Doctor- To Go Or Not To???

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Doctor to go or not to that is the question? For I’m not about to fall down (not that I know of) but I’m not standing as straight as I did the days before. It’s just a sore throat that has been saw for more then a day and appears to be modifying I’m not sure for the better or worse. Here are the Pro’s and Con’s (below) of going to the White Shirts.


  1. MEDICINE- If there is something more I can do to speed up the healing process shouldn’t I do it?
  2. FREE DAY- Today is a day where the schedule is more clear then normal so shouldn’t I take advantage of it to see the doctor?
  3. CAN’T HURT- If  I find out it’s nothing then at least I’ll know the truth.


  1. WASTE OFF TIME- Your getting better on your own (I hope) why waste the time with the doctor?
  2. FREE DAY- Is this what you want to do when you have a free day?
  3. CAN HURT- Will anyone believe you when you are truly sick in the future?

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