Steal This?

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Stealing is wrong no matter what but stealing a bus is also completely dumb.  For how long do you think it will take for people to realize that their bus is stolen.  Know one has ever said let’s go on a joy ride on a bus.   It’s not as if you have a woman magnet when you try to pick up  beautiful people in your bus down the L.A street. You might have some extra space though.  I guess these individuals are into slow motion stupid crimes.

Shutdown Solution

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President Trump please consider the following proposal before you make your 3PM announcement today to end the shutdown.  The key word is not wall, shutdown, illegal immigrants, 800,000 government workers but forced arbitration.  Have two arbitrators from both sides listen to all the facts on the ground as your side and the Democrats present them. Then have these arbitrators work out the agreement that all sides will be forced to sign off on.  They will have several weeks to work out the details and in-between you will agree to open up the government until that occurs.  This will give both sides the ability to compromise without receiving the blame from their base. It will also give ammunition for the 2020 Presidential election season.


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If Buzzfeed story is correct then President Trump will be facing immediately impeachment. Buzzfeed has reported that Mueller Investigation has uncovered this picture of the real President Trump .  If correct this picture shows the President is an Alien which would prohibit from serving as President.  Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi has already started an investigation. Wait the Mueller team has denied the allegations. 

MSNBC has just received the following picture of  President Trump (below)from our reliable sources at Buzzfeed.  It is  clear signal that impeachment should be around the corner.  For the American people will not tolerate a President who is a vampire in the White House… we hope.

FOOTNOTE- Just in case there is a hater reading this blog post these stories are not true.

Cry Wolf, Frankenstein, Dracula

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How many times is the media going to cry wolf concerning the President before even the haters realize they can’t believe them?  Buzzfeed’s is just the latest  proof  of fake news that continue to break news apart into fictional stories that continue to destroy this industry. This is a serious problem when news really is breaking such as hurricanes, blizzard’s or even a true story on the President.  Instead the news media hasn’t learned a lesson  that many of us were taught as child don’t cry wolf and especially not Frankenstein or Dracula.

Wealth Fear

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I’m walking in a whole different path that is paved with gold at least that’s what it might appear to others. For all of a sudden I don’t have to worry about the next meal for a lifetime… as long as I play my cards sorta right. Many have started to walk this path only to suddenly fall off a cliff, as they looked at the mirror instead of the steps ahead. I know G-D has brought me this wealth and with it comes great responsibilities. Yet lately I’m being pulled in a different direction fearing that other are out to get my  power, prestige and fame and I won’t let anyone get in my way!  My name is Solomon and maybe I do have too many horses.

Poor Woman/ Rich Woman

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POOR WOMAN- I come with humility as I ask her for some help yet she also has plenty to give. I mean even if I don’t live up to exactly what I say will it really make a difference to her. I’m sure she had some privilege to get where she is while I barely can stand near her.   She has that look in her eye and I really do need the help that I’ve decided if she does assist I’m going to change my way so one day I can walk in her shoes.

RICH WOMAN:  I have more then enough for myself and loved ones so I have no problem helping as long as they are not taking. For I’ve been down this path before and it appears all the promises that were provided me suddenly disappear as soon as my wallet is thinner. Although sometimes I wonder if I even deserve this wealth even though I worked to the bone to have it?  How can I know I trust this individual or will I be lead astray? Money is no problem but integrity has been.


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We all are worried about a loved one being influenced by a “friend” down the wrong path that is why LOVELINE FRIEND should be created.  LOVELINE FRIEND will secretly allow a loved one to help create a friend for a family member to  insure their fun is something they and you won’t regret later.  LOVELINE FRIEND will find just the right way to influence your values on a loved one without them even knowing and also help them meet others that share your way of live.  Most significantly LOVELINE FRIEND will privately warn you when the steps they are taking are in the opposite direction and give you helpful tips on how to have them walk differently.  Whether it be that monthly friend who just checks in or one that they meet  them on the weekends your LOVELINE FRIEND will be by their side.  This service will last until they have served your purpose and then this individual will suddenly have to move away but the influence you will have placed with your loved one will last a lifetime.

State Of Union Trump Way

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Mr. President let Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi eat her words and have “The State Of The Union” your way.  Send out all the invites to those dignitaries but make sure your deplorable s are in the audience as you rock the nation at the Capitol One Arena.  Of course you will have the standard statement but with a bit of your flair that the American people will love.  Here is just a few of the invites that I believe should go out.

(1) VETERANS-Individuals who were helped with the plan you put into action.

(2)  MINORITY BUSINESS OWNERS -From every different group ( Woman,  Hispanic, Orthodox Jews & Chinese American’s) so that the American people can see how the tax cuts and deregulation has helped this whole country.

(3) RIGHT TO TRY- Individuals who’s family has been touched by this important legalization.

(4) Members of DACA,  FAIR and those impacted by our illegal drug epidemic – This will give a face to those you are willing to give legal status to for the protection of our border and what the consequences are.

(4) ME- It would be nice to get an invite.

FOOTNOTE- This blog post has been sent to the White House!

Political Confusion

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I’m usually the one who could find a political answer to any question even those that I strongly disagree with but now I’m stumped on both sides of the equation. Please help me find answer to these questions (below) for I can’t rest till this occurs.

(1) What is the logical not political reason  the Democrats are against funding the wall especially those who voted for funding it only months ago?

(2) Why didn’t the President take such a strong stance in his first 2 years in office when his party controlled the Senate & House of Representatives.  I understand that there would still need to be 60 votes in the Senate for passage but at least this would be something to run on then.

(3) How will this end and which party in the end will suffer from this shutdown?

Not Help

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Before you feel guilty about not helping ask yourself do they really want it? This was the lesson I was taught by my great spiritual guide during a discussion of Mussar or ethics for today.  I might want to tell my overweight friend that maybe carrot sticks would be better then cake but if the words are just eaten maybe I should leave them for the appetizer instead.  I’ve always felt guilty about not doing more but sometimes less works better until they actually want more.  Sometimes tough love is tougher on the one who gives then receives but it could work on both ends.   In the end all you can do is lead your loved ones to what you believe is the good life but if they decide to walk away then so be it as well as your guilt.

FOOTNOTE- This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer the carrot stick but if their not biting you can enjoy it yourself.

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