Interview w Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence

INTERVIEWER  First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

HURRICANE FLORENCE-   I have plenty of time right now I’m just spinning and spinning around.

INTERVIEWER-  By the way would you like to be known as Florence or is there another name you prefer?

HURRICANE FLORENCE-  I sought like the name Flo but I think that Progressive lady took it.

INTERVIEWER-   I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you decided to enjoy the sea instead.

HURRICANE FLORENCE-   What would the other hurricanes think if I just stayed out here?

INTERVIEWER – Think of it you could be the only hurricane that decided not to hit land at the last minute! You’d be immortalized and all the hurricanes in the past would be jealous!

HURRICANE FLORENCE-  It does sound interesting! I love this attention finally MSNBC, Fox News & CNN have something they can agree on ME!!!

INTERVIEWER-   So will you stay at sea?

HURRICANE FLORENCE-  Let me think about it till Friday or so.

FOOTNOTE–  An extra prayer couldn’t hurt to the one who could really change the pattern or stop it in it’s path.



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