More Divided?

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Those in the media class tend to say America is more divided then ever but if you truly look at the whole picture you will notice a beautiful globe instead.  Of course those in the lame stream are fully united against the President and for that matter anyone wearing the elephant colors of the day. The haters also can be found by those holding the microphones in Hollyweird and any recording studio.  Yet most of the American people in the middle love what the President is doing and are united in supporting him even some from the coasts.  Similarly this globe is made up of different continents that seem very far apart but are brought together by the oceans in between and although we might appear very far apart that water is where we find our “common sea”. A sea that we work, swim and cross each other in and somehow continues to keep us afloat even if cross from different paths.

FOOTNOTE- Figuratively the middle is basically North America, Asia and Africa.


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