Artist Need Artist

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No other profession or hobby needs each other more then “artists”.  For these individuals (me included) desire someone else who can and will read through the lines. An  artist will not walk away from the other factors of success such as money and fame but their heart beats as  they capture another who truly appreciates what is portrayed from within and without.  That becomes the source of their pride even as other factors around them might pull them down. An artist needs an artist because what they do is truly a part of who they are and that can’t be captured by a dollar sign or a walk of fame.

Puppy ,,,(s)

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So cute and harmless I had to give him a piece of my burger as I rested from a long  jog that I had taken alone in the woods and now I wish I could turn back the bite. For out of the woods came two, then three and soon I couldn’t even count. My burger was gone in a minute but I couldn’t leave as they started to surround and yelp for me. I tried to get away but they followed me and then I slipped with blood gushing from an open wound. The burger was me and these puppies all of sudden weren’t just small little one’s but big and blood thirsty enough to make me their next meal. Cute is in one or two but the many bring you to a whole different feeling f-e-a-r.


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Suddenly they’ll listen to me all because I put this metal device in front of them. Yet just before I pulled it out it appeared they didn’t care at all.  I was nobody then and with this metal tool I’m somebody now ready to cut where I want.  Now they are full of empathy even it might seem a bit contrived at least I’m getting what I want …finally.  Well they should one mis-step and I’m going to kill them off. I’m the boss now and they must follow my every word and if I don’t like it they’ll have to do it again and again. I guess that’s why they call my camera the gun.

Us not Enough

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“Us” had a great shocking ending, some suspenseful moments but that wasn’t enough to save this movie. The acting was so contrived you felt as if watching the wall was more entertaining with lines that were just well too predictable.  There was so many holes in the script that any true movie goer would slip through. A great ending can save a film but with “Us” it would take a whole new pair of scissors to cut out one.

Us – 1 1/2 starts. You can add a 1/2 star for a creative concept.

It’s a Matzoh Victory!!

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Let’s face it after 7 or 8 days (depending on where you live) Matzoh can drive you bananas.  Yet after eating Manishewitz Garlic & Rosemary flavor Matzoh I might be able to extend the holiday an extra day.  The Garlic & Rosemary add so much flavor to each crunch that it takes you a way to a roll (sorry Rabbi).  Well maybe not a roll but a decent Triscuit (sorry again) The truth is Matzoh has finally been given a new crisp in my heart because Garlic & Rosemary are just the flavors to butter it up.

**** – At least during the Passover Holiday!

Easter Conflict

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I’m having an internal debate about whether I should go to the gym on Easter. For on one side I don’t want to force my Christian brothers & sisters to work on their holy day but on the other hand my internal parts need to pump and pull.  Of course I could wait till after the holiday to do that pumping and pulling but I’m afraid the calendar could make it more difficult then the “free time” I have “right now”.  I’m not forcing the gym to be open and am not purchasing anything their so does it really make a difference? Yet forcing people to have to work on their holy days seems wrong? I’m so torn hopefully a work out can help me be put back together …. but when?

Easter Passover – Easter/Passover

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There are threads (below) that bring these two holidays together and one’s (below) which come from a whole different cloth. Yet in the end whichever holiday you celebrate may it be a peaceful, happy time for you and your loved ones.


  1. ONE- Both holidays have one central character who leads the faiths to a higher calling.
  2. TOMORROW- The holidays are truly about redemption even all human ways have failed.
  3. FAMILY- They both call on families to come together and celebrate today while remember the past.
  4. FOOD- Special foods are eaten and hopefully enjoyed during these holidays.


  1. PASSIVE/ACTION-Passover celebrates the action one must take to foster the faith while Easter is one of internally commitment.
  2. GROUP/INDIVIDUAL- Easter occurs because of Jesus life and times while Passover required the whole group at the time to participate in.
  3. TIME- Passover is 8 days (7 days in Israel) while Easter is only one.
  4.  FOOD- Trust me the food and the effects afterwards are quite different.


Mueller Speaks to Congress

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Let’s be honest I’m in the “Anti Trump Camp” and for over 2 years I have spent millions upon million and with a team of those that truly hate the President but in the end we couldn’t find anything to prosecute him with. Trust me we looked under every mattress and prosecuted some of his biggest allies to get something that would stick but nothing really does.  Yes, we put innuendo’s out there which you could grasp at but you know it’s probably stretching a bit too far for the public. I’m truly sorry I didn’t fulfill the deep states needs but we couldn’t make up a crime even as we did try. Any questions?

FOOTNOTE- Honesty would be great …. even if it’s just a dream.

Tesla Exemption

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If you own a Tesla you should have an exemption that allows you to drive as fast as you want. For the speed limits were designed because speeds over 55 mph were shown to waste more Petroleum then speeds under that amount. The Tesla and other 100 % electric vehicles are powered by electricity which can be deprived from many different sources but not gasoline directly.  A matter of fact if such a waiver was adopted there would be a boom in the purchase of said electric vehicles reducing our demand on petroleum products like never before and boosting sales of American made care. Therefore let’s change the road map and give Tesla’s owners the speed they deserve faster and better then the rest.

FOOTNOTE- Of course reckless driving such as weaving in an out of lanes and not permitting enough car distance between said cars would still be ticketed.

A Wonderful Difference

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I was loyal to my Keurig machine until the 2nd one broke down and decided that maybe it was time for a new cup so I purchased a Mr. Coffee version of this machine. Yet before you condemn for going with a copy I want to tell you about some unique features (below) that allow this coffee machine to earn it’s Mr. title.

(1) Strong Brew- When you need an extra pick up this machine allows you to have it.

(2) Size- You have options again on what size coffee you are making.

(3) K Cup or Ground- Another feature which gives me options that a Keurig machine just doesn’t have.

To conclude Keurig might have been first with K Cup type coffee but Mr. Coffee deserves it’s place in this race.

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