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The “Killer Roach” will be an army of sterilized roaches that go out and eliminate their own.  Let’s face it if they would survive a Nuclear Bomb our sprays are not truly putting them  out of our misery, that is why the “Killer Roach” must step on. These roaches will be trained,bred and mutated to kill their own kind where-ever and whenever they see them.  Once they’ve completed there mission within days they will go back to their motel  and moved to another area rich with targets. Please note human hands filled with Roach blood will be needed for such transportation.  What these roaches do with their remains is none of our business as long as they make sure they are not walking our way.” Killer Roach” isn’t it time there were killers in the roach family.

FOOTNOTE-  I used a cartoon roach because they really are gross to look at and at this point this only lives in cartoon land.

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