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Writing Letter

How do I put into words a special relationship that means more then most. For my sister has fulfilled that role in unusual ways that most others would step into instead. Here are just a few that have stayed with me.

(1) PROTECTOR-  Before self confidence came into my life bullying was there and my “big sister” was able to nip it as this freshman entered High School. Seniors do have priviledges especially those in the “cool crowd”.

(2) BIRDS & BEE’S –  When I asked my sister why she was in a bad mood I got an explanation to many life’s lessons.

(3) TOO COOL-  My sister protected my image as well trying to prevent me from continuing to date those who would destroy it.  What image?

(4) SAFETY-  When the FBI said my life was in danger there was one place our family could hide my sister’s  house. 

(5) FAMILY-  My sister held my son’s 1st birthday party in her house and it was a blast for everyone. She is always willing to share her house for many family occassions.

(6) POLITICALLY SHREWD- She has always made sure my political viewpoints were on point as she challenges them everyday. I’m ready and able maybe not willing.

(7) GREAT LAUGH-  We have shared many a hysterical moment even during the great introduction. (personal joke) 

Last Call

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Last Phone Call 1

If only I knew I couldn’t dial home after this call. That my line would be permanetly out of order then maybe I would have ended with more then “bye”.  Yet who knows when you are truly called home.  When the last words said over any line would be heard. I can’t take back the time but I know that someday we will speak again hopefully it will be decades for you.

Tomi Lahren was Tom Hardy

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Tomi Lahren 1  Tom Hardy

If someone threw a glass of water at Tom Hardy instead of Tomi Lahren the story would be covered with someone other then water.  The media would be outraged by this unprovoked attack on a celebrity going out to brunch with their family. Surely the accused would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and celebrities would lean on any “right wing” conspiracy theory. Yet when an accomplished woman is attacked at a restaurant in front of her family not only does the news media let it evaporate like water but make a joke about it. Could it be that this type of coverage is all because her political views don’t stay in sync with those in the media ? Where is the “outrage”? Where is the “justice”? I guess justice in the media isn’t blind but leans on the political viewpoint of the editor.

Why Me?

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Angry Parent 1 Angry 111 Angry 7

Who the hell do I think I am posting on this blog site! Do I think my ideas and thoughts are better then most? Boy you don’t have to get so angry here  (below) is why I think my blog posts have been worthy of listening to and G-D willing will be in the future.

(1) BUSINESS EXPERIENCE– I have had executive experience in several small business operations for over 27 years. This experience covers the full gamet from marketing, sales, personal, buying and of course selling.

(2) UNIQUE LOOK– My mind may not be as brilliant as your’s  but it has a unique perspective that I doubt you will find in other sources. Whether it’s a new perspective on some of the most controversial political matters, religious belief system that is traditional as well as a bit more radical, business ideas that are way out of the triangle, or just a laugh where you shouldn’t be this is the mind that comes out with them.

(3) HONEST– This blog post has been genuine without any fear of censorship or looking to keep some constituent(s). It’s so genuine that you will find many grammatical and spelling errors on it.

(4) THINKING– There are brilliant minds out there that think at a quicker pace then mine but few that keep doing it from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep.

(5) QUICK BITE-  In today’s busy world I try to give you a quick slice so you can digest the rest of the day.

(6) TRY-  I try in an everything in every task I perform to do my best or at least a decent job …. well I do try. 

(7) EXPERIENCES-  If you’ve followed my blog posts you will notice that I have had quite unique life experiences some brought on me and others that I’ve thrown on myself. Either way I believe these experiences helped shape a perspective that I hope you find interesting. 

(8) LISTENING-  It’s taken time but I think I’ve learned to listen which adds a bit more magic or thoughtfulness to this blog as a whole.

It Sucks Part 2

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ticking clock Clock Moving

Is it just me or does this suck for you as well, when time moves as fast when you do nothing as if you did many things? There are days that I wake up and complete five of my tasks before my clock tells me to go and other times when I’m lucky if I get past one.  Where has the time gone maybe a bit longer in the bathroom brake stalls movement but I’m not sure if anything else makes the clock move faster. How about the times I actually leave extra early for work and end up much later then when I leave late all because of unknown traffic for no apparent reason.  I guess the same that you make a plan is cracking up is  true on my watch as well. Well on the cup 1/2 full side maybe G-D will see it worthy to a few extra days to this calendar.

Elevator Shoes

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lost in crowd 2 lost in crowd

You’ve gone through this concert way to many times and now it’s time that you have the edge; with ELEVATOR SHOES you won’t get stepped on anymore. These shoes will give you the extra inches you need when reaching past the swarm of people.  Just as an elevator lifts you up these shoes are controlled to grow higher so you’ll see way above those in front of you. Of course you have to hope that the person(s) in front of you don’t find  ELEVATOR SHOES before you do but either way you won’t feel small anymore.

FOOTNOTE–  This concept can only grow with you.

Power wins except

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Iranian Supreme Leader Assad Evil

In the end those that are more powerful then their opponents win except if the following cracks can be found.  This is not just found in blood thirsty dictatorships but in standard democracies as well.

President Trump Pulls Out of Iranian Nuclear Deal Robert Mueller

and even our “common life”. For power is not only about controlling armies but controlling a conversation enough to win the war even if it means losing a battle.

(1) MORALITY-  Even the worst among us have some sense of morality (Hitler was good to dogs) and if you could some how break into it the wall might slowly crumble.

(2) EMOTIONAL-  A leader with an inspirational story or way of speaking can enable the masses or family to rise up against those pulling the strings.

(3) RIDICULE-  This lever has to be carefully placed in the most restrictive environment but even little signs of resistance can build into a movement. 

(4) MORE VISCIOUS-  Those that can go to an even more extreme tactic might be able to create enough fear to usurp power.

(5) HIGHER AUTHORITY- When a people feel that they are on a higher mission and will bear any cross or walk through the sea their is very little that can stop them from gaining power. 




Taboo- Just Saying

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censored 2 censored 5

WARNING- This blog post might be censored by the PC crowd

Have you ever gone to a man’s or woman’s locker-room and wondered if you should really change there?  For would you feel a bit odd if you got down to your birthday suit in front of somebody from the opposite sex that wasn’t a doctor? Here you are getting butt naked in front of total strangers one or more that might actually be attracted to your sex and even you.  It’s not that absurd for these individuals to think that maybe you’re doing this in a way to get their “attention”.   So maybe even if you’re with the guys or ladies an extra towel might be on hand just to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea.


Holey Socks

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Holey Cool Socks 2

It’s time to give up and give into the holes. That’s right with “HOLEY SOCKS” you will get the ventilation that your feet deserve right from the start and any late additions will fit right into these pair.   HOLEY SOCKS  make that fashion statement that you less stiff then others and enjoy to rip into the fun. They come with convenient holes that have a pattern which fits your lifestyle and your feet.    For we all have our holes in our life now it’s time to wear them with pride and rips.

They go low we go deep.

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Michele Obama Deep State 2

Michele Obama said it best “When they go low we go deep”.  What you never heard that come from her mouth, oh that was because the last part was hidden.  For it appears while the Obama Administration was all smiles from the outside it’s tenacles went to destroy those who would try to intefere with them. Whether it was the IRS scandal that conveniently denied tax exempt status to those on the right to the down right spying on political opponents on the outside they appeared to be staying high but on the inside it was very low.  I would rather have someone spit in my face then have their deep state stab me in the back as they smiled. To conclude,  you may not alway like what you see with President Trump but at least you know what you are seeing which you can’t say occurred with the deep state Obama Administration.

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