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I have several hard copy full length scripts that I would consider for my next project. The problem is that with the cost of producing a film and the chances of loses in revenue great I’m really not sure where to go if at all. Of course for the “art” I’d love to see them all in a frame but then I wouldn’t have a house to hang them from.  Here are those in consideration comments appreciated.

ASU 2 1/2 TRADING PLACES FOR REAL- A factory worker and employer discover what it is like to live in each others bodies as an Elephant Beetle tranforms their life’s for real.

POSITIVE                                                   NEGATIVE

  1. Predictable but w twist                     1. Predictable story
  2. Building on ASU                                2. Locations difficult and expensive
  3. Heart warming                                   3.  Trapped in one film format


HELL CAN WAIT…PLEASE!!!- Dan has 24 hours to change himself through another person’s body or face eternal damnation

POSITIVE                                           NEGATIVE

  1. Hysterical                              1. Confusing for Audience
  2. Unique                                    2. Challenging locations/acting difficulties

IT’S A WONDERFUL RING- A ring brings magical powers to a young boys life but with that power comes destruction.

POSITIVE                                                                       NEGATIVE

  1. First X-Mas/Chanukah Movie                     1. Type cast as a film-maker
  2. Big Market for such movies                          2. A bit drawn out in parts-lecturing


MINDERELLA-  It’s a punk version of Cinderalla

POSITIVE                                                               NEGATIVE

  1. Audience knows basic story               1. Audience knows basic story
  2. Musical score                                        2. Cost of Musical Score
  3. Dark                                                        3. Shocking could be offensive ending

SEDUCTION- A woman has the power of a drug to intoxicate a simple man into a monster or….

POSITIVE                                                      NEGATIVE

  1. Sex Sells                                              2. Moral dilemna in the home front.

ZOMBIE THE TRUTH- People are told to leave a hurricane zone but it’s not the rain and wind that do the killing.

POSITIVE                                                             NEGATIVE

  1. Controversial-media attention                  1. Controversial – refusal to watch
  2. Horror movies sell                                        2.Difficult CGI/Special Effects
  3. Zombie movie-audience                              3. Zombie movies-competition


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