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I love $$ but I love good service even more.  Therefore it is my honor to pay those who provide such professional care especially if they have an honest smile during said work.  For I want to keep this attitude going not just with me but others that might encounter such talent.  Actions speaks louder then words and here are just few examples (below) where I happy to let that action occur with a Washington, Jackson or even a Benjamin or two.

(1) ABOVE THE CALL- A professional who is not looking to cut along the line but will make many other cuts to make sure I’m truly satisfied.

(2) CARE- When someone shows that their concerned not just with a few words but an attitude that puts them on the team.

(3) SKIN IN THE GAME- If your willing to play the game even if it’s with a smaller ball then you’ve ever hit with then I’m happy to provide you with a home run once the G-D willing hits start happening.

(4) UNEXPECTED- It’s always nice to give to those who truly least expect you to do so.


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