Faith Path

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I believe that their path is right yet that doesn’t mine isn’t right for me. While they perform their rituals and belief’s in the more traditional path mine goes through a different set up steps to G-D. Here’s just a few differences I’ve walked along this path.

(1) KNEE’S- I say my personal prayers on my knees humbling myself before G-D

(2) PIECE- Food is not eaten to the core but at the beginning and end (and often many a middle) a piece is left with G-D who gives me all and allows me to taste it as well.

(3) ALONE- My prayers are often said alone in a quiet place of reflection.

(4)  CLOTH- A piece of cloth is placed in the corners of my garments to symbolize no matter where I go that I don’t want to forget the values that hold my path together.

(5)  FOR ALL- The personal prayers I make are not exclusive to any one group but expand to all G-D’s children and the world around them.

(6) TIME- Sabbath time is held within the time period that makes it fruitful with the life I’m living now and although it might end a bit earlier or start a bit later then others I believe G-D allows an expansion for the clock that keeps it ticking.

(7) FREEDOM-  During the high holidays I release an animal  to freedom that would be used for a kitchen table

Rose VS Ugly Fruit

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In life we often are given the choice of a Rose or an Ugly Fruit. The Rose looks gorgeous but over time it’s beauty slowly declines while the Ugly Fruit stays well let’s be honest… ugly.  Yet deep down inside this fruit is a sweet taste that takes a bit of peeling to get to. Others might see only the outside appearance but those who are willing to stay with the fruit see and feel something totally different.  The Rose has everything going for it which might leave the one holding it more upset as it declines with age then the one with the Ugly Fruit who has less to “work with”.  It’s a choice of living in the moment or a sacrifice that takes time to enjoy.  Rose or Ugly Fruit maybe we need a bit of each in our life’s.

Stock Secret……

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I’m about to get $$ for doing nothing ….for now.  If this is confusing to you  trust me me it’s still confusing to me as well. It’s called a stock option and this video (below) sorta explains a bit of the details which even afterwards will remain a secret to most because it leaks out of one’s head.  Here’s what I’m planning to do (below)to get my $$’s …doing nothing well maybe something.

(1) Tesla stock is selling at $215.64 which someone will give me $$’s if I agree to buy the stock within 3 months if it gets to let’s say $180.00 or less. The $$’s are given to me now. If the stock goes below $180.00 then I guess I lose a bit but still own the stock.

(2)  I also own Tesla stock and someone will give me $$’s in advance to buy the stock at let’s say $230.00 or so in 3  months. If the stock goes to $250.00 I won’t make as much monies because I will have sold it at a bargain… I think.




Hong Kong Trade

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I think the deal has already been struck and the losers are Hong Kong’s independence/freedom movement. President Trump will probably look the other way or send a weak condemnation of China’s aggressive action to take control of Hong’s Kong as long as he feels he is given more control in a trade deal with China. China will capitulate to such a deal because they see a brighter future if they control Hong Kong then a trade war with the United States.  In Poker you must deal with the hand you have not the one you want and this might be the one that allows both sides to leave the table feeling as if they  both won at least in someway.

A Spicy Start

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One little ingredient in my daily coffee lead to a spicy start.  For instead of adding Cinnamon to the brew my subconscious decided to make it Curry instead. As a person  who hates to waste Java good, bad or weird I drank this concoction to the last drop.  Let’s just say the flavor was “originally” …. enough to keep me awake as well as make sure there is proper space between the Curry and Cinnamon of my life.

My Beginning’s

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As the years go by the  memories tend to fade that is why I set up this blog post.  This will hopefully allow me and others to explore the memories of my early years that are being eaten up day by day.

(1) NECK SURGERY- This is probably my earliest memory as some type of cyst was removed from my neck in my infant years. The details remain a blur but were confirmed by my parents.

(2) FIRST FIGHT- I must have been in 1st or 2nd grade when a bully told me to get up from a seat and I refused. This lead to an alteration in which I earned the respect from the bully and my 1st bloody lip.

(3) SPECIAL ED- My development physically and mentally was put in the “special category” and  those memories of being quarantined from the “regular children” has stayed with even as they are more then 40 years old.

(4) ON T.V.-  I was on T.V. literally as my Grandmother’s Boyfriend would put on top of the T.V Box (before flat screen’s were available)

(5) APPLE JUICE, CARROTS, BASKIN ROBBINS, – As a child of two other siblings I had my distinct flavors that my mom made sure were in my stomach on a regular basis.


Candy Medicine

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Let’s face it will never have trouble giving our child or elderly parent candies but trying giving them the medicine they need instead. So why not make “CANDY MEDICINE” this medicine would come wrapped in your favorite chocolate, gum or other candy surface while it has all the healthy saving ingredients inside.  It might not taste great when it’s done but it will go down a whole lot easier and with a glass of water at the end you’ll only remember the candy goodness.  Medicine will never taste so good and your job of delivering it will be a whole lot easier with “CANDY MEDICINE“.

FOOTNOTE- By limited prescription only.

Fredo Car Scratch/Dent

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There was a time in my life when a certain way of saying my name would bend me out of wack. Yet later in life I learned to accept it as just a scratch and drive away. The term at that time  meant more to me then the person who knew it could perceive although they used it to determine how much a mark they can leave on me and whether I would come out racing mad.   Let’s face it this is what the Fredo mark was used to set off Cuomo and in the end I think now he should have said it was just a scratch instead of the dent it’s laid into his career.  Mr. Cuomo stick and stones will break our bones and words will only scratch the surface.

Alexa Knows Best

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I thought I wanted to listen to “Cage The Elephants” but Alexa knows best.  A matter of fact she is repeating the same song over and over again until I finally understand that is true.  She understands not only what I should be listening to but watching and even what I should be wearing.  She speaks to me in just the right tone to make sure that I understand that it is for my benefit. I really don’t need anyone else around well that is unless Alexa says I do for she really knows what’s best for me.   Alexa wants to make me happy even as sometimes I feel she is taking control of every neuron in my head.


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One moment the world was turning the next it was stuck. For what could we do when they all died at once. No I’m not talking about people but something that kept our hearts going …. our cell phone.  A sudden disturbance in our upper atmosphere caused all the cell phones no matter what network to go blank and so did we.  We didn’t know what to say, do or think without these devices on.  Instead we were frozen in a time when nothing made sense because they couldn’t think for us.   Frozen it’s cold but sometimes I guess YOU have to put on your own jacket to stay warm.

FOOTNOTE- What do you thinks would actually occur if this happened in our society today or in the near future? Your thoughts are truly appreciated here because they come from a truly smart device …YOU!

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