Mistaken Identity- Rachel Mitchell

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Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell will attempt to sow doubt into the story that Professor Ford said occurred between her and Judge Kavanaugh over 30 years ago. Here are some ways (below) that this can occur.

(1) PHOTO’S – Show Professor Ford photo’s of Judge Kavanaugh as a teen with a similar person who might have attended “the party” in question and see if she can actually pick out the Kavanaugh picture.

(2) KAVANAUGH-  Question her ability to memorize someone’s name from such a long time ago and see how similar names could also appear to be correct.

(3) DETAILS- Try to have Professor Ford provide more detailed account of the night in question (attire, more specific location, possible dates) and see if those details can make the Professor’s  account less credible.

(4) MOTIVE- This is the most difficult web to weave but with questions relating to her political viewpoints, financial status, PGA Tour publicity falling etc a motive can seep out.

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