Y-O-U – Bud Rebel

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There are millions of brands out there that want Y-O-U to be attracted to them then why should you try on a Bud Rebel?  Maybe because it’s really who you are behind that mirror. For most of us are good hard working people that want items that fit this quality yet don’t want to be exactly like the next picture.  Bud Rebel stands for quality that has just the spark of rebellion seeping at the right level where even those that don’t seek this path will appreciate it’s authenticity.  It might not be on everyone’s wardrobe list but it’s definitely on yours.

Y-O-U & The Bud Rebel Show

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With thousands of options out there why should you even consider INVOLVEMENT in  the Bud Rebel Show?   I understand the clock is a moving and I want to show YOU why this show is worth a stop (see below).

(1) DESERVE- You deserve a show that makes you laugh, sing and even dance along to without insulting your philosophy and/or faith.

(2) YOU- This is an interactive show where you will have an opportunity to get involved in the production at various levels.

(3)  YELLOW TEETH- I am who I am with my yellow teeth and baseball caps (occasionally a cowboy as well) . I believe authenticity matters to Y-O-U in a world where people are trying to put us in a box.

(4) BUD- Y-O-U- deserve to watch a friend who tells you how they see it without shouting or insulting anyone.

(5) REBEL- Life can get monotonous it’s time there is a late night show that is for everyone even deplorable’s like you and me.

You’re Both Great!

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Would you really pick one of your children’s presents above the other if they all came from the same heart? Then why should we believe G-D would decide one vs the other if that also was the case? For we are all G-D’s children and if we truly believe that what we are doing/saying is the path that our creator wants to go then why should a decision need to be made in one’s favor.  If someone of course wants to follow G-D then they must study the book (s) , mind, heart and soul not just say they are.  Yet in the end even if our presents are a bit different if they are truly filled with love then they are all great just like Y-O-U.

Free Speech- EVEN on…..

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Freedom Of Speech is now protected even on dare I say it on  … college campuses. The President just signed an Executive Order that would stop federal funding of colleges that don’t allow free exchange of ideas and thoughts. Even thoughts that might hurt others feelings and make them run to their safe spaces. Maybe we will actually learn to listen as well for G-D gave us two ears and only one mouth.  The sad point is that it took an Executive Order to bring back Freedom of Speech on college campuses which those of the left used to protest until the speech came from the other side.


Bud Rebel Show- Going Loc…

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Putting together a show can sometimes drive you loc…al.  For as you look far to find the right talent you may end up near instead. There is something about driving 10 minutes to speak to such talent in person then having to try and reach them on the phone or email.  Going loc…al might just be in these cards so that my life can stay a bit more sane.

Honestly Crazy …?

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When did telling your truth become “insane”? There is some rule that one shouldn’t speak ill of a deceased person but when that person has been 6 feet under for some time can’t that rule be bent?  Have we ourselves continued to only see the good side of a deceased individual even though they have filled our life with many dark sides as well? The press asked the President about the deceased Senator John McCain and he gave an honest answer of how he felt. You can agree or disagree with said thoughts (I tend to agree) or even the format which he spoke but to conclude such remarks are deprived from some mental illness that many in the lame street media have suggested is just another  symptom in their own Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Be Great!

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This is not so confusing for to be great only requires a few rules in my book. Here are a few of the pages (below).

(1) Get Up– It’s important that you get up and go to sleep the same time as me.

(2) Know Space– Although I want you in my space I still want some personal space as well.

(3) Where To Go–  There are certain area’s to go and others which are not permissible. This is something you should understand by now.

(4) Time to Speak & Time Not To–   Most of the time you should be listening but make sure you speak up when there is an emergency.

(5) Show Affection- Honestly if you follow this rule you probably can get away with breaking the other 4.

FOOTNOTE- These rules are for those with 4 legs and a tail although the last one might work for two legged one’s as well as long as it’s done in a totally different way.

Tesla Pressure Building

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Tesla is eager to meet their quarterly returns and I feel shoved down. They are pushing the car on me before I have the insurance, financing or energy source to move it along.  I’m working on all these fronts so when the tires start moving it will send home and back out again but their time is ticking faster then I can get to the pedal. Hopefully by making their deadline I will receive some extra benefits that aren’t normally in said package.  Only time will tell and Tesla has it’s own watch.

Nice Spread Thin

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I don’t mean to be a jerk I’m just standing on a thin ice of time. For if I’m extra nice to you then I have no time to be nice to someone else. Time keeps a ticking and so does the time it requires to be nice to everyone.  I can’t spend 10 minutes listening to her story without 10 minutes listening to his and the other her’s without running out of time as a whole so I cut a few short to the opening sentence.  It’s impossible to get my work done when there is so much time reserved for play? Therefore if I’m not nice don’t blame me blame the clock.

Evil Voice 1

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That medicine which the doctor has prescribed to you is not working a matter of fact it’s making you sick.   Don’t listen to what others say she’s not making you better just wasting your time, a matter of fact there is nothing wrong with you just the people around you. Maybe you were sick previously but you’re better. Even if there are some lingering effects this doctor isn’t right for you, I know that. I hear the words she says even if she claims they weren’t spoken. They’re still against you I’m the only one you should listen too.   They don’t understand you’re real feelings but I do and it’s time you stopped seeing her.  Listen to me even though you’re the only one who can hear my voice.

FOOTNOTE- This is the voice that often challenges those who go to mental health treatment for I should know a loved one is hearing it now.