Run Joe Run!

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I don’t support 95 % of Joe Biden’s policies and truly don’t want him elected President but I sure want him to run for it. Here are just a few reasons (below) I say “Run, Joe, Run”!

(1) ME MAYBE- We need to put a line between what is a bit weird maybe on the edge of creepy and  actually sexual harassment.  Joe Biden is just on the creepy side and that might scare individuals but not make them truly jump.

(2) OBAMA TRUTH-  Maybe some of the failings and scandals of the Obama Administration will be revealed when a white face is put on them (Genocide in Syria, Benghazi, Operation Fast & Furious,IRS Abuses, VA Hospital etc, etc, etc)

(3) BIDEN FAVORS– We might even learn how it literally pays $$$ to have a loved one in politics and the favors it truly shouldn’t bring.

(4) ATTACK LEFT- If there is any chance for Joe he’ll have to prove how those on the insane left are really nuts and how we can’t go that far even if you lean in that direction.

(5) HUMOR- Joe Biden’s “Oops” moments are hysterical and comedy needs a new twist.

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