R.I.P. My Biggest Supporter

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Today is the 1st day I go on without my biggest supporter. A person who was truly been there before my 1st day and has stayed with me all along. Unlike other supporters she didn’t support me to pursue some “big end” but to make sure I had fun along the way. For example when I sought work as a paper boy she strongly suggested I should enjoy my leisure now before it’s lost . When I ignored her advise and worked as a paper boy she insisted on driving me around to deliver the papers if even a cloud appeared in the sky, well maybe more then one She made sure that I always had my favorite juice and vegetables every step of the way as well. The reason I met my lovely wife and have this family is she told me to have a bit more fun at a Jewish Singles weekend and I listened this time. My mom also wasn’t afraid to bend the law to insure that I didn’t allow the years to pass me by as she was the one who told me to change my drivers license age from 18 to 21, when the drinking age in NY was changed just before my 18th birthday.  Mom was one who stood by my side as I battled everyone else in our often heated debate or at least told them to listen to me.

Mom taught me that small things truly do matter and that special moments are truly special. Whether it be the time we saw Alien together and didn’t feel like eating anymore popcorn for what could pop out of our stomach (spoiler alert) or the last special moment when we fed  ducks and she fought for the smallest one to get a bite even though she didn’t feel well enough to eat herself.  While I still will try to change the world maybe I can work a bit harder in that inner world as well to make a difference because those memories and love truly last a lifetime. Mom may G-D give you a resting place that is worthy of your dignity, grace and love. I already miss my biggest supporter and it’s only day 1.


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