Best Compliment

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Compliments come way to infrequent to most so it’s impressive that yesterday one complement was so poignant that it lasted two full days in this life. It wasn’t just the kind words  that I received but the person who said it and that it occurred with no pretense before or after such words.  To have the person just say that “I was a great father” made all the other work and pain in my life disappear at least for the moment. For in the end when G-D  sends you home at least you know that those who remain might just remember some of the good you left behind.

We Forget

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We forget!

(1) The fears we had when Islamic Radical Terrorism kept knocking on our door step

(2) When our fellow Americans couldn’t find decent jobs

(3) Many neighborhoods that we couldn’t walk in during the day let alone night.

(4) The true Evil Empire conquering lands in their pursuit of power.

(5)  Crack knocking down many a young live

(6) Missiles being launched from a country bent on our destruction.

(7) The many miracles G-D has put in our life just yesterday.

(8) Graffitti invading our living spaces.

We forget and I’m sorry to say so do I.

Mexico Build The Wall

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For the good of the United States & Mexican People Mexico build the wall! Here (below) why this is the brick.

(1) MEXICO EMPLOYMENT- Building a wall will create thousands of jobs for those living in a Mexico including those who are in the caravan.

(2) LESS EXPENSIVE- Let’s face it the salaries for labors in Mexico is a lot less expensive then in the United States. 1.5 billion

(3) MEXICAN/US PRIDE- By working together instead of against each other it can be a joint venture with the creativity of both nations instead of imposed by another. Securing both countries for their national soverignty.

(4) MEXICO/GUATEMALA- Once this wall is complete we can help Mexico to build a wall/border security with Guatemala so the migrant crisis won’t be repeated.

Of course wall construction would have to be suprevised with American Inspection and since we are funding this project that shouldn’t be a problem.

Should Not Write

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WARNING– Do not read while eating, sniffing, or driving a vehicle.

I know I shouldn’t write this blog piece because some might feel betrayed while others will be rightfully disgusted but it’s the truth.  A truth about a detective that lives in my house and gets paid with table scraps. This detective with 4 legs (named not revealed) will search endlessly for what is left on the ground which should probably stay there.  Yet do to his great detective work I make sure this doesn’t get stepped on by any of my two legged friends.  This isn’t just because it’s the right thing to do but also because this great Pet Detective for some reason believes this is a treat worthy of an appetizer bite. Just remember I did warn you this was going to be disgusting.

FOOTNOTE- The identity of this great Pet Detective has not been revealed although his species has.

Next Car

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I’m looking at a new car because my car is hitting 160,000 miles and I still have 8 payments left at over $400 which is probably more then it’s worth now.  I also know at the end of the year dealers are looking to move vehicles out from the previous year so I expect to get a “bargain”.   I was leaning toward the Hyundai Kona until I found out that I could have the same incredible safety features in an Amercican vehicle the Ford Ecosport Titanium. Here is the criteria that I’m looking to match to stay American.

(1) SAFETY- It appears the Titanium model will satisfy my concerns but I’ll look a bit deeper.

(2) FUEL EFFICIENCY- This is a feature I believe the Ford vehicle will be lacking.

(3) PRICE- Will I be able to continue to have my same monthly payments with this car or will it increase.

Tonight I will finally make a decision.

Lamborghini Mule

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Life is a Lamborghini or Mule for sometimes you go so fast you don’t know how you got there while other times it’s so slow you might as well walk. Just when you feel one day slides into the next suddenly your mule appears and the hours appear like days.  When you look back at your Lamborghini days it’s nice to have a mule parked in the driveway but that doesn’t happen when your mule isn’t walking. They say life is what you make it but I say it depends on what you’re driving that day.

Tear It Off

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You know I don’t belong so stop using your fingers. It’s time to get rid of this feeling once in for all with one decisive action

You’re just using the wrong  tool and I’ll be out of your life forever at least in this spot. You know you want me to stop pestering you so go ahead and stop wasting your time hour after hour because I won’t give in. I am that itch and you can stop me if you dare.

FOOTNOTE- Don’t listen to Mrs. Itch get a cortisone cream instead even as she speaks through the itches. They usually work well and don’t leave any marks or hospital visits.

Superman Quits

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I don’t mind saving the world but cats in trees give me an F’in break! I mean really can’t you do anything anymore. Keeping this uniform clean isn’t free as well so it would be nice if I could at least get a tip for these extra-curricula activities or maybe a thank you. Now a days my activities are just expected as if super means one without feelings. I may not bleed like you but I still can be hurt by your coldness.  By the way whatever happened to your police force and is the even one  Good Samaritan left? Listen even if I’m Superman I’m super exhausted so can you just call someone else for a change.

FOOTNOTE- For those who have wondered where Superman went I think this provides the answer.

She Spoke 2100

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She spoke and I had know idea what to say? Here was a beautiful woman who was living in some past generation where she wanted to pursue something called a “conversation”?  I know it’s bizarre in a world where we basically have everything at our eyelids she wanted to go back to her fingertips and even mouth.  Past the normal polite words into words of “why, how & even what do you think”? What do you think she should have an APP for that?  Yet she is so beautiful that I’m going to try and pursuing learning what is this thing called a “conversation” even if I have to go way back in time.

Pieces In Place

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I’ve layed all my pieces on the table (see below) now I’ll find out whether I’m working on the right puzzle.

(1) LEGAL- I’ve hired an experienced lawyer to help find “A Name” to connect to the Bud Rebel Show and pursue other works related to this project as well as other possible investments.

(2) FILM- Contact has been made with an individual who has the resources to distribute and find additional funding for project(s) I could pursue.

(3) PRODUCTS- Many sales experts have been contacted and given pertinent marketing information to sell the Bud Rebel line to the world or at least past my block.

(4) RESTAURANT- Several real estate brokers should know exactly what I’m looking for as they G-D willing continue the search.

(5) WEBSITE- I”ve given the go ahead to a technical guru to pursue a full review on which website(s) we should develop together.

These are all waved together with a fairly new faith committment that I’ve made to G-D who truly knows if any of these puzzle pieces will actually fit in my life or I should just go to Arby’s instead.

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