This Path

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It is written that when one truly follows the rules and laws that they will lead a life full of success and happiness yet in this world that often doesn’t appear to be the case. For those who lead a path that is far from the cloth appear to be the one’s cloaked in the most brilliant fabric.  Yet what is underneath the cloth might truly count further then we think. One may not actually wear all the fabrics but have a certain pure inner core that has them on the path even if it doesn’t appear right. While others who wear the fabric might have an inner core that needs to reflect the attire.  Finally there are greater rewards then material success that one “feels” in their life that are richer then gold which only those on the faithful path pick up along the way. In the end justice is decided by a higher court which we may not see or understand until we are chosen to walk there.

Dog User

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I confess I’m a “Dog User” for I only come out when I really want something …”from you”.  Yes, while your real “best friend” stays by your side I’d rather sleep on a different one instead.  She’s just a follower anyway I instead chart my own path except when I know the exact time a treat will be found ,I really have that scratch on my back or who can forget bathroom breaks ….hopefully not me.   I’m a “Dog User” and proud of it for loyalty depends on what is in it for me.

FOOTNOTE-  The tail wags are authentic though.

Patrick Chung to FAST

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Patrick Chung Safety for the New England Patriots wanted to move faster but how he got there may have caused him to hit the wall instead.  Life as a celebrity in has it’s high’s as well as it’s lows and during those low times these celebrities can dip into artificial means to keep them up and running as Patrick did .  Yet Cocaine brings you to high which causes one to crash down so that the addiction rather then the speed is all someone may eventually want. With this substance eventually causes the end of the run as hearts, careers, relationships and life’s are destroyed along the way.  Mr. Chung should get the treatment he needs to run with the natural G-D given talent he’s possessed not the substance he should have stayed away from instead.

Alyssa Milano Admits to Multiple Abortions

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Alyssa Milano, 46, revealed in a recent episode of her podcast that she made the “devastating” decision to have two abortions in 1993.“I chose. It was my choice. And it was absolutely the right choice for me. It was not an easy choice… it was not something I wanted, but it was something that I needed, like most health care is.” She continues on to say that if it weren’t for the two abortions, “My life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is about. Freedom.”

If you ever doubted that abortions are mostly a selfish choice, Alyssa Milano’s statements above are your proof. How selfish does she sound??

She claims it was a “devastating” decision, but why would she be so devastated if it was “the right choice”? Perhaps she knew that it was wrong, and that she intentionally killed two innocent babies in exchange for her career advancement.

This is part of the problem with liberals and the pro-choice movement; they deny the wrongness of killing innocent babies but at the same time talk about protecting the innocent and vulnerable at all costs (i.e. refugees).

Sadly, Alyssa cannot see the damage she’s done to herself and those babies by aborting them. Here’s what I imagine her aborted children would say if they could. “Mom, we would have been your biggest supporters. We would have been so proud to see you as a big star if only you would have given us a chance. Not only would we have watched you as your star rose, but even if Hollywood turned down the lights, you would have shined in our eyes. Sometimes we might not have been the best for your career, but overall, our laughter and love would have made you smile more than a stadium full of screaming fans. For fame and fortune fade away, but children remain; that is unless we’ve been killed from your life plans.”

I can’t understand how one can believe they are successful when they took an innocent life to get where they are; children are what genuinely count in one’s life journey. Because success isn’t measured in fame and fortune but in loved ones that stay with you even when the spotlight goes dark.

Keep Moving

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This probably goes against every therapeutic belief but I still keep running. When people cause my heart to beat too fast I run in the opposite direction to conquer a completely different mission.  I can’t waist too much time and energy because I’m always running and staying in one mode slows down the pace.  Running is the way I conquer many a problem or at least allow it not to slow me down.


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Can you please give President Trump credit for this one act…..please!   I know you’re not fund of his vernacular but his executive action to forgive student debt for disabled vets  you have to give him a bit of props can’t you?   I understand you want to continue to hate him because he’s not what “your politician” looks like but do you really want to see  us cry?

Cage The Elephant’s Lesson

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Listen up students for I’m about to give you the lesson right from the Elephant’s mouth so take plenty of notes.  You will be tested in life at the end.

(1) BE YOUR STRANGE SELF- Don’t try to be so “normal” that you fit right in.

(3) DON’T BE A JERK- You can be 1 without being a Jerk and trying to prove something to someone else or hurt another.

(3) GIVE IT ALL- Every moment is like your stage performance so put your maximum energy into it.

(4) HAVE FUN- Don’t take life so seriously that you forget this 3 letter word.

(5) BE CLOSE- Get out there with those you love even in a crowded  field.

EXTRA CREDIT- See Cage The Elephant’s in concert

FOOTNOTE- You are not experiencing a Deja Vu moment Cage The Elephants has been included  in many a recent post.



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I LIVED!!!!   Not only did I get through a torrential rain storm with lightening and thunder to boot but saw one of the greatest concert performances of my life!  Cage The Elephants gave every ounce of their existence into their performance and the audience could feel it even in the back row. They are a band that you can tell loves to perform and loves the people who come out to see  them!  I lived and thank G-D I did for I didn’t see some experience but lived like no other day before!!!

Cage The Elephants or Death

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This might be a bit of a dramatic take but with a thunderstorm scheduled at the same time as my tickets to Cage The Elephants who knows where life will turn.  I’m planning to attend this concert even I’m not able to write about it tomorrow. Again I apologize for the drama yet an outdoor concert in a potential thunderstorm sounds a bit hazardous to one’s health and yet the tickets have been purchased and the gas is in the tank. So please say a prayer that the thunder holds out or that the concert is cancelled due to hazardous conditions because I plan to see them live or at another venue tonight.

Morning Speed

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I honestly believe that G-D sets the clock a little faster before I even get my first Java. It appears that the rest of the day moves at an even pace but the morning has me always rushing out the door. It’s amazing how before the sun rises so much happens in my life that it’s hard to keep track of where the hour(s) have gone. Either I have to get up earlier, lower my expectations or actually live with the picture above.

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