Symbol Of Hate ? !

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OK hand signal 1

I can’t believe how many Anit-Semites and White Nationalist I’ve met in my life including one I see in the mirror. For I believe that with all heart and mind that we have used this symbol to say “OK” but maybe deep in our soul we had an Anti-Semitic or Racist reason. This is strange because most of the people I’ve seen use this symbol were those who practiced the Jewish faith or even African Americans. I guess we didn’t know how much we hated ourselves as well as our “friends and/or family”.  Or maybe those who changed this symbol to represent “hate” should inform everyone else before we lose our jobs or reputations by using it …if that’s OK !

FOOTNOTE- For those who think this is some joke an individual who was trying to save lifes in North Carolina lost his position because he symbolized everything was “ok”.

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