Guacamole at a Chinese Restaurant

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I love Guacamole and Chinese Food but it would seem off if they were on the same menu.  Lil Nas X is a catchy song that has a unique vibe but should it really be served on a country station? We  don’t discriminate against Guacamole because of it’s color neither should we discriminate against the talented Lil Nas as well for their are plenty of individuals who have made it such as Darius Rucker and Charley Pride but they didn’t put Jalapeno’s in the mix.  Although the song starts out and ends with a country beat what occurs in the middle is not in the mix.  I’m all for opening genre’s with different flavors but when it gets too diluted why even turn on a station. Lil Nas music might be delicious but does it really fit this menu.

FOOTNOTE- Great video that could put the Guacamole on some menu’s after all.

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