Bud Rebel Show CRUSHING

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While you worked your butt off, you wanted just a bit of entertainment that could relax a nerve or two  not leave them more tense then before  and when you started to say anything they told you it that it was just a bit of humor and that you needed to “chill”.   So you let them attack your values bit by bit and tried to smile as well as laugh in between. Yet when the tables were turned they started to melt in front of you like the white stuff in  the winter sky. They were so hurt by what you thought and said that they need to create “safe spaces” everywhere and wanted you  banned from expressing your views from all outlets. Yet G-D willing soon the tables are not out only going to be turned but we will be crushing them every skit and joke along the way. It will be done in “fun” let’s just see if there is any humor on the other side.

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