Alone In House

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POLICE OFFICER- So you’re saying you never heard anything? You were just alone in the house

BRAD- I heard things but I usually got home late at night and thought maybe I was imagining it.  I’ve had some mental health issues and….

POLICE OFFICER (Yells) There were satanic rituals occurring in your basement with chanting s and burning s  and you want us to believe this bullshit!

BRAD – (Crying) I’m sorry I thought it was a dream it’s a big house and I never really went downstairs except…

POLICE OFFICER- Except that night when you finally had enough and that is when you saw the blood splattered everywhere and nobody else was there.

BRAD-  There were those grotesque bodies and that one person who stared at me with the bluest of eyes from deep into the woods.

POLICE OFFICER-(YELLS) So you want us to believe they used your home and you never knew.

BRAD- Yes, I thought I was alone in my house.

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