies have caused and it’s time said individuals feel it behind bars.  Hard time will make it harder for scripts like this to be written in the future again.

I Saw You

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I know this unscientific but I saw you! Even though you’re six feet under I saw you in his smile and the look in his eyes.  This child I had seen for so long all of a sudden had a spark that came from some place unbeknownst.  He doesn’t have to worry, for I will not steal his youth because  just seeing you again at that moment has allowed me to live!  Now I know even if your body is six feet under your soul beats on.


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If you’re like me you sometimes forget to press the send button on many a text or email that is it until TEXTREMINDERAPP is developed. This App will remind the possible sender that text and emails are still in draft mode and need their permission to send to the world or just their friend.  The reminder can be sent to you once an hour once a day or whenever you would like and will also allow you to exclude messages in your draft boxes after your desired time.  TEXTREMINDERAPP will also have small advertisements that will pop up with such a reminder.   With TEXTEMINDERAPP  we can’t guarantee that you won’t forget your keys but at least you’ll have the sent the messages that might open many a door.

Guaranteed Investment… well almost

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Whether the XFL becomes the next big sports enterprise or not their 1st year merchandise is sure (well almost) to go up in valve. If the league doesn’t make then there will be less merchandise available and who knows when demand will go up. On the other hand if this league does take off retro merchandise will become the investment to be involved in.  Supply and demand are the key and as long as the demand will go up over time then those who have the supply will reap the benefit.

TORN-President Trumps Emergency Declaration- On Border Protection

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I support the need for strong physical barriers on our borders as well as insuring our leaders to usurp their constitutional authority. That is why I’m a bit torn on the President’s Emergency Declaration which allows him to fund the wall.  Let us explore this subject together (below).


  1. The Emergency Act- allows the President to make such a determination of what is and what isn’t an emergency. When such a determination is made he has the Executive Power to act on it.
  2. Congress has funded several projects that can be legally used for such purposes even  they weren’t directly advocated as such. The President has that discretion as administrator of such funds.
  3.  Money for border wall funding has already been approved by this Congress even though a smaller amount and with restrictions the Presidents doesn’t want.
  4. The Congress can take action on their own behalf to stop any Emergency act if they so deem that it isn’t a quote “emergency”.
  5. President Obama unilateral declared that DACA residents were legal without any congressional or judicial approval.


  1. It’s not an actual emergency such as a Natural Disaster or a threat that “suddenly occurred”
  2. This sets a bad precedent for other Presidents to declare national emergencies on global warming, poverty, medicare for all etc.
  3. Congress right to purse strings has been hampered.



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It was only because I didn’t want you to end up this way that I even had this discussion. I didn’t even say it directly to your face yet felt the cuts kept coming back to me over and over again …literally.  If only I knew you would be so full of rage I would have kept my mouth shut. Well at least I can’t feel guilty for trying to help cut out some fat. Obesity is a killer for both victims.


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I’m just started a diet today after a loved one said my belly didn’t need anymore beer or crackers.  It’s not going to be as extensive as other diet plans but it will have the following restrictions and additions. Tomorrow is the official set off date but the training has started today.

(1) No Eating after 8;30 PM and if I do cheat that means a trip on the Bicycle.

(2) Coke eliminated to once every 2 weeks.

(3) Cookie and desert count is reduced to twice a week and if cheating occurs then back on the bike.

(4) Water and Coffee without sugar are the prime drink choices.

(5)  Dogs go for an extra walk at night.

(6) Sit ups are increased.

(7) Salad is added to more menu choices with low fat dressing.

(8) 40 Push Ups a day


(8) ADDED IF NECESSARY- Extra laps in the pool

FOOTNOTE – This diet will exist until my goal weight/belly fat has been reduced.


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This one doesn’t add up no matter how many formula’s I try.  For if this is true almost everyone I love or whom I like will be in deep trouble. It’s a passage that I feel if taken directly hurts more then it can help and it comes from the greatest source. I will continue to seek guidance from those wiser then me and read it more thoroughly before I accept this hypothesis which is truly quite troubling.  G-D WILLING TO BE CONTINUED….

PASSAGE- Exodus  31-12  G-D said to Moses saying” You shall speak to the Children of Israel saying However you must observe My Sabbaths for it is a sign between me and you for your generations, to that I am G-D, who makes you holy. You shall observe the Sabbath, for it is holy to you: its desecrators shall be put to death, for whomever does work on it that soul shall be cut off from among it’s people.

PROBLEM- Most people I know and love would be put to death and I’m not sure whether the rocks would be thrown at me as well.

9:44 Am – Answer- This passage occurred when it was directly spoken from G-D to Moses and there isn’t much wiggle room at such a time.  The majority actually heard G-D’s voice as a group( according to the book) when the 10 commandments were given. Today we live in a totally different time and as such wiggle room is in most households. Therefore those that observe Shabbos in their own might be just observing right for today.



Shabbat EQUAL

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It is the day of the equalizer Shabbat. Where one’s wealth and fame or lack thereof doesn’t get you a better seat. For this is a day where you will be with all the people no matter what their social status to pray to the one who holds the title, G-D.  It is day where everyone eats from the same Kiddush and drinks the same wine.  Where shopping and work achievements or failures are set aside to focus on a bigger picture then just yourself. Shabbos a time when equality is felt in the heart, mind and most importantly the soul.