Incredible Work

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There are many times in one’s life when one encounters an individual’s work which appears way above their own brain grade. It’s that individual who has truly dedicated their life to a project not knowing in the beginning whether there would even be an ending. Years of hard research and work go into one project that even as the last period is placed the future is still as blurry as the idea they started with. They will spend years in their world as the world around them spins in a different direction.  Their world will consume many a relationship or friendship as their work becomes the impetus to keep living. “The Atlantis Gene” is just one of those works where the individual must conclude no matter what there final opinion of the book is, that the author  A.G. Riddle is absolutely brilliant.  Yet how many other stories of brilliance are left on an unopened library shelf only to be read by those who have written them or those who decide to tell their stories.

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