Vaccines & Freedom

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I and my loved one’s have always had their vaccines but I understand parents who have a different viewpoint on this need.  They have a bit more of a conspiratorial basis that is close to a religious point of view which in the end may not only hurt their children but those most vulnerable in society as society. Innocent bystanders who because of medical conditions can’t take such vaccines and are therefore vulnerable to those who choose to make this decision instead.   That is why we can respect their objections but still offer the cat and stick approach.  If they refuse to get their child vaccinated then their child can’t participate in various group events of society  and they also will face a financial as well as  criminally penalty if they or their child happens to pick up said sickness. This way parents will still have a choice but one that can bite them in the end if it’s the wrong one.


FOOTNOTE–  If a parent feels obligated to get a vaccine for their child because of “the consequences” of not doing so (financially or criminally) then the government will help with it’s resources to bring legal actions against the manufacture of said  vaccine if it causes direct undue harm to said child. The government itself  might be legally responsible as well.

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