Killers Of Creativity

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Creativity would breathe strong if not strangled by the constraints of society. How many great ideas and solutions have been terminated by this strangle hold? Here are just a few of the weapons used (below) and ways one might be able to conquer them.

FEAR– New ideas are scary especially to those who are “used to” the older ways” even as they continue to have bruises on their head.  SOLUTION-Show step by step how this works.

CUT THROAT BUSINESS- It’s so innovative nobody really knows if it’s going to actually produce tangible results. Is it worth the risk? SOLUTION- The largest rewards come to those who are willing to take that leap.

FOLLOW THE BLADE– Let them produce it and we will make it better. SOLUTION- By the time you get in the market their idea will be the market.

IT COULD KILL– You have a decent life why risk it all on some dream? SOLUTION- Many times the difference between dreams and reality is that the person decides not to wake up.

NOT AN ASSASSIN– This is too big a dream for me alone. I just don’t have the talent to kill it alone.  SOLUTION- Then find other who have such talent or acquire the bits of talent step by step.

Don’t put your dream on a ventilator it’s time not to run but fight back.

FOOTNOTE– I want to thank Professor Mike Roberto who inspired to me write this blog post after his awesome lecture on this topic.

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