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I’m a “Pillie” for there is a pill for any of my needs or desires. Whether I feel to sad or too happy a pill can help me deal with that. If there is a pain in my neck or toe one maybe two pill(s) and it’s gone. If my skin appears to be dry or oily well I’ll just pop one in my mouth and it’s all better.  My pills are a part of my life so no matter where I go they come for the ride.  I even have a pill to deal with my anxiety that my pills might not be working or that I forget one or is two.  I’m a “Pillie”and my drug companies are proud of me.

FOOTNOTE – This message was brought to you Baxter, Lilly, Wyeth etc etc.  Warning taking these medicines can result in Diabetes, Cancer, Suicidal Thoughts, Pregnancy, Bad Teeth, and Fur.


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