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I’m looking for the perfect location to produce a restaurant that would be for EVERYONE.  Here is the basic concept of how it work and could expand.

(1)Find a distressed restaurant bar/owner location which has some housing units for extra income.

(2) Buy the location and give this individual restaurant owner a nominal monthly fee in return that they modify said restaurant (below) and split the profits 60/40 or so. They would get the 60 %

(3) Expand the bar to offer a variety of unique coffee, smoothies, hot chocolates and unique drinks even various types of water.  Plus Dollar drinks for those who want small but delicious entrees.

(4) Change the restaurant so it’s self serve type breakfast foods (Eggs, Crepes, Cereals, Oatmeals, bagels) basic lunch entrees ( Pizza, Quesadilla) and Cookies. Where the consumer choices all the different type of ingredients to add to their entree in the format of Subway or Chipotle.  Have strictly Kosher, Vegan etc options so everyone can enjoy the food.  Please note this side of the restaurant will have no meat options. Every items served hot

(5) Exclusive Additions- For those who are willing to pay more for unique/status additions to their entrees.

(6)  Taste of Heaven Side- The cookie side would have dollar entrees.

(7)  Vendors- Allow various vendors/artists to rent out space to sell their crafts to the customers

(8) Entertainment- All Different types of entertainment will perform at this location from music, family comedy, religious  & political debates/discourse/discussion etc.

(9) Close for Jewish Holidays or change name including Shabbos.

(10) Private Room- Have one or more private rooms for parties or get togethers.

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