Eliminate A Word

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You’re challenge if you decide to accept it is to eliminate a word from your vernacular that you speak at ad-nauseam.  This mission appeared to be impossible for me until I was continuously teased with a word that  now escapes my memory. Replacing  a word or two with a different word can make you’re whole speech sound more original as it adds a bit of spice to the salt people normally hear.  Eliminate a word might sound a bit harsh but at least replace it with a new word until that other word escapes your mind as well.


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Whether you’re white, black, Jew, Christian, Muslim old, young, gay, straight, in-between etc. LEAVE if you don’t love our country and have immigrated here.  There are millions of others from all different backgrounds that would love to take your place instead. Of course our country is a place that looks to continuously improve itself in so many different ways  from every citizen as well as legal resident here but there is a difference between change and hate.  For example you might believe that big social media companies should be broken up (I do) but still love our free market system. You might feel that more legal immigrants should be allowed  in our country without decimating the current population that lives here with illegal residents.  You might be against a policy of our closest ally but still should recognize the importance of the alliance.  There is a fine line between change vs hate and those that cross it should seek to live somewhere else.


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I generally believe that individual adults should have the right to do what they want with their own body but let’s face it government intervention should occur with smell. For some individuals don’t realize,(how do I say this with tact) oh forget it they STINK?  It totally leaves me in bewilderment that on a Monday morning after a weekend of relaxation that they wake up STINKING!  Don’t get me wrong I understand that some individuals have a medical condition that can cause such odors but there are long lasting deodorants and extra clean shirts for such problems. So here is my government  solution (below)

(1) STINKERS are given extra fresh clothes & bi-weekly showers with soap as well as shampoo

(2) STINKERS receive free weekly trips to the laundromats and extra pairs of clothes.

(3) STINKERS are finally given an emergency deodorant bomb that can be released into the environment to save us all even if it builds up their carbon footprint.

Lost Song

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I’m looking for this song which hit my heart from the 1st time I heard it but left my head right after.  The sad thing about is I’m counting on you to find it. For  if you don’t like this song I’ll probably never hear it again as it dies on the charts as well as playlist. If this occurs I’m afraid  my heart will beat a bit slower (figurative…I hope). The lyrics were beautiful as they dealt with how life isn’t always right but the relationships you moving ahead  Hopefully I will find it soon for looking on the couch isn’t working to well.


Make Me Eat

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I’m really not hungry but you’re smile makes me grab a bite. It’s that you love the left-overs so much that it forces me to eat the main course.  Food is fun when you are hungry but also when someone “special”  wags their tail with every serving.

Not My Nature

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It’s a battle that you have won. For it’s not in my nature not to be friendly but with your “attitude” I’m learning to keep my mouth shut although my head still wants to talk. So you’ll see  me occasionally shake my head in a sign that you exist but since you don’t want me to no words will probably come out of mouth.  My nature to be the first one to be friendly has turned dark in your eye’s and now it’s infected my lips as well.

Disgusting Idea

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   WARNING- Do not read before, during or after you eat although this is what this concept consists of.

   This concept is a brain drain meaning it came out of my mind but it probably should be flushed down the toilet. For I would never eat in this concept as one doesn’t eat where one does “their business”  This restaurant would look like a giant bathroom where drinks were served out of urinal looking cups and there would be plenty of pudding type entrees as well. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination if you are not eating, which I’m going to attempt to do after this disgusting idea, that I probably should have wiped away instead.

Difficult Kindness

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It is difficult to be kind when the individuals don’t  appreciate what you’re doing.  A perfect example is giving a  child medicine which we know will help them even as they would love to bite our fingers instead (figuratively and I hate to say it sometimes literally).  Yet with children we understand this responsibility but it becomes more difficult when it’s for an aging parent or even a friend.  For example they may say they don’t want to see anyone during a difficult time and/or don’t want to go outside but we know that deep down inside this would make them feel a whole lot better.  Difficult kindness can show your true heart even as it feels it’s being ripped apart.

Illegal Alien Raid Here

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I’m declaring myself an Illegal Alien today, for this body needs a  free one way ticket to Mexico about now. Pick me up ICE but give me a moment to pack my bathing suit and sun tan lotion. A matter of fact can you also make reservation at one of the 5 star resorts while you’re at. Imagine I won’t even have to wait to go through airline security as my private plane takes me away. When I finally had my vacation in Mexico I’ll have my lawyers explain the error but up until then I’m and Illegal Alien and paradise awaits brought to me by my friendly ICE officer.

Coffee PRESS

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If you want that ***EXTRA** bit of coffee flavor then it’s time for a COFFEE PRESS. This device will squeeze a bit more of the beans into the morning, afternoon or evening java. Where other coffee machines just cook that coffee bean into your cup the COFFEE PRESS will squeeze the flavor out into your cup. This device will make sure every cup is as good and strong as it should be for if you are pressed for time shouldn’t your coffee be pressed  for flavor as well?