A True Story…..

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I really can’t believe he turned me down I thought that at least he would understand! He of all people must comprehend  the dilemma I’m in and that I’m grasping at my last straw!  Yes, he’s helped me a few times in the past but I’ve always paid him back with hard work so why should today be any different? I guess I could have given him more time then one day but I’m in a real pinch and it’s not much money compared to what he has so what’s the difference?  I have no where to go and might even lose my house. I guess I made a few poor decisions well maybe more then a few but he still should help! For if he’s done this in the past why should it be different today. He says he might help me out in a few days but I can’t wait!  A matter of fact he shouldn’t  help he must!

FOOTNOTE- It’s hard on both sides.

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