Taxation Without Representation

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Our country was  founded on such a principle yet in localities around this great land it still occurs. I should know because I’m living under such a decree where individuals from one community are forcing individuals in my community to pay taxes without any ability to challenge where those $’s are being spent.  The funny thing about it is many in my community aren’t willing to take a stand against this policy even as it comes out of their wallets every year. Currently our army for change is only a few strong individuals yet G-D willing I will build on this movement and see a day when “No Taxation Without Representation” occurs even here.

Trans Sports

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Everyone should be able to play sports yet we know that those are lightweights shouldn’t have to box heavyweights so why should a person with male parts/chemistry be allowed to play on a woman’s team? Let then these individuals play against others who share their “characteristics’ in “Trans-Sports”.  People who feel they are woman can play sports with others that feel the same even as their body chemistry tells them something different.   The competition would be better for said individuals and allow “woman’s sports” to continue to be lead by those who physically and mentally have such characteristics.

Ariana Downplayed

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I don’t believe in official boycott’s unless it’s “extreme” so let’s just say Ariana Grande is now  on the downplay after she said that she’ll contribute this year’s concert tour to Planned  Murder… oops (sorta) Parent.  Why Ariana agreed to give this “contribution” to this charity when so many people are in need (homeless, drug afflicted,  physical and mental abused children etc. etc.) is beyond me other then a publicity stunt for the left.  Therefore unless an Ariana Grande song is phenomenal which most are not they will be switched to a different artist who appreciates supporting life in some way instead. In the past I would give a song by Ariana a 2nd and 3rd chance to hit my notes but this time it’s time to play a different tune at least until her concert tour is over.

FOOTNOTE- This donation by Ariana might have just occurred in Atlanta Georgia but that’s enough to continue a different playlist for now.

President You’re Wrong

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Mr. President I heard it with my own two ears and was completely disappointed! I’m sorry to say but this is a policy which needs to be corrected and I mean …NOW!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s time you eat it!  George Stephanopoulos might have had a crude interview that took off takes and put them on but the one revelation about breakfast needed to be heard. Mr. President there are so many delicious choices how could you do this to your stomach!  So I’m implore to find a new breakfast cereal and bring back breakfast to the White House! The American People and General Mills are counting on you to eat up!

FOOTNOTE– See I’m willing to take on the President.

Deplorables Alive, Well & Kickin

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The rally proved it again us deplorable’s are alive, well and still kickin a bit of you know what.  We are not going away because of the fake news /fake polls and will only G-D willing be come stronger as November 4th rolls around.  So try and count us out, ignore our strength or even censor us from your social media platform we’ll only grow stronger. The Deplorable time is now and we will not be quiet anymore!

Please Make $$$

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I often feel that I have to beg others to earn some Jackson’s and Benjamin’s for I continue to call to remind them that their efforts will add more currency to their pockets. It’s as if they either have enough $$$ or can’t be bothered to pick it up.  I’m not asking a carpenter to pick up an accounting book but a hammer that will help bang some $$’s in their  own Piggy bank.  So please make some $$$ by calling me back with an answer that adds some cents to both our pockets.


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I recently starting thinking about the soap that is used to wash my dishes and thought since it eventually in some way goes in my mouth shouldn’t I make it organic? This lead me to think a bit more of the food which ingested and sent through myself as well shouldn’t it be made of the things from the earth instead of a lab?  Which then lead me to look at the ground a bit more and notice that somethings that are left there and fly above are things that should be left behind not installed into this system.   In the end I try to stay organic whenever possible and other times just not think this much.


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I know your not even asking for a trophy or even a star but some recognition  from those individuals you’ve helped! Yet I say don’t worry for your deeds are being judged on a a higher level and leading to rewards that last much longer then any “human made” plaque or trophy.  It sometimes appears much heavier to deal with a spoon full of honey with others who don’t even notice what you have to carry but that spoon shows the gold you are made of and will last a whole lot longer in the heavenly court.  Or in other words G-D knows your good deeds even when others remain mute.

Bud Rebel Show- Safe Zone

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The “Bud Rebel Show” will be a sanctuary/safe zone for those who are not permitted to normally join one. It will be a place for those who are  banned by the PC Police to go and  listen to thoughts,ideas, humor and entertainment  that might be “dangerous” to the ears of those in standard “safe zones”. It will be a “safe zone” for those who are excluded from their own thoughts, ideas and even laughter.  Don’t get me wrong we are not out to melt every “snowflake” away with tears but maybe just maybe a bit of laughter and thought instead.

Coughing Star

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I am the famous “cough” in the world. What ever your political persuasion  might be you have to admit I am a **star** . For what other cough is recognized by the Commander and Chief and not in some building but the White House.  A matter of fact my cough will be recorded through out history as the cough that got Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.Com jumping. I’ve already been offered many other “roles” but none will ever match the one that the President let me  have and I thank him for this wonderful opportunity.

MY STARRING ROLE – (ATTACHED BELOW) -Please just listen to my famous role the rest is just commentary.


FOOTNOTE- ABC News showed it’s class by broadcasting a scene that clearly was meant for an out-take. I hope this happens to George Stephanopoulos  the next time some bodily function interfere’s with his “life take”.

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