Don’t Ban E Cigarattes

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I never was a fan of E-Cigarettes from the start for the only thing I believe that is healthy for one to be inhaling is the air you breathe. Now, I’m distraught to know I was right as more and more people of coming down with sickness and even death from this problematic product.  Yet banning is not the answer to this problem for it will only make the product more dangerous as it will be sold on the black market instead.  Young people should be restricted from using this product but those old enough to defend our country should have this right with the following restrictions (below). The government is not meant to be a Nanny just a friend trying to help us make the best decisions possible.

(1) LICENSE– Those 18 or older would have to get a license to use this product in which a video would be shown listing the problematic side effects of it’s use and how to determine which ingredients are in said product. A short test would apply at the end.

(2) REGULATED & LABELED- Chemicals determined to be “extremely harmful” to one’s health would not be allowed in said products and warning labels of the other ingredients would be clearly visible.

(3) STORES- Those that sold said products would only be able to sell to individuals who presented a license.

(4) DOCTORS-  Those in the medical field would be fully educated on the side effects of said products, health diagnosis and treatment of any illnesses related to it.

(5) COST- Any cost related to this program would be paid by those in this industry.


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