Can the Underdog Win?

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Molarino for Governor

Just as David beat Goliath can Marc Molinaro bring down King Cuomo? Let’s face it Marc Molarino doesn’t have the cash flow of the Governor and he doesn’t have the scandals as well.  Mr. Molarino doesn’t have the name recognition of the Governor partially because he doesn’t say assinine remarks such as “America Was Never Great” and “Certain People Don’t belong in NY”.  Governor Cuomo may have the quick line but Marc Molinaro has actual serious thoughtful policy solutions that can truly make all New Yorkers believe again.  Can this underdog who goes to the people actually defeat one who believes they are above them? I guess it all depends on whether New Yorkers truly believe in themselves above corrupt goverance and  vote as such on November 6th. Molarino VS Cuomo it’s time we bring David’s story back to life in our time.

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