Evil Plan

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The leftist extremists have stooped to the lowest level to try and stop Judge Kavanaugh from becoming Justice Kavanaugh with a plan that is ruthless and dare I say brilliant. A plan that turns a blind eye to the repercussions to the innocent individuals around him. Kavanaugh Family

Here was their strategy (below) of such destruction.

(1) MOBILLIZE PROTESTORS– Have your protestors delay hearings to slow down the process

(2)  FEINSTEIN DITCH– Make sure that Ford’s accusation comes out at the last minute before a vote so as to delay those proceedings.

(3) FORD DELAY– Then delay Ford’s  testimony in  front of the Senate Judicial Committee until other “accusers” can be formulated. For even if there are other witnesses, locations or dates to said accusations it will be too late to look into the matter. It was also help to try to show a pattern of sexual abuse when it is only a pattern of deceit.

(4) ….. Who knows what’s coming up tomorrow but after what we seen and read there’s no telling what the left’s move might be.

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