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California Bar Shooting 2 Pittsburg Shooting 2

Do your job for G-D’s sakes! The 1st responsibility of government is to protect us from enemies within and without and these mass killings continue to prove that it is failing us.  The failure is due to government inaction to help those who need treatment before they hurt themselves or others even if they refuse such help. Just look at most mass shooting and you will find a pattern where neighbors, family members or acquaintances knew their was a steam pot ready to explode.    Here are the steps (below) we should demand our government takes to protect us all.

(1) WATCH SOCIAL MEDIA– If individuals have troubling posts full of violent content then automatically have a mental health care individual visit their residence as well as have a detective interview neighbors, friends and family members of the individual. This all should be done to help the individual instead of in a threatening way.

(2) LONER  Have mental health care professionals reach out to those who are know to be “loners” in their community and help them find a connection to others as well as get the help that they might be missing. 

(3)  AUTOMATIC COUNSELING-   Any individual who has gone through a “major traumatic experience” (serving in war,  expelled from school,) receiving counseling even if it means going to their home and/or work place.

(5) ALERT AUTHORITIES-   Make sure that Peace Officers are notified of said individuals so they can modify said individuals.

(6) MONITOR  Even if said individuals appears to be fine monitor them for a period of time and request that they go to group counselng again in a friendly non threatening way.

(7) FORCED TREATMENT  – If said individual continues to have “episodes” then forced treatment should occur in a controlled environment.



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