Dream Revelation

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One dream opened the world to why many in my tribe are so liberal.  It took me back to a time where Antisemitism was not only open in the public eye but supported by governmental policies. A time where those of my tribe leaned to the left because they were treated as the bottom of the barrel so they felt it was their duty to support those  who were now scraping at the bottom, due to “societal ills”. This meant supporting policies that helped the “underdog” at all other costs. The problem is those with this “good heart” failed to realize that they now put  in charge of  “helping the disadvantaged ” individuals/groups with no real over-sight or incentive to actually do so and instead made sure they helped themselves 1st, 2nd and 3rd before those in need.    It wasn’t a wasted dream for now that I  understand  the reason this occurs I have a better chance to help those  in my tribe understand the difference between a dream and reality.

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