Micheal Buble Braving then most

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Michael Buble

Michael Buble is quiting music to spend more time with his family including his son Noah who is in remission from Liver Cancer.  He is retiring from music at the “top” and not fighting to stay there but stay at home instead. Mr. Buble has the income to live a comfortable life with his family and feels that the music career was more about his own ego then what was truly best for his family. A brave stance for anyone especially someone who could have gained much more fame and fortune but sought family 1st.

Just Saying

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rabbi priest imam

I’m sure that your words are having an incredible impact but can you truly say our actions are as well? For while you pray to make a better world on a more consistent basis then thou our base is instead on action. Action that could be developing a new product/service which helps expand opportunities and happiness to all those involved in it and just like you we are looking to expand that market everyday.  We never know exactly the impact that these bring as you don’t exactly know the benefit of each word but we’re both doing it our way.  Maybe in the end even if we go in different paths it doesn’t matter as much as trying to get there.

Diabetes Vacation

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Faith Vacation 2

It’s time for Diabetes to go on a long deserved vacation from my family and don’t worry we won’t miss you. You work to hard getting us up at all times of the night with low or high numbers that really must be tiresome for you because they exhause us.  There isn’t a moment when you don’t interfere in some way with our family happiness as you keep us worrying about what we eat, drink or do as exercise.  So Diabetes go on vacation and we’ll call you if we’d like you to return. Don’t worry I lost this number.

Pepe Stink

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You stink

As long as you can speak the new “PEPE STINK” will make it smell all better.  For this device will send out a beautiful fragnant smell upon your command “PEPE STINK” saves the atmosphere around you. Designed in several different formats including a carry on a PEPE STINK will spray a fragrance that allows you to breathe easier or with at least less odor.  With several different smells to choice from you will be able to smell the world in a whole different light/nose.  It’s time you’re not only in charge of seeing and hearing things but smelling things as well with PEPE STINK that will be possible.


Mind Traveler

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MInd Traveler mind traveler 2

Even as I’m standing still my mind is traveling all around the galaxies. It doesn’t enjoy to sit still but wants to grasp all different information from various sources my body is too tired to visit.  Some may say it’s a form of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but I believe it’s simple curiosity that would have killed many of my cheese loving friends luckily I don’t possess that tail.  Mind Traveling allows me to experience things other who have been there will never see and make them my reality for the moment.. just the moment.  So the next time you want to go away but simple can’t physically join me and allow your mind to go anywhere.


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idea creative

I honestly can’t believe this hasn’t been invented yet for it belongs together like Peanut Butter and Jelly but in a clothes way. “DRYERWASHER”  allows an individual to combine the two units together so you’ll never have to sit around and wait till the washing machine cycle is done again. For once the washing machine has done it’s work it simple (maybe not so) dumps the laundry in the dryer (below) and it begins to work on making your clothes nice and warm. The trap door and  gravity would insure all laundry drops from the washer to the dryer in no time. DRYERWASHER isn’t it time we created it together? 

Noah’s Curse Today

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Violent Protest 2 Violent Protest

The remnants of Noah’s curse live today in area’s such as the Gaza Strip.  Where people who could have peace and freedom choose to live under war and tyranny instead. Noah cursed his grandson Canaan for acting in a revolting way with being drawn into slavery and that exists in some way in the Gaza Strip. The people of said territory elected Hamas a group that denies them basic human rights and keeps them on a path of hate as well as destruction. Slavery is not always forced upon us but is a choice we can make instead.  I pray that G-D willing this curse will be lifted and thy people of this territory will truly choice to live in peace and harmony with themselves as well as those around them.

FOOTNOTE- Hatred is a form of slavery which fills the mind with such rage it never knows love anymore.

Could Have

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thinking 1

Here I’m kneeling on the edge as horrible thoughts enter of what I could have done. Times that I could have reached out to him/her with a simple kind word of empathy that could have prevented …..  Words I could have spoken to inspire greatness instead of medocrity in myself and one’s I should have loved more.    Thoughts enter of premonitions that I ignored thinking who am I to act only to see the despicable action occur on my clock.  Here I’m kneeling and G-D willing these thoughts will stop for death isn’t as peaceful as it seems.


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What is a bully? When a person tries to intimidate another through acts of hostility and cruelty. Even if you’re a die hard liberal you must agree that this is practiced way too much on your side.  Where lately individuals who are not even practicing politicians are fully ridiculed because they happen to see the world different then your camp.  I understand sticks & stones may break your bones but personal words of attack can also hurt you. Yet words aren’t the only weapon being used as we see political violence occurring way to much from the left side Antifa is just the most publicized group acting in such a way.  Let us end the bullying by having thoughtful discussions of policies and agree to disagree in a civilized way instead. Bullying has no place in our school yards or in the public arena as a whole.


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rainbow 1 rainbow 2

Whether one is a fundamentalist with the story of Noah or not there is still some higher spiritual cue one receives when seeing  a rainbow. You can’t deny seeing all these beautiful colors come alive after a storm takes you away from the darkness and thunder.  It is if you see a new path to a brighter day then you would have seen before. Thank G-D for every rainbow in our life and maybe our paths will be full of a bit more sunshine and happiness along our trails.

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