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I believe that their path is right yet that doesn’t mine isn’t right for me. While they perform their rituals and belief’s in the more traditional path mine goes through a different set up steps to G-D. Here’s just a few differences I’ve walked along this path.

(1) KNEE’S- I say my personal prayers on my knees humbling myself before G-D

(2) PIECE- Food is not eaten to the core but at the beginning and end (and often many a middle) a piece is left with G-D who gives me all and allows me to taste it as well.

(3) ALONE- My prayers are often said alone in a quiet place of reflection.

(4)  CLOTH- A piece of cloth is placed in the corners of my garments to symbolize no matter where I go that I don’t want to forget the values that hold my path together.

(5)  FOR ALL- The personal prayers I make are not exclusive to any one group but expand to all G-D’s children and the world around them.

(6) TIME- Sabbath time is held within the time period that makes it fruitful with the life I’m living now and although it might end a bit earlier or start a bit later then others I believe G-D allows an expansion for the clock that keeps it ticking.

(7) FREEDOM-  During the high holidays I release an animal  to freedom that would be used for a kitchen table

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