A Bit Naked

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I’m getting a bit more naked for you starting today! For at this moment you can look at my deepest, smartest, dumbest and most creative thoughts of many yesteryear without any barriers.  Just input the key word in “pick your brain” feature and you’ll be able to find out what I thought about said topic w various parts of my brain. Of course showing you my bathing suit might mean an off spelling here, there and everywhere but at least you know it is real and not covered up by the P.C police…. for now.  Even a post which I might feel embarrassed or ashamed I wrote is up there for your review without the edits of a professional staff of more then one.  So enjoy seeing the good, bad, ugly fat and fleshy side of me that before today nobody saw before.

FOOTNOTE- This actually occurred last night but who is edited.

DOUBLE FOOTNOTE- More flesh will be revealed shortly… stay tuned.


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