Money In Mail

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Money falling from sky

I literally obtained real hard cash in the mail yesterday and this wasn’t the first time I could take it to the bank. Several times a charity will entice my giving by adding to my wallet 1st. Actual George’s come in the mail sometimes even a Thomas ($2) bill comes wrapped in the envelope and really not so tightly. Of course then I feel I should give something back but how many just keep the change. I have plenty of dimes without even marching.    Adding to the pens, calendars, calculators, stickers and pads I start to wonder due some of these charities believe I should be the one receiving instead?  Thank G-D I can give back but at least for the moment free money truly comes in the mail.

BREAKING NEWS- Omarosa Tapes

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CNN Breaking News 1 CNN Breaking News 1

CNN has just obtained footage from dismissed White House employee Omarosa that proves the President eats in a racist way.  The tapes reveal that the President would only order white bread with his sandwich with a glass of pure white milk. That’s right even when the President was offered Chocolate Milk he refused saying that it caused him to have gas.   Saying that the color brown gives you gas has been condemned by leaders in the black community such as the Reverend Al Sharpton.  The White House has refused to comment.

FOOTNOTE- This is fake news but who doesn”t think CNN would cover this angle if it was to spill out.  Someone get me a paper towel please!

Eye for an Eye- REVEALS

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thinking 1

Many have used the words for an eye an eye to show an “extreme verse” in the holy book but when what looks deeper they might see something new.  For when you inflict punishment on someone they see things in a much harsher light which should then become translucent to the one who acted in such an evil way.  Before said criminal is released from their punishment they should fully see the pain they caused and feel at as if they themselves have had it occur to them.  Then G-D willing after this revealation they will be less likely to act in such an evil way in the future.  An eye for an eye sometimes what appears to be right in front of you is much deeper then you think.


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It’s a day of love just because it is and here is a list (below) of the little things in life which keep my heart pounding.

(1 A) – G-D- For without this love nothing is possible or even really felt.

(1) SMILE- When a frown is turned upside down that heart symbol is a whole lot brighter.

(2) LICK- Not from a two legged person (unless I’m in a relationship) but from my four legged friends and on the face only.

(3) GOOD CHOCOLATE- Notice I write “good chocolate” if it’s less then 85 % Cocoa it’s just a like unless I’m desparate.

(4) HUG- Yes small signs of affection can brighten my day not too hard your crushing my bones.

(5) NATURE- Even this right wing conservative loves a walk in the woods, or a Kayak on a lake.

(6) ANIMALS- Even the two legged types who act a bit silly but all in fun.

(7) HUMOR- My funny bone needs to get a daily work out.

(8) ACCOMPLISHMENTS- It could be the end of crying over spilled Milk by watching that floor shine again or helping that loved one find the step to climb higher together, accomplishments make hate go away.

(9) GOOD SCENE- Sometimes a great scene in a movie or television show will make me love the whole series.

(10) CREATIVITY- Original thoughts, expression and artistic achievements help me find a way to love different things around me in a way I never thought about.

(11) LEARNING- Having my brain cells take in a new fact helps those cells find love as well.

(12) LOVE- I love this four letter word and hope I can share it with others.

Charity Expense

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working hard

I’m trying to play a “bigger role” in society but there are certain expenses that make it very difficult.  Of course I don’t mind the green expense for that is what charity is all about but the clock is one that keeps spinning.  If I’m willing to dedicate the green and even the time to the action needed it shouldn’t take more effort before the door is opened. The 1st steps toward that door should be paved with Gold or at least a nice carpet instead of the rough edges I find many a charity takes before the door is opened. Then when you get to the door it takes a locksmith to actually open it up.  I understand the need for security especially in the court days we live in but a few more cracks and I’ll go back to work instead.  Charity should be good for the mind, body and soul not be an expense one should write off.

Being Bud Rebel -SECRET

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mirror-5 secret 1

My real identity isn’t Bud Rebel but more of the ideal person I seek to shine in the mirror.  You also can take on such a name.  For who doesn’t want to be everyone’s Buddy, a person you can frank with and let your real self shine.  A buddy that truly cares for what is right for you.  Yet have a rebellious nature to them where they don’t follow the trend but make it even if they are the only one walking that way.  A rebel who isn’t afraid to buck the trend of what others “expectations” of what they are supposed to like or dislike.  So take on the Bud Rebel name if it fits and wear it the next time you step in front of the mirror of life.


Andrew Cuomo NOT

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Governor Cuomo 1 Governor Cuomo 2

Governor Cuomo has some serious displacement issues as observed when he said “America has never been great”.  Of course the great citizens of New York think differently but we understand that the Governor feels poorly by his own performance and lashes out in a statement driven by his  subconscious.  His conscious can’t accept how great it is that we live in a country that has such freedom and opportunity for all it’s citizen’s because he’s tried to close many of those freedoms (ex 2nd Ammendment, Pro-Life, who belongs in this state). The governor also can’t accept that the only reason the state hasn’t fallen apart is because the great people of this state on their own keep it that way and the wonderful talents of our current occupant of 1600 Pennyslvannia Avenue.

I believe the people of this state should help the governor take more time to get the help that he needs to deal with his issues and pick someone else for his position. It will be for the good of Andrew Cuomo and it will insure we keep making America Great for everyone even G-D willing the former governor.


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Practing line Acting 1

An actress/actor maybe judged by another dependent on the day they had or their own personal experience rather then the actual talent they’ve witnessed. If someone has never dealt with a  person this individual is trying to portray it might be a bit more difficult for them to see how realistic their potrayal actually is.  On the other hand if someone has seen several different movies in a row they may become blended together rather then see the individual talent that is seen by others on the screen.  Our experiences during the day can also foster a certain opinion of an actor that we “subconsciously” don’t even know exist.  That is why we often should try to clear our mind and read a bit about the characters on the screen before the lights go out. Who knows there maybe some hidden talent that we would thrown out if only explored in the bright lights.

Lucky Dog

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pomeranian Happy Pomeranian

I’m a lucky dog to have you around in my life.  It’s amazing to have someone who is always excited to see me even when I look or feel my worst! You are at true friend that is  full of love and affection even when I really don’t deserve it.  Who else will stay with me when I’m not really paying attention to them other then you? You are truly special as you always want to have fun even if I’m less then entertaining.  I’m a lucky dog just the two legged type.


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Omar0sa = (Verb) Backstabber -example-   I can’t believe you can omarsa me after all the chances I given you even in the White House.

Omarosa=  (Noun)  An egotistical person who can’t be trusted  example –  I thought she was a real friend but found out she was an omarosa as she leaked tapes of our private conversation

Omarosa = (Adjective) Wicked, diabolical –  As I walked across the corner an Omarosa woman appeared who pretended to be my friend only to say cruel untrue remarks about me when I left.

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