Jews Sand of The Sea

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Let’s face it if you actually counted today the population of  people of the Jewish faith it would not be sand of the sea but probably about .2 % of the world population so how can I bible believer rectifier this quagmire?   Well let’s just say their is room for interpretation (below) .

(1) INFLUENCE– Although our population is small we hold many different leadership positions in areas where our holy purpose can be felt whether it be in charity, politics, innovation, entertainment, medicine and of course faith.

(2) BROTHERS, SISTERS, & COUSINS-  Those brother, sister and cousin belief’s that hold onto a faith of one G-D and love of G-D’s other creations are spread throughout the world. The goal of peaceful co-existence within the family is shared by those who might have differences on other points but what family is perfect?

(3) BOOK- The Torah/Bible is shared throughout the world even if some have added a page or made a modification here, there and (you get the point) at least we start with the same opening.



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