Chicken or Time Machine

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One of the major concepts in this very creative video is something that came out of my head. The question then is then which came 1st the concept in my head or the time machine that took it away and if there were any casualties along the way. Watch the video then read this previous post maybe great minds die alike after all.


WRITTEN ON THIS BLOG 4/09/19- ….I think

I awoke this morning in a different realm which I could be buried in the previous one. It was as if a new book was opened but on the same chapter. All the characters were the same and everything continued as if it was “supposed to”  but some patterns proved this wasn’t the case. A rare acquaintance who was not with us was suddenly bright and cheery well maybe not so cheery but at least her heart was pounding.  Little things led to this revelation as cars were parked perfectly this morning and socks with holes were suddenly patched.  Some might say alternate universes are occurring simultaneously yet I believe mine just began today…ish.  Maybe others go on a different journey to hell, heaven or rebirth but for me the story stays the same which at least leaves the burden of leaving beyond six feet under.



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