This Shutdown Un-American …

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As it stands now this government shutdown is Un-American. For as long as the founding of this nation great divides have come together with great minds. Where it once appeared that this nation was divided between the Virginia and New Jersey Plan of foundation somehow our Founding Fathers found a way for everyone to win and lose at the same time. That is what is needed now as we all will be hurt just standing in our corners so here (below) is the great plan all Americans should stand behind.

(1) President Trump gets full funding for border protection as determined by those on the front line (DEA, ICE, Border Patrol) etc.

(2) Within 6 months after funding has passed and building these protective area’s has occurred DACA residents will be able to apply for legal status in the nation. This will not be citizenship but will give them a path to do so after legal status has been accepted.

(3) Funding for needed infrastructure for all citizens will be included in said bill.

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