It Sucks!

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Though I have cuts and bruises I continue to swim to what I hope is land. Though my arms and legs are getting more and more tired with every stroke I continue to swim. For it sucks how those who promised to swim next to me and pull me ahead swim in the opposite direction as soon as they get their feet actually wet.  Then there are those individuals who have sucked the life out of me as I swam to the picture they painted  only to find it’s a  mirage in the middle of the sea.  There are even times that we are swimming together or at least I think so until I realize that they are just a parasite sucking out more and more of my blood. You might wonder why I continue to swim with all these bruises I guess because there is know where else to go when you’re in the middle of the ocean accept down.

FOOTNOTE- I have hired a shark or two who will help protect my swimming lane.

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