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I’m a big fan of buying American especially when it comes to cars so why would I consider adding a Hyundai Kona to my household?Here are the reasons (below) I would make such a drive.

(1) AMERICAN INVESTMENT- Hyndai already invests 7 billion dollars in the U.S and plans to invest 3.1 more over the next 5 years

(2) EMPLOYEES- This company supports over 100,000 jumps in our country and has a manufacturing facility in Alabama.

(3) UNIQUE- The vehicle I’m looking into has a unique safety feature which is not standard in other “American Vehicles” and the newer model has an electric charging feature as well.

(4) PRICE- It appears I will get a better vehicle at a lower cost to our family budget.

(5) SERVICE- This will be the final assessment to determine whether I will actually make this drive.

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