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It’s not they got smarter it’s just that we got dumber. Electing our 1st extreme vegan anti-gun President of course they would come after us. Once we literally released the pens where else would they go for their food as they overpopulated our lands like the animals they are.  People took to the vegan lifestyle like there was no tomorrow and it just might be for the rest of us. Who knows maybe the cities  are safe but the people who live in the “fly over” country can’t even “legally” defend ourselves against this onslaught. Everywhere you turn they can come after you suddenly without a moment’s notice and who can blame them if their not being fed then we’re their next dinner or breakfast. That is why now if the creatures from the government or those  on 4 legs come banging at my door they can pull this from my dead cold fingers.

FOOTNOTE-  I personally have reduced my meat footprint.

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