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Warning 3 Warning 1

WARNING – The following blog point is very controversial it might just take you out of your “safe spaces”

I thought bringing up politics or religion would be controversial but who knew it would be trees.  Yes, my discussion of who had the worst life as a living organism (obviously a tree) led many down very divergent as well as  antagonistic paths including the bizzare point of an ant who could walk out of any sitation with it’s 6 awesome legs and had plenty of ant support along the way.  This discussion between two people based on my blog post  ( http://www.budrebelproductions.com/2018/09/09/worse-then-u/)   spread throughout the whole party and probably is continuing in those same households this morning.  So beware even tree conversations can get heated and if you were as such you’d have to wait to get watered before you could deal with it.

FOOTNOTE– This obviously isn’t serious but trust me if you kept it going for a bit more the branches would have hit someone.

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